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  1. BROTHERS OF SOUL - One minute baby - Boo - 40ukp  *in-demand red issue c/w Love is fever FRANKIE STATON & SPECKLED RAINBOW - Bi-centennial - 1976 c/w Love on another - Speckled Rainbow - 100ukp  *great double-header All in about EX...
  2. BUTLERS - Laugh, laugh, laugh - Phila. - 60ukp *original CAPPRELLS - Close your eyes - Bano - 80ukp *classic funk ELVIN SPENCER - Lift this hurt - Winner - 100ukp *first version plus excellent deep ballad on the flip All in abo...
  3. Nicest 3 gems

    ROTATIONS - Don't ever hurt me girl - Law-Ton - 50ukp *ace driving dancer & stunning sweet floater HARLEM MEAT COMPANY - I'm not gonna be anybody's fool - Cash - 60ukp *killer sweet soul backed up with nice funky cut WILLIE C. - I just c...
  4. 3 crossovers

    BOBBY DUKES - Just to be with you - Calla w/d - 60ukp *vo + inst All is in good nick, EX or better. The disc will be shipped from Tokyo. I'll send the samples upon request, if you're serious about the condition, please ask.PM or email me, Paypal o...
  5. Some Crossovers

    BLUE GREEN - Can't hide it c/w Blue over losing you - Easter's - 60ukp BUSTER JONES - Down silent street c/w A good thing - Phil La Of Soul - 60ukp I'll send the samples upon request, if you're serious about the condition, please ask.PM or em...
  6. VELVET HAMMER - Party hardy c/w Happy - Soozi - 150ukp *decent boogie & recent revival class northern, superior plain cream/pink labeled vinyl copy, ex or better RONNIE WALKER - Really, really love you c/w Ain't it funny - Philips - 60ukp *two ...
  7. good 45's to go

    DONALD HEIGHT - I choose you - Dakar dj s/f - 50ukp *superb in-demand version WILLIE FISHER - Put your lovin on me - Jama UK - 25ukp *nice UK issue with nice ballad on B-side JOHN ROBERTS - To be my girl - Duke - 30ukp *class x-over L.J. ...
  8. Some 45s for sale

    RONNIE WALKER - You're the one c/w Thanks to you - Philips - 40ukp *popular tunes from the man JESSE JOHNSON - You're blowin' holes - Stiletto - 20ukp *original b4 Oak label, good funky cut "Let's do the funky soul stroll" on b-side DAWN AND ...
  9. nice 45s for sale

    AGENTS - You were meant for me - P and L - 15ukp *class sixties DONALD HEIGHT - Life is free c/w De da da - Hurdy-Gurdy - 20ukp *strong funky groover & nice midtempo LOU COURTNEY - Do the horse - Verve dj- 20ukp *xlnt 1968 dance disc, b-si...
  10. Good 45's for sale

    FALCONS - Standing on guard - Big Wheel - 20ukp *tough 1966 northern CHANGE OF PACE - The very thought of you c/w You can depend on me - Taboo - 30ukp *great sweet soul & quality 70s dancer SILK - Falling in love isn't easy - Decca promo - 3...
  11. Some 45s for sale

    RON KEITH - Gotta go by what you tell me - Jap A&M w/picture sleeve - 100ukp *hardest one of this recording!? FRAGILE : HANDLE WITH CARE - Can't get enough - Exit Six - 30ukp *beautiful female crossover SMALLWOOD BROTHERS - Day before tomorr...
  12. Modern Scene Echoes Scans

    think I also know a guy who paid 100 for JJ, lol somehow, feel like listening to Money Before Love
  13. Modern Scene Echoes Scans

    also @ #8 lol, brilliant lineup anyway
  14. Modern Scene Echoes Scans

    Nice C/U @ SPG
  15. CREATION - The dreamer - Asheem - 40ukp *solid boogie soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50yXrtQ4uQ8 ERNIE JOHNSON - Big man cry - Steph & Lee - 50ukp *one line written by felt-tip pen, clean otherwise, red label copy https://www.youtube.com/watch...