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  1. Perfections -Can this be real -Calgar

  2. Perfections -Can this be real -Calgar-Looking for a good copy at a good price! Uk sellers only hope you can help. All best Andy
  3. 70's/Modern sales Pt 2

    Pm sent mate
  4. Vee gees -Talkin

    Still looking 👍
  5. Vee gees -Talkin

    Lucky weekend👍
  6. Vee gees -Talkin

    Only want one-uk only for a us only 7"😁
  7. Vee gees -Talkin

    Ideally mate-where are you based?
  8. Vee gees -Talkin

    Still looking uk only -please pm
  9. Vee gees -Talkin

    Vee gees -talkin-jump off records 7" uk Seller Only -pm with price and condition please Hope you can help out thanks Andy
  10. Gene Townsel-Time wounds all heels Lp

    Thanks for your help everyone -now sorted great support -the soul source team are the best
  11. Gene Townsel-Time wounds all heels Lp

    Thanks Dave Brilliant bit of history -love that -means nearly as much as the tunes these days-adds a real social value and context to a different time when people were just trying to find a way to get on. if you do hear of one pass the on to me. ...
  12. Gene Townsel-Time wounds all heels Lp

    Still looking if anyone's got any leads thanks for your help andy
  13. Gene Townsel-Time wounds all heels Lp

    Thanks you lot-appreciate your help fingers crossed?
  14. Hi all Trying to get a copy of GenevTownsel -Time wounds all heels Lp if anyone has a spare please pm me Your help is appreciated Andy https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.popsike.com%2Fpix%2F20150201%2F231468015517...
  15. Spot on soul seller with impeccable taste-thanks Andy