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    Northern Soul,my wife,work,photography
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    Rhos on Sea
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    terri goodnight-they didn't know
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  1. More from the collection... Satisfactions..take it or leave it..Ex+ £250 SOLD Furys...I'm satisfied with you/Just a little mixed up..Ex £275 Leroy Taylor...Takin my time....Ex..£225 paypal gift,7 day return if not happy,post £7.50 sd in u.k.
  2. John Elias

    Ike and Tina ,Moments,Johnny Daye

    from the collection..... Moments...Nine Times...M- £12 Marian Love..The right to cry Ex+ £12 SOLD Para-Monts..Come go with me..Vg plays Vg+ £50 SOLD Johnny Daye...Good Time...M- sol £25 Sty-Letts..Too far to turn around..Vg+..£60 SOLD Ike and Tina..Dust my broom..Ex+ ..£40 Incredibles..Miss Treatment..Ex+ mark on vinyl nap £150 SOLD Van Dykes..S..
  3. John Elias

    Van Dykes

    £375.00Van Dykes Save my love for a rainy day (issue)drill holeM- (one tiny hard to see mark)M- company sleeve.plays perfickpostage in u.k. special delivery £8.00
  4. Vg+,shiny vinyl with lots of marks on close inspection ( nap)Plays excellent,no pops hiss or jumpsOffers over £400 by 19.00 friday 13th (oooerr!)pms only thanks. bids over £425 now thanks
  5. John Elias

    Ray Marchand

    Vg+,shiny vinyl with lots of marks on close inspection ( nap)Plays excellent,no pops hiss or jumpsOffers over £400 by 19.00 friday 13th (oooerr!)pms only thanks. £425 bid thanks 10.4.18
  6. Dramatics..... Ex+ £100 SOLD Accents........ Vg+ £160 SOLD Attractions.... Ex+ £110 Tommy Dodson III Ex+ £250 SOLD Terrible Tom.... Vg+ £240 pm to purchase please,post £8 special delivery in u.k. payment paypal friends or bacs
  7. John Elias

    Soul Blenders

    Soul BlendersVg+ (few marks visible under strong light,nap)slight sleeve rub on labelsplays Ex+£275 pm if interested.
  8. John Elias

    Chandlers and Larry Davis

    Your love makes me lonely and I've been hurt ending in 4 days,thanks.
  9. John Elias


    You may be right there Len
  10. John Elias


    Messaged a wants poster who never bothered replying,they've read it btw,so messaged again,they read it and not bothered to reply,obviously don't like the price as the record is M-. Is it too much to ask to have a yay or nay? ps I wouldn't sell to them now on principle!
  11. Few to go to good homes...... Willie and the hand jives Gotta find a new llove Veep demo,co.sleeve Ex £60 Sweet Things Don't come looking for me Date demo VG+ £35 Roosevelt Roberts Hooked on your love R & R Ex+ £70 Paul Sindab I'm Uptight Hype Ex £40 Ethics Look at me now Vent (rarer first press) Ex £40 Truetones He's got nerve Soulville Ex £55 Lou Ra..
  12. John Elias

    Salvation Robert Thomas wanted please

    Hi,pm'd you,please reply when possible so I can move on.
  13. John Elias

    Terrible Tom double sider

    Terrible Tom We were made for each other / Lovin cupMAVERICK Ex with M- labels plays Ex+ £275.00
  14. John Elias

    Contacts,Cre-Shendos, etc

    All include either sd or sf postage depending on value,paypal friends with a no quibble return policy: Contacts...You gonna pay...Quadran..Ex.....£150 SOLD Tripps........Give it back.......Victoria....Vg+...£50 Willie and the Handjives...Veep promo Gotta find a new love..Ex...£70 Sweet Things...Don't come looking for£40 Roosevelt Roberts...Hooked on your love...R&R..Ex+...£80 Paul Sindab...I'm U..
  15. John Elias

    Stolen record