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    Active on the Northern Soul scene,Sept 77 to the Present

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    Motorcycles, Live Music , Soul (The Whole spectrum), Boxing
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    AL Williams

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  1. was that the first £100 record? i have vague memories of it being a big topic of conversation , 77 ish
  2. gotta love Barbara Lynn, huge talent, great singer and a left handed guitarist (like myself) so many wonderful records to choose from
  3. Bridlington! For the wide variety of sounds . 5 rooms: main ballroom is classic Northern soul and current floor fillers Motown cafe: does what it says on the tin, classic 60’s & 70’s Motown Clubroom: Spotlights clubs from across the country, this is my favourite room, you hear a fabulous range of stuff in here Then there are the Modern, Rare and Boogaloo/Mod rooms . Remember , every room has its own bar and proper dance floor . So no wandering about , looking for a drink I have tickets , should you decide to buy some . £30 for the whole weekend
  4. I'd buy The New Wanderers , if available seperate
  5. unless you 'know' for sure, theres no way of telling on any late 20th century recording, if an upright (acoustic)or an electric bass is being used. i defy anyone to know otherwise. ? slap bass is a different playing style entirely, so that doesnt count
  6. was this an AR biggie? i seem to remember him being associated with it ?
  7. Reminds me of Oddfellows. Crazy prices, on this and many others
  8. ah, cheers for the info. much appreciated

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