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  1. Has anyone ever heard this song by anyone? Has it ever been issued? Thanks. Marc
  2. you_move_me_sample.mp3 Hello This collector mate of mine has had this mysterious acetate for a long time. The only clues on the label are the title "You Really Move Me," the publisher "Devon Music," and the publishing house it is attached to, The Richmond Organization, 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY, for whom the acetate must have been cut as a demonstration record to find a singer to take it on. The only other clue I've been able to find is a copyright registration for "You Really Move Me" in the name of Billy Barnes, in July 1965 (see images) It's a fantastic soul stormer with a bit of a "Can I Get A Witness" feel in the piano. Could it be the Billy Barnes who recorded for United Artists and Liberty in the late 50s and early 60s, and started out (as Willie Barnes) in groups like The Five Echoes, The Sultans and The Admirals with Eugene McDaniels? Apparently he continued writing songs after he gave up appearing onstage. I finally managed to get a low-resolution sample of the song, and I'm hoping that someone out there can help solve the mystery of who the singer might be. Has this been reissued? Or is an unknown gem? Thanks! Marc
  3. Clearly not a thrift store. No thrift store I know has that many records. There's even bins of LPs visible on the right. Just a very cruddy record store. Or maybe a pawn shop.
  4. I think it probably came in a plain brown sleeve, like many of the other records that were pressed by Arc, but weren't on Arc. I think Arc saved the company sleeves for singles that were actually on the imprint. This, of course, is pure speculation, but I don't think I've ever seen an Arc pressing not on the label in a company sleeve, unless someone had accidentally put it in one years after the fact. Yorkville singles, for example, came in plain brown sleeves, as far as I know. And I don't think I've ever seen a Goodgroove sleeve. There were only a handful of releases on the label, so I would guess that they probably didn't bother. Cheers, Marc
  5. All these threads have left me even more confused. What I gathered from Ron Murphy's post (relayed by Rbman) is that both the A2 matrix (first press) and the A1 matrix (second press, paradoxically) are different versions from the L1 matrix version, which is the later re-cut national, hit version. It also appears (going by Mr. Manship's post) that even if you have an A2 matrix, but it also has a delta number, you are hearing the national, hit version. I think the verdict is that the Canadian Reo release is one of the "local" or Detroit versions. (I've also seen it referred to as a "bluesier" version, but beats me why.) I can confirm that it is different from the versions I have on two different compilation LPs, which I would presume have the national hit version, as I've done side by side listening. What I still don't know, is which "Detroit" version the Canadian Reo press is. Just to add to the confusion, the timing on the Reo release is 2:48, and the wikipedia article about the song mentions that the Detroit version is 3:04, and the national hit version 2:50 (I know you can't believe everything you read on there, but still...) Also, I haven't seen mention of the female version credited to The Miracles on an LP called "Tamla Special No 1." Who sings that version? Claudette Rogers/Robinson? When was it cut? Did it ever come out on a single? Does anyone out there actually have both the A2 and the A1 versions? I imagine they would be fairly scarce, no? So many questions!... Marc
  6. Hi All Many thanks to all who have already pm'ed me. Just a quick heads-up that I'm taking offers until Tuesday, midnight Ontario time (that's 5 am UK time, or 6 am continental time). Please pm me if you're still interested. Thanks to all of you. atb, Marc
  7. Hi All A quick note to let you know that I was able to put up sound files for both sides of the record right here: PM me if you have any questions. Thanks. Cheers, Marc
  8. Hi all Here are the sound files, straight from the record (Grado cartridge, VPI turntable, Marantz 2230 receiver, Goldwave v5.10, sorry don't know make of sound card). No studio whizzbangery, just the raw music. Enjoy! tiaras_surprise_sample.mp3 tiaras_foolish_sample.mp3 As you'll hear, it's in top condition, plays loud and clean. PM me with offers in £. Free shipping by courier. Last day: Tuesday, November 9, 2010, midnight. Thanks again to all of you. atb, Marc
  9. Hey Kevin Nice to see you here! See you at the show on Sunday. atb, Marc
  10. Hi All Thanks to all who have pm'ed me. Sorry I haven't been able to get back to all of you right away. I'll answer all personally as soon as I can. I'll have some sound files for you to listen to by tomorrow, if all goes well, so you can hear a sample of the actual record. I'm thinking of leaving this open to offers until Tuesday, November 9, 2010, so everyone has a chance to listen to the files and make an offer if they wish. atb, Marc
  11. Hi All Okay, so here's the story: A few months ago a collector friend of mine negotiated to buy the contents of a storage locker. 12,000+ pcs and almost all crap, but among the finds was this interesting looking record by The Tiaras. He asked me because he knows that I'm interested in Canadian artists. Fortunately, I knew how rare it is, and that it would be of interest to Northern Soul fans, which led toThanks for all your help! Winter's coming fast, and my friend needs to replace his roof, so he's decided to sell. So here's your chance to own a top copy of one of the best (and rarest!) of the "genuinely new sixties discoveries" since the golden age (as Tim Brown put it), along with Frank Wilson's legendary "Do I Love You," Two Plus Two on Velgo, and the Parliaments' "Rainy Day." The record looks like it had never been played. It has a bit of surface noise right at the beginning of each side for about 4 or 5 revolutions, and light surface audible in the quieter moments, as I understand they all do because it was not such a great pressing. But this is such a fantastic double sider that it is not too distracting (you'd have to be listening for that rather than the music). It has some very minor defects from being in storage for 45 years or so, as detailed below, but overall it is in amazing condition! Visual: Very nice clean copy. Light scuffs on both sides, and a few short hairlines only, mostly noticeable at the edges, hardly affecting play at all. Clean labels, no writing or numbers. Aural: there is the odd light tick or pop, but nothing too distracting. Plays beautifully loud and clean. Overall, a conservative VG++ (one grade down from NM). Visually graded directly under a 100W light bulb. Play graded on a VPI turntable with a Grado cartridge, using Sennheiser headphones. If you need more info, please feel free to pm me. Serious offers: please feel free to pm me in confidence. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Marc
  12. Thanks for all your helpful information. Great stuff! It is a cracker of a record. Fantastic double sider! Are we thinking of the same person as the "same source"? Cheers, Marc
  13. Hi all Can anyone help with a value on this 45 by The Tiaras, please? The songs are "Foolish Girl" / "Surprise!" It's on Op-Art 1003, Canadian label, mid-sixties. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Cheers, Marc
  14. Hi guys We have the same problem with Canada Customs. I have learnt the hard way to always ask before I bid whether the seller will declare a lower value or not. Some have no trouble with it, some are sticklers. I either stay away from the sticklers, or if I really, really want the record, I get them to send it to a trusted friend in the US, and my pal to send it on. Cheers, Marc

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