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    Simon M
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    Angling ,Football , Soul 1964-2008
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    South East Englandish
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    Desire "I dont care" , C Coulter
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  1. A couple up ,but more to come .Joe Anderson and Glen Jones on 7$$/m.html?item=232212847677&hash=item3610f6dc3d%3Ag%3AA-cAAOSwjDZYgyk4&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 The Link is failing , ebay id is mint$$
  2. Simon M

    Motherfox.......what a find

    Hey NCFC what happened to the one I sold you 1989
  3. Simon M

    Sean O'Connor

    Its been a very sad year for soulful people
  4. Simon M

    70's and 80's Soul

  5. Simon M

    70's and 80's Soul

    Al McCall / Hard times / West End w/d / Mint minus / £15 ON Hold rare on 7 ! Charles Beverly / Hollywood /Dont you etc /Vanessa Mint Minus / £15 Great double sider on red Vanessa Impressions / Sooner or later / Miracle women /Curtom VG+ £5 Oscar Perry/ Gimme some / Peritone / Mint Minus £6 ON HOLD Good dancer PM or email P&p on request
  6. Some bargains listed$/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  7. EMANUEL LASKEY I'd Rather Leave on My feet / DT VG++ £150 ON HOLD ! Great version PM or email Postage on request
  8. Some relisted ...Emanuel Laskey etc
  9. some relists including E Laskey !
  11. Simon M

    80's Modern Soul

  12. Simon M

    80's Modern Soul

  13. Simon M

    80's Modern Soul

    Charles Wilson / trying to make a wrong thing right /I dont want to Alley Cat Mint minus £25 Oscar Perry / Teasin Me / I wanna Thank you / Red Sun Mint Minus £20 Davin Nevin / The Maze /Keep our love alive / Pardner Mint Minus £15 Johnnie Hudson / Better love / Quick Sand / Mint Minus £10 Glen Jones / I am somebody / RCA demo Mint Minus £10 pm or email