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  1. THAT DRIVING BEAT, LEEDS - Bulnheim, Haydon & Cato

    thanks for the reply. really looking forward to a good stomp.
  2. THAT DRIVING BEAT, LEEDS - Bulnheim, Haydon & Cato

    hey hey, is talc permitted at this venue? Looking forward to a good night out

    thanks for posting the clip Yann and more importantly for playing Eula Cooper. where's the clip of Ady wishing us a Happy New Year
  4. Majestic Soul

    Apologies to the djs for demanding non stop stompers. Myself and Geraldine were so upset about Darrow Fletcher, we'd been saving our pocket money for weeks and really needed to get a dance in. Thanks for putting up with us and hope to see you all in good spirits again soon,
  5. Crawdaddy - London soul, mod and ska nite

    A small but enthusiastic crowd at the Lion almost made up for the disappointment of Darrow Fletcher. Was great to meet the Spanish lads and Greg from Taiwan. Costs a fiver to get there in a taxi from Kings Cross. Definitely worth a visit if you don't mind dancing about in a pub to stompers. Thanks lads, Hope to see you all again.
  6. Cleethorpes 6TS weekender 20th Special


    particularly sorry to have missed this year's Cleethorpes, hearing great reports from the Irish about it. Is there any footage of the dance competition?
  7. The Voicemasters

    Hiya, Would anyone have a copy of this for sale in EX+ or better condition please? Thanks
  8. Sleepless Nights

    Hey Danny! sorry I've missed the last few Sleepless Nights. Will be down on Friday for sure. I reckon there'll be a dance-off!
  9. 2011-07-16: Kings Hall Stoke All Nighter

    would anyone know if there are any facilities locally eg. a council gym where one could avail of a good hot shower after the niter? have a bit of a distance to travel home and dont want to stink too much
  10. Congrats to Paul Grant on two great sets on Saturday, he did us Irish proud. and then I let the side down with that pepper incident. Scarlet.Thanks to Steve for finding my brooch. Thanks to Lydia and Marcelle for having a great sense of humour.I'm not sure if...
  11. 2011-05-29: Manchester European Soul Weekender

    Not sure why there weren't any Irish djs on that European line up. But we totally owned the dance floor Sunday night :DAfterparty at 7 Oaks (I think that was the venue) was the highlight for me. The music was insanely good. Would anyone know the big super hea...
  12. Sleepless Nights Dublin

    it's on this Saturday. cant wait!
  13. I <3 soul source. thanks for the information, very much appreciated
  14. Hey hey. Happy New Year to you all. Could someone please tell me what the Muhammed Ali tune was played after 4am? I hadnt heard it before and spent ages trying to google it/youtube when I got home this morning. I think it was played by Dave Flynn? Loved it.
  15. 2010-07-03: Amlwch All-Niter North Wales

    What an amazing night we had in Wales. The music was unbelievable. The hospitality was something else. Will definitely be over in September/October for more of the same. Had a good laugh with Jumpin' Joan, especially to the super disco sounds . Hadn't heard R...

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