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  1. Bear in mind that the album was compiled in 1974 and many subsequent discoveries were discovered long after that. There was no internet and Stax (at that time) was probably the last label that anyone would expect to find much Northern Soul compared to most. Access to many of the lesser-know releases was confined to the relatively small network of dealers back then. Wasn't easy. The Stax Southern Funk volume was a breeze to compile compared to the Northern one. Ian D Ian
  2. I've been asked if I want one for Xmas and figured, yep, a portable record player could be handy. My records are mostly mint so I need one that won't wreck 'em, preferably in black with built in speakers. I quite like the look of this but does anyone have any recommendations?
  3. I did hear about this around 3 weeks ago but was waiting for some kind of official confirmation. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/24/arts/music/sterling-magee-dead-coronavirus.html?fbclid=IwAR0xoSDUlzDgHGLuZ3DE2YwAO3jmlTKAPerBUwxJHt6DFBd_f36BDWn4pek#:~:text=Sterling Magee%2C who played a,He was 84
  4. Not On Discogs Sale This is a pile of U.S. 7" stuff that I haven't ever bothered listing because they're not on Discogs and haven't been since 2007, which is interesting in itself. So most of these are not common records for sure. There may be some collection stuff or gap-fillers here, so I thought I'd throw 'em out there in case anyone's interested. All Near Mint. P&P £3.00 + £1.00 for each additional record. Please PM me if interested in anything. Thanks for looking. "In The Mood (To Groove)" - Aurra Dream Promo £10.00 "Anything (You Want)" - Benidito & Lori
  5. "Ton Of Dynamite" - Frankie (Love-Man) Crocker Mint £10.00 Sold "Wrong Crowd" - Prince George Near Mint £10.00 "Lord What's Happening To Your People" - Kenni Smith VG £15 Sold "It's A Woman's World" - The Gypsies Near Mint £15.00 "Don't It Make You Feel Funky" - Joe Hicks VG+ £25.00 Paypal F&F. £3.00 P&P 1st Class. Please PM me. Cheers.
  6. Anyone got a spare of this? Trying to fill a couple of gaps. Thanks in advance. Ian D
  7. One of my Record Store Day releases from earlier this year. I never expected it to end up on Prime Time TV though. Ian D
  8. I've just listed hundreds of multi-artist comps of which there's a stack of female 60s compilations if you wanna take a peak..... https://www.discogs.com/seller/Mastercuts/profile?genre=Funk+%2F+Soul&format=CD&format_desc=Compilation Ian D
  9. First glimpse of the Darrell Banks Voc/Inst after 53 years.........
  10. Already huge demand. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want it. It's lucky it's even coming out since the copyright owner lost the isolated instrumental in an office move a couple of years back. Good job I keep all the masters I'm ever sent so at least I managed to retrieve it from a 2012 archive! Ian D
  11. It's because the licensing is getting next to impossible John. I would say 75% of the stuff in the major's vaults is unavailable these days. One company has a current block on ANY U.S. repertoire, another company won't licence anything unless they can access the original contracts (most of which are either lost or too expensive to locate or impossible to find in the archives) and there is a general logjam in most licensing areas which no longer have enough resources to meet demand. They're only interested in streaming now. Very sad. Ian D
  12. As if by magic...... Modern Soul 7" Box Set Bobby Womack & Brotherhood Home Is Where The Heart Is 3.18 Columbia 3-10437 Patti Austin Didn't Say A Word 3.19 Columbia 4-45592 7" Box Set Ujima I'm Not Ready 3.04 Epic 8-50095 Randy Jackson How Can I Be Sure 3.30 Epic 8-50576 7" Box Se
  13. Truth be told I never actually heard this record until last year. Just lately I've been going for very individual female vocals with a sassy approach and I stumbled into this on You Tube and THEN found out she was the black lady in Star Trek who reputedly did the first-ever inter-racial kiss on mainstream TV with William Shatner. Which in itself was interesting. We tried to do a pic sleeve using that image but that is one of the most iconic images ever and it's guarded very fiercely. But vocally I think she's very distinctive. She did lead vocal stints with Duke Ellington and Lionel Hamp

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