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    Active on the Northern Soul scene,Sept 77 to the Present

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    Motorcycles, Live Music , Soul (The Whole spectrum), Boxing
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  1. this appartently, was march 74 . Edwin Starr?
  2. Directing, screenwriting, and music Cross was also a director, writer, and musician. He wrote music, screenplays, and articles for English-language publications, and the lyrics for an album with Bulgarian singer Vasil Petrov, which was released in late 2007. He sang two Frank Sinatra songs with Petrov in the Apollonia Festival at the Black Sea in September 2007.[6] Among his works was the musical Rage about Ruth Ellis, which was performed in the London area. He starred in it and played the part of the hangman.[24] Cross's first single as a lyricist was released by Polydor Records i
  3. Chariots of fire actor , Ben Cross (rip). was he ‘Mickey Moonshine’ ?
  4. terrible news . another unsung legend of the music scene.
  5. I've read that we've lost a proper legend. anyone confirm this ? very sad, if true ! added by site unfortunately appears to be true the sad news was reported by Tony Wells via facebook
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: I've read that we've lost a proper legend. anyone confirm this ? very sad, if true ! View full article
  7. all the chains in the world, cant hold me, cant hold me like a robot your love, controls me, controls me ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gimme the beat boys and free my soul, i wanna get lost in your rock n roll.......
  8. pointer sisters - send him back susan coleman - the age of the wolf moses smith - girl across the street all very good look a likes, that caught many people out
  9. spiral starecase - more today than yesterday maybe ? actually, scrap that !
  10. somebody paid HOW much , for The Deadbeats? Awful record, i despair
  11. Legend ! Torch, Tiffs etc, before my time. but my one (of two) memory, was at Alfreton " Torch reunion" Niter, early 80's......... i wandered to the DJ booth and requested the Tomangoes ! (i know i know). The look i recieved, said it all. The second, was buying my issue of Darkest Days, for £4 , in Station roads record bar. many happy returns KM
  12. Fabulous record. one of those, that has always been there, always kept a dancefloor busy and always will . RIP lovely

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