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  1. thanks for the reply. really looking forward to a good stomp.
  2. hey hey, is talc permitted at this venue? Looking forward to a good night out
  3. Hiya, Would anyone have a copy of this for sale in EX+ or better condition please? Thanks
  4. would anyone know if there are any facilities locally eg. a council gym where one could avail of a good hot shower after the niter? have a bit of a distance to travel home and dont want to stink too much
  5. Congrats to Paul Grant on two great sets on Saturday, he did us Irish proud. and then I let the side down with that pepper incident. Scarlet.Thanks to Steve for finding my brooch. Thanks to Lydia and Marcelle for having a great sense of humour.I'm not sure if djs post their set lists up but could someone please ask Soul Sam to do so? Heard him play a tune and it was utterly amaizng and I cant remember what it was. But I really need to hear it again!
  6. Not sure why there weren't any Irish djs on that European line up. But we totally owned the dance floor Sunday night :DAfterparty at 7 Oaks (I think that was the venue) was the highlight for me. The music was insanely good. Would anyone know the big super heavy funky soul New Orleans type tune that was played in The Palace at 00.47. As in after midnight. Asked a few people and noone knew it. Tried to get up on the stage to find out but got lost in the hotel instead.
  7. it's on this Saturday. cant wait!
  8. I <3 soul source. thanks for the information, very much appreciated
  9. Hey hey. Happy New Year to you all. Could someone please tell me what the Muhammed Ali tune was played after 4am? I hadnt heard it before and spent ages trying to google it/youtube when I got home this morning. I think it was played by Dave Flynn? Loved it.
  10. What an amazing night we had in Wales. The music was unbelievable. The hospitality was something else. Will definitely be over in September/October for more of the same. Had a good laugh with Jumpin' Joan, especially to the super disco sounds . Hadn't heard Rufus Thomas before - stunning tune. Jackanory with Kev Murphy was great too. We are gonna kidnap him next time!! You wont see him again til 2011.
  11. message me if you have a nice copy for sale & apologies if I have posted in the wrong section
  12. what? there was a dance competition? Is that how Paul ended up with the Willie Tee lp?
  13. oh my gosh. I cannot believe how much fun the weekend was. Thanks Danny! I'm going back to bed for the rest of the day to start recovering edited to ask Johnny Vegas to send me the name of that Honey & The Bees tune - ta
  14. nearly there! less than 24 hours to go. looking forward to the best weekend of the year......
  15. 6.40 Pip Lets Rip was hoping Pip would refrain from doing this in public

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