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    I'm A Lonely Stranger, Arthur Conley
  1. Got mine ordered - happened to check my email an hour after the notice came through; had a listen and definitely one to buy.
  2. seano


    Agree, got a copy when I ordered my Durand Jones, two very good records.
  3. seano


    As mentioned by Amsterdam Russ the internet has brought about quite a change. Back when knowledgable soulies were poring over record lists and doing their best to get through over the phone to buy the desired tracks, the closest I got to that was buying soul packs and hoping I'd like most of what came through. Nowadays, although the vast majority of the new releases pass me by, notices here on Soul Source and randomly checking a few label websites to see what's around has meant I've bought a few new releases (including the Diggin' Deep Sir Ted Ford that has just been announced for pre-order about an hour ago) over the past year or so. But one of the pleasures of doing this for me is when the package arrives; unpacking, seeing the record(s), and then actually listening to it on the turntable. Thanks to the internet I have already heard the track, and hence decided to buy it, but there's just something still special about getting that record and putting it on the deck and settling back to just listen. And then flip it over and do it again.
  4. Just received mine (along with Kelly Finnigan too). Both records are great double-headers and I like the stamp in the run-out groove that reads 'Well made music' - very true!
  5. Checked mine earlier and yes, final second or so of playout.
  6. Bit expensive given that they're doing a 2nd press!!
  7. Must have been good to catch them in London, where was that? I hadn't even heard of them til earlier today.
  8. Adam - I should have pointed this out but hopefully you had a look around and considered if they had any other records you fancied. I thought I'd get this at the same time and presume they'll both be sent together once the Durand Jones comes out: Best, Sean
  9. Happy to be of help! Sean
  10. Looking forward to this dropping through the door. Currently pre-release from Colemine.
  11. seano

    Videoing at events.

    Many thanks and apologies for not having spotted it!
  12. seano

    Videoing at events.

    Just been watching Newsnight and there was a piece about social media and some clubs saying you can't get your phone out etc. I know there's always been a strong vein of thought in our scene centred on the Wigan Casino documentary that said the media should never have been let in. Personally, I'm glad they did, as I treasure the archive of this, and if I'd had access to a phone of today back then I'd have been snapping a fair few! But what do people think about banning mobile phones/cameras nowadays? Personally, I'd feel this is a negative step, but I'm sure others will have strong views about this. The Newsnight article was about the pressure people feel from having to 'curate' their lives online, and I don't think that's the big thing here, but the mere mention of clubs banning people using phones for photos says that people getting their phones out makes clubbers feel uncomfortable. For whatever reason, it made me think of the 'no talc' rules. I know these things are not the same, but would you go to a venue that said you can't take photos etc?
  13. Just seen that in advance of the Oscars, the 'SAG' awards (Screen Actors Guild) have voted Mahershala Ali, winner of outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role for Green Book.
  14. seano

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Wow! Love the little details too, like the bike in the background - was that his? I visited Teaneck once around 2008ish and as you say, it seemed a pretty reasonable area.
  15. Thanks for this CD Sean and all involved. Had several listens through now and it's a great compilation, along with a very informative booklet. The track by Bobby Burn 'I'm a lonely man' on Chant - you refer to a subsequent issue on Gamble where he's named as Bobby Wilburn. Assuming that both of those are the same recording, is there another version of this tune? I'm sure I've heard a slightly different one, maybe on a CD a friend put together and gave me, or is it just my ageing ears?! Great CD anyway, loving this.


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