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    The past is a ghost, the future is a dream, and all we ever have is now

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    From Nottingham but lived in Pilsley, Chesterfield since 1988
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    Job Opening, Del Larks & Compared to what, Mr Floods Party ++++ Many others (Proper NORTHERN Sounds however!)

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  1. Cant wait ! I was a regular (I think on a Tuesday night - old memory not as good as it was!) when Rob was a DJ there 1973/74 and it was here that I first was bit by the Northern Soul bug at 15/16 year of age; and here also I met Ian Walker, Phil Jones etc. who were mates of Rob and who I first went to Wigan with (Met at Creepers to go that first time!) August 1974. Looking forward to going back to my roots Thanks for putting this night on Mal x
    Unfortunately due to reasons you are aware of Martin we arent able to attend but I am happy to be one of your original regulars ! Cant remember if we were there at your first night but we were definately regular monthly attendees from the very early days until last Autumn and can honestly say that this was (and still is I'm sure) one of a very small handful of events worth attending in my opinion. It is run by genuine, honest people who have integrity and run this soul night due to a love of the scene as it was and of Northern Soul music - pure, simple and unadulterated. One day we will be back and until then Martin & Chris - keep doing what you have been doing for the last 3 years and those of us who remember the Northern Scene as it was will always be assured of an oasis of pleasure and reality. Lots of love to you and much success for the New Year Sharon x
    Absolutely knew that Martin would ably step in and support Terry and the two of them would keep with the ethos that made the Shack the place to go to hear that something a little different from the norm - it will go from strength to strength I'm sure of that. Kath on the door is a bonus - she is such a lovely person and has dealt with 'the door' ably at Inner Soul and will make sure that she gives everyone a warm welcome. Well done to the 3 of you - keep at it! ✌?️?
  2. Have a great time tonight - this actually goes without saying with two of the very best blokes steering the ship ! Looking forward to reading the reviews - a top night in store of 100% northern soul !
  3. Sharon Cooper

    The Soul Shack Alfreton

    The Soul ShackGenesis Centre32-46 King StreetAlfretonDerbyshire DE55 7DQ OUR GUEST FOR TONIGHT IS MARK JOHNSON Lovely venueGreat dance floor with overflow areaAmple parking to the front and rear of the buildingCheap barComfortable seating Playing quality Northern, semi known, rarer and underplayed/ forgotten vinyl from the 60s and 70s £3.508pm-12.30 Chris Cooper 07715 297239Terry Westhead 07970 559132
  4. Sharon Cooper


    Bank holiday specials (!) fun, frivolities and rain now over with so back to reality ..... Be lovely to see you at The Soul Shack this Saturday ?
    Tonight was a good night at The Soul Shack - Top, top music from the 3 Amigo's (I won't call them Stooges!) Chris, Terry and our very special friend and guest Martin Smith. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else: the sounds were absolutely up my street and I loved it ! thanks chaps and a massive thank you to everyone who joined us: really hope you enjoyed it too and hope to see you next month ??
  5. Sharon Cooper


    The Soul Shack The Genesis Centre 32-46 King Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7DQ Our guest for tonight is KEV SMEDLEY This lovely venue has a large room, 'overflow' dance floor and separate bar area. Comfortable seating, cheap bar, good car parking (massive car park to the rear of the building) Top DJs from around the UK will join us each month to play quality Northern, semi known, rarer and underplayed / forgotten vinyl from the 60s and 70s: If you like to listen to Northern Soul the way we used to and not overwhelmed with the same old tunes than why not pay us a visit? We would love to welcome you ! £3.50 - 8pm until 12.30 Chris Cooper: 07715 297239 Terry Westhead: 07970 559132
  6. Sharon Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    All set up and ready to go ! Grooving at the Go-Go ! See you there
  7. Sharon Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    At last ! The weekends nearly here! Definitely going to be a great night as the very best music is guaranteed. If you want to dance or sit and soak in the atmosphere just make sure you listen to these great tunes - if you are looking for a change perhaps to savour something special then we will be very happy to welcome you
  8. Sharon Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    Some guy we know spends ages doing them for us Tez! Too much time on his hands I reckon!! Seriously though; they are excellent and you are a very talented young man!!!!!
  9. Sharon Cooper

    The Soul Shack

  10. Sharon Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    Well, we are now into the week that has the first Saturday of the month in it! That means it's The Soul Shack with our very special guest and friend (and a really nice guy with a lovely wife!) Martin Smith, fresh from running Inner Soul, Sheffield which was yet again, another great success - here's hoping some of that atmosphere will have rubbed off and he will bring it to Alfreton with him!! X
  11. Glad to hear it was another top night at our favourite venue. The one place we wouldn't miss for anything except family - and that's what happened this weekend. Priorities! ? So looking forward to being there again soon - as I've said before many times: Top people, top venue and always top sounds - no where can better this place x
  12. Sharon Cooper

    Route61 Soul Club

    My first visit tonight - really looking forward to it x

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