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    Active on the Northern Soul scene,Sept 77 to the Present

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    Motorcycles, Live Music , Soul (The Whole spectrum), Boxing
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    AL Williams

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  1. the vocal arrangement on 'Can't Satisfy' is so good ! just wonderful
  2. Where to start ? I had the great pleasure to see Curtis , twice ! the first time i had tears rolling down my face, from the sheer magic that stood in front of me , he played that Telecaster with absolute ease, he ooozed quality and class, he had us hypnotised . too many songs to list or mention, but for me, his ultimate 'protest' song "People get ready" , makes me wilt. just a fabulous song writer, performer, guitarist, drummer, etc etc. he was a true legend and a true superstar . I was at Nottingham Palais, a bank holiday sunday night, (Kev Roberts do) when i heard the news he had sadly died, i went to a phone box and phoned my cousin, thats how important to us, Curtis Mayfield was
  3. No doubting this man's talent ! a giant amongst drummers, icon, superstar. there are drummers, then there's Ginger ..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49827436
  4. Very sad news. Soul Bowl 'Soul packs' , i ordered a couple as a young lad, can't even remember what was in them, but i know for sure, that there may have been a future gem hidden inside ! The 'GO TO' place , the excitement when an envelope with the latest lists , fell through the door at home. like lots of other guys on here (and around the world) , we never met, but there's no doubting, his input and hard work, put the Northern Soul scene on the pedestal it is placed on today. Rest in Peace our friend. a sad day indeed
  5. Those who have never been ..... this is almost the perfect venue ! ideal lay-out, Large dance floor, Cheap bar, plenty of seating, plenty of parking .
  6. saw Gene Chandler , early 80's (with Snake Davis band), Alfreton leisure centre.... he nailed it! wonderful . we even boogied around to this :
  7. My God ! how good is this? I've had the 'Second Album' forever, this always makes the hairs on my neck stand up . simply beautiful (B side to Shake me wake me)
  8. Albert Washington - Hammered indeed
  9. being a relative youngster, i made my first trip up there, for the 'Christmas' Niter (1979). my second trip was literally 2 weeks later, for the january Oldies Anniversary, 3rd trip was the 7th Anniversary and my final visit was the 5th Oldies Anniv. (Feb 8th, 1981) Every visit, i was lucky to see it very busy, lots of stories to tell, some funny, some not so. I'll certainly never forget the place , very fond memories !
  10. their finest hour for Motown, was their first single . the vocal arrangement was absolutely beautiful
  11. Ian Parker

    Grantham Mini-Dayer Pt3

    nights are drawing in , summer will be a long lost memory soon . so come and enjoy some Classic Northern Soul, with a few club classics, from the 60's & 70's . 8pm finish, so you can have a good nights kip , ready for work on monday £3 admission, for 6 hours and 6 DJ's, HUGE car park, Dirt cheap bar and Pete on the door, what more could you ask .....

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