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    Active on the Northern Soul scene,Sept 77 to the Present

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  1. i hve a Styrene Laura Lee, with scratched in matrix. apparently (from reliable sources) Legit.
  2. Buddy Holly - Raining in my heart. strings were unheard of in 'rock n roll' back then , this song certainly changed that
  3. Say it isn't so - Grapevine no daft prices please
  4. thats all i needed to know, thank you Nick
  5. just reviving this thread.... i did eventually buy the album, which ive just sold again. (along with a ton of other tunes) the reason i've bought this back to life, is because its twice what my original post states. hindsight is a wonderful thing
  6. i know i know, WHAT is the deal? ive searched topics with no success. Pukka, Bootleg, , Re-issue etc. is there a definitive answer, to what exactly is an 'original' demo, as opposed to a naughty one ?
  7. No idea , it didn’t say
  8. i've just tried to buy a £3 record off Discogs , but i cant, because i dont meet the sellers criteria, for buying. my god, absolute bollox ! it can stay unsold.............
  9. I thought they were a part of the early line up .
  10. More to go : Dee Clark VG + £120 Just Bros EX £40 Fuller Bros EX £60 SOLD Boatwright M- £30 (deserves play) Danny White VG £70 Little Anthony EX £50 (pic sleeve) SOLD Wilson Pickett VG (plays great) £50 The Gems EX++ £60 The Superiors EX £60 The Belmonts EX+ £70 Jackie DeShannon VG++ £30 Skullsnaps M- £200 SOLD Millionaires M- £100 Rain EX + £50 Appollas VG (label wear) £70 SOLD Marvin Smith G+ (plays well) £40 No quibble. Prices include uk postage
  11. mine is same as the bottom photo, of the two above

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