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  1. Another one Johnny THE TAMS - SILLY LITTLE GIRL - SPARTON
  2. Found another odd one white label - I'M IN WITH THE DOWNTOWN CROWD - WHITE LABEL
  3. Had a quick flick through found these so far JOE FRAZIER - FIRST ROUND KNOCK OUT - CBC CHRIST BARTLEY - I SEE YOUR NAME - EXTRA THE CHARMAINES - THE ONE FOR ME - RED LEAF NORRIS VINES AND THE LUVLINES - GIVE IN - SMILE DONNY MANN - I'M A WEAK MAN - RCA Re the above comment about Paris Blues we do have it on Canadian , red Polydor but nothing to denote its a demo. Take care Maria
  4. Hi Johnny Carls been collecting Canadian stuff for years and we've watched with interest as the demand and prices have increased . The Canadian stuff is seperate to the main collection so i'll go through and let you know which demos are in there. Maria
  6. Hi Dave We'll try and make it over on Saturday. Maria and Carl
  7. Hi guys,we're going to try and pop over on Friday. Maria and Carl
  8. Morning all, Following a wonderful and generous donation from Mr. Ged Parker I am able to auction Deloras Gibson - I got a feeling- Elloma - Mint - to raise funds for my chosen charities to celebrate my 60th birthday. The charities are Parkinsons UK and REACH who are are a charity supporting children with upper limb differences live life without limits.Both charities are close to my heart and very relevant to my loved ones. The record is listed at £75 in Manships guide and is in lovely condition. Many thanks for taking the time to read this post. Maria
  9. Hi guys I'd like to invite you all to my 60th Bash at the Carlton Club,Prestwich,Manchester. 279 Bury Old Road M25 1JA The event is free to enter however I'm hoping to use the night as a fund raiser for two charities which are very personal to my family. Parkinson's UK which I'm sure you are all familiar with plus REACH,a charity which supports children with upper limb differences live life without limits. Would be lovely to see you there,many thanks to my friends who are djing for me,it means so much. LINE UP DALE BYERS OKEH JOHN CAPTAIN CHRIS MORGAN J
  10. Hi Headley do you have the dj times yet? thanks Mraia
  11. For sale ARTHUR ALEXANDER - KEEP HER GUESSING - DOT EX + £325 plus p+p Maria W
  12. Hi,

    I would like to reserve THE CHEATERS - CALL A CHEATER please, can't see price. Please let me know if it's still available and I will send paypal payment.


    Carl W

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