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  1. I'm fairly indifferent about this, only seen the trailer, in which it states a date of 1974. Yet the discography includes "So is the Sun", which I thought was released in 1976. I'm probably wrong.
  2. Dave

    Stamford (Lincs)

    What? Two DJ's didn't show? Typical for Lincs/Cambs! Name them! Was this at the Newage club? That venue needs an upgrade if you are going to charge £5 for a night of oldies tbh.
  3. Dave

    Margaret Little,love Finds A Way

    "What a fantastic bit of Detroit Northern" Quite so!
  4. Dave

    Margaret Little,love Finds A Way

    Turn the caps lock off and try to speak some sense.
  5. Dave

    2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    I thought the first track was a JT or MH thing, and the second was a wigan type effort. How was wrong was I?
  6. Dave

    How Long Will N.soul Last

    I don't visit this site too often now because of the high level of moderation. Thus I have only just seen this post due to the recent resurrection of the thread. I have to say, belatedly Jock, this is one of the best posts on the site, and certainly one of your most humorous! Get out of the cellar and entertain us some more!
  7. Good point. Where do you take your kids on hols? BTW, that should be "weeks' "
  8. Mildly interesting subject, but marred by the inability of many posters to differentiate between the words "venue" and "event".
  9. Dave

    Spot The Deliberate Mistake

    and 20 times uglier, no doubt? That can't really be it, surely.
  10. Dave

    Modern Anthems

    Damn, I was taken in by this thread! I thought "modern" meant modern, quality, current! But no .. it means shabby 70's/80's/90's disco/party/LCD music like The Futures, Jeff Perry and Alfie feckin Davison! This is the stuff that has reduced our scene to a stag night piss-up. Mind you, I do like King Tutt! (if you are gonna call with threats, do it soon as I'm out in half an hour) x
  11. Post of the year! .. and I don't really like Pete
  12. Dave

    The Death Of The Vinyl Record

    A well imformed post. Especially gratifying for one so relatively young. Note the word "relatively".. it's meant as a term of respect. Anybody else enjoy "Looking For Eric"?
  13. Dave

    The Death Of The Vinyl Record

    Be fair old friend... he's a bit fecking thick
  14. Quite an entertaining thread, this... You seem to enjoy making unnecessarily long posts: Is this the written equivalent of "enjoying the sound of your own voice"? Having just read through this thread for the first time, I have to say you come across as the SS version of Pvt. Walker from "Dad's Army".. ie a bit of a spiv!


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