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    Active on the Northern Soul scene,Sept 77 to the Present

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    Motorcycles, Live Music , Soul (The Whole spectrum), Boxing
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  1. do you mean the UK 'Tamla Motown' label? it did start in 1965, prior to that, Motown records were released on Stateside, Oriole and Fontana. until EMI decided to give them their own label. Motown did start in 1959...
  2. Some are hard to get hold of. Nabay, Edward Hamilton, Larry Clinton, Duke Browner, Dena Barnes, Lester Tipton... all of those were tough
  3. if theres a sneaky Ronnie & Robyn out there, you have a buyer (you never know)
  4. sorted already.... many thanks
  5. I thought i had them all.... but looking through them yesterday, i seem to be one missing. anyone got a nice copy of GRP144: The Ellingtons/Millionaires ? cheers
  6. I had a response from a guy in the states, via Facebook messenger. A guy Called Brian Ferrari if you look on his page, he knows his stuff
  7. Shelly (Clark) Wright, was/is married to Verdine White, (EWF Fame). maybe we could get a lead from him or the Earth wind & fire website ?
  8. WOW ! I'm undecided..... This shocker, or 'Soul in the sun' ?
  9. whats a score with this release/label ? i thought it was a uk only single... also the writing credits state Penniman?
  10. that was my suggestion too.... awful
  11. I was there, Derek n Ray got hammered , seriously hammered. Phil Coulter was very popular, thankfully short lived. Esperanto, the same. 4/4 with good orchestration, seemed to be the recipe for dancefloor reaction.
  12. you may. shipping to Germany will be a little extra

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