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    ,drumming, live music, all types of soul music, scoots, RnB , pike fishing and a few other things
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  1. Kyp Highbury sold me a copy, at BlackHearts niter.. 18 months ago. £30 .
  2. Strange world of N S there was a thread a while back, titled " the oddest request you've had, whilst DJ'ing at a Northern soul night" (or something similar) i posted on it, that i had a request for REDBONE - Witch queen of New Orleans.... the guy was'nt so daft after all heres post :
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  3. good to see different and new faces playing a big event. looks like a good do !
  4. until

    see ya there
  5. I remember the DJ booth being to the left of stage (as you looked at it) . I also remember KR doing his bank hol sunday nights, with the DJ's being halfway down RH side , in the late 90's . on a side note, i was talking to a friend last night, ref Palais people. i mentioned i only remember two Nottingham faces from that time. one is the kamikaze dancer, who is still out n about (Dont know his name, bald, wears a vest and a beer towel on his head, when he sweats), the other was yourself Steve . .......
  6. Wonderful place ! being a youngster, myself , I did'nt start going until early 78. But i never missed a single event after that, until '83. a lot of time spent in this fabulous venue, Funkin' for jamaica , downstairs, Stompin upstairs. Whistles, water pistols (remember the bag searches?). Frank Wocko telling tales of old, whilst waiting in the Queue. seeing a guy in a dress, in the foyer toilets and realising he was from my home town ! fabulous memories, i seem to recall the seats in the area front left of stage, were Green , not red ?
  7. There will be a 2nd 'Palais Reunion' , Easter 2020. Salt Box, (Ice Stadium) . Nottingham. Original DJ's plus Guests.
  8. that'll do me
  9. I DIG YOUR ACT STATESIDE, (preferred) or BELL (U.S.) Original sensible prices please, im a pauper , ................... seriously, my copy has been half-inched , so i need to replace it message
  10. I'd be very surprised if anyone lets a Yellow issue go for less than £50 ! fingers crossed for you
  11. linda Grinder ? Spell checker to aisle 3 please .....
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  12. I have the ABC compilation Cassette . 'OUT ON THE STREETS AGAIN' mid 70's release i think , so gerrin on a bit !
  13. Well, I don't promote or have a club .... But we decided to do this as a one off, to give local people a little 'do' on a sunday afternoon. 2pm arrived, in they came. 3pm came, the place was full ! I will say, that Grantham is seriously lacking a decent dancefloor, The Railway club is no exception ! but , a little talc and all is forgotten. The DJ's played a blinder, so a massive thanks to Eric, Neil, Steve G , for putting some quality QUALITY tunes our way, absolutely astounding. (Eric came from Barnstaple, drove up in morning, drove back after the event finished ) . all in all, a great days Dancing and having fun ! The next one will have the Function room bar open, Which should have been the case this week, but that didn't really affect us, having to walk a few feet to the club bar . We are laying another one on, July 21st. with guest DJ's: Biz (Grantham) a lifelong mate and a lad who started the Journey, with Pete and myself, many years ago Bob Fox (Hull) another lad who has done the rounds, loves his Modern, but will play to the floor Steve Greenly (lincoln) been there, got the T shirt Doug Hall (Newark) Needs no introduction Plus Pete & Myself , bringing up the rear look forward to seeing some of you there
  14. £30 posted
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  15. Roscoe Shelton (2nd). £12.50 barbara Lewis - £15 Gene Chandler - £15 Chuck Jackson EP - £15 Wayne Fontana- £12.50 Patti Austin - £15 Patti Austin (wol) £12.50 Or £65 the lot ! Prices include postage to uk

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