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  1. Looking forward to this, you'd think quality might have dipped by volume 7, but no sign of that!
  2. Fascinating article thanks. You mentioned about any examples from Sidney Barnes' book (Standing on Solid Ground). I've taken photos of 2 pages in the section where he writes about Motown and working at the Brill Building. One referencing Herb Abramson's A1 Studio for cutting demos, and the other talking about getting a release for his group, The Serenaders, of their record 'If Your Heart Says Yes' initially on the Motown label, and then as the first release on the new V.I.P. label.
  3. Unexpectedly received a copy for Christmas! Looks interesting. Also got the Cellarful of Motown Vol 5 (some really good tracks on disc 1) along with the Al Green biography by Jimmy McDonough 'Soul Survivor'.
  4. Arrived yesterday - another quality double sider, great work Sean.
  5. Looks interesting. Could do with a bit more to give a flavour of the book (here and on Amazon). Will it be available through other outlets, such as Mark Windle's 'Nickel and a Dime'? Nice to support independent booksellers rather than Amazon if possible, especially in the context of the generous nature of your book's proceeds supporting artists.
  6. Yep - it's the music for me. Some of her dishes do look great (the halloumi and chilli dipping sauce looked very nice), but often a bit fussy. Tend to prefer Jamie's approach, but it's all good really. Nigella wins hands down on the soundtrack.
  7. Just had a listen to Tommy Søvik's set; very interesting and varied. Good work folks.
  8. Terrible to watch it all through and know that people are still having to fight and campaign for equity and rights today, and not just in America of course. If you haven't read Stuart Cosgrove's book, Detroit 67, do give it a go. It covers what's in the film and a whole lot more that all fed into that chaotic period.
  9. I've just seen, via a tweet from John Crace, that this is on BBC2 at 9.45pm on Saturday. Apparently he's seen it, so I'm not sure if it's been on before, but sounds worth a watch.
  10. I loved and bought this at the time, coming across it at Birmingham Locarno all-dayers. But at the time it was about it being a decent dancer. This video gives it a whole lot more personality and soul. Thanks for posting this.
  11. I picked up an issue copy of this on recommendation by @Eddie Hubbard without hearing it, when looking through some records at a soul night quite some years back. Agree, amongst many other fine records he made, this one is a really good one that is worth a listen - and a dance.

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