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  1. For sale: UK Only. Grading used: VG+, EX , M- Please see photos below to confirm condition. The link below each record is to a sound clip from the actual record for sale: Postage for records over £75 is Royal Mail Special Delivery at £7.50, below that it's Royal Mail 1st Class signed for at £2.80. Thank you for looking. Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over / Friday Night - Tollie 9012 - VG+ £325 + postage. **SOLD** There's a little wear on the labels and a few small marks that don't effect play on the vinyl, plays perfectly. Styrene original with stamped (MR) . https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vmkfmn5thno0bn/samfletcherthink.mp3?dl=0 Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes / I've Been Trying - Wee 3 - VG+ £70 + postage. A few tears on the flip label and a few small marks that don't effect play on the vinyl, plays perfectly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5zda8lnrrb1a17/fabpepseyesld.mp3?dl=0 Dorothy Berry - You Better Watch Out / Ain't That Love - Planetary 101 - VG+ £140 + postage. There's a little sticker residue and numbers written on the labels and a few marks on the vinyl that don't effect play. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5kj4g8ibwzqmh6/dorothybwatch.mp3?dl=0 Dynamics - I Need Your Love / Love Me - RCA Victor 9084 - VG+ £325 + postage. There's a little wear on the labels and a few tiny marks on the vinyl none of which effect play. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gs2hjq2bj9gmrz7/dynamicsneed.mp3?dl=0 George Smith - I've Had It / When Love Turns To Pity - Turntable 713 - EX - £130 + postage. Clean labels with just a few small marks on the vinyl, nothing that effects play. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bepeql6n99v16tp/georgshadit.mp3?dl=0 Gracie Darnell - The Bad Guys / So Long Lover - Ruth 101 - EX - £130 + postage. There's a little wear on the labels and a couple of tiny marks on the vinyl that don't effect play. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0q91mg8zawt9h88/graciedarnellbadguys.mp3?dl=0 Patti Austin - Leave A Little Love / My Lovelight Ain't Gonna Shine No More - Coral 62500 - EX - £125 + postage. Just a tiny amount of wear on labels with a few marks on the vinyl that don't effect play. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4crdfvak5w3bgel/pattiaustinleavealittlelove.mp3?dl=0 Richie Havens - I Can't Make It Anymore / Morning Morning - Verve 5022 - EX - £75 + postage. Just a tiny amount of wear on the labels with a few small marks not effecting play on the vinyl. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mxs1vhmji636tu9/richiehanymore.mp3?dl=0 Rose Valentine - I've Gotta Know Right Now / When The Heartaches End - RCA Victor 9276 - M- £100 + postage Clean labels with clean vinyl. https://www.dropbox.com/s/im3fzwnz7atvnx3/rosevalentineknowrightnow.mp3?dl=0 Kenny Carter - I've Gotta Get Myself Together / Showdown - RCA Victor 8841 - VG+ - £100 + postage Just a touch of ring wear on labels with just a few small marks on the vinyl none effecting play. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdsmux3k056r88s/kennycartergetmyselftogether.mp3?dl=0
  2. For sale: UK Only. Moses Smith - Keep On Striving / Come On Let Me Love You - Cotillion 44075 Demo - EX- £350 SOLD Please see photos for condition. Link to sound clip from this record: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgnjtqq1uxs8fkh/mosesstriving.mp3?dl=0 Bobby Treetop - So Sweet So Satisfyin' / Valentine - Tuff 415 - EX - £600 Please see photos for condition. Link to sound clip from this record: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lv39e6o9qp5jr88/bobbytsatisfyin.mp3?dl=0 Postage £7.50 Royal Mail Special Delivery. Payment by PayPal only. Thank you for looking.
  3. Oldfeet

    Buddy Ace reissue?

    The record dealer from the US has sent a very detailed reply which hopefully shows that it's an original, here's his message: It is an 100% original. The copies I have originally came out of Buckley's Record Shop out of Nashville which operated through the 1950's or earlier and closed in 1974. The owner moved the records to Guthrie,KY where he retired to and sold them out of some large tin buildings there.They ran an ad in Goldmine Magazine advertising them in the 1980's and they were all auctioned off there in June 1987 after he died. I got them from some old hoarder that bought a pickup truck load at the auction and left them in a old house full of his junk for over 25 years untouched. I bought about 12,000 records which were mostly in 25 count boxes 3 or 4 years ago.I only have a few copies of this one left now. Buckley's was one of the 3 big Nashville distributors with Randy's and Ernie's and they all had weekly radio shows on Sunday to advertise their shops that broadcasted all over the east coast which introduced much of this music to the public. A friend of mine bought a similar stash that had been in a school bus south of Nashville a few years ago that came out of the same auction with mostly different titles. I got a lot of Duke records including the Buddy Ace,Miss Lavell,multiple Jr Parker,several Bobby Bland,Earl Forrest and a lot of Song Bird gospel titles.I had to clean the old record mold release film off of them on my VPI cleaner.
  4. Oldfeet

    Buddy Ace reissue?

    That is great news he's keeping the record, if I find out anything I'll be the first to let everyone know. I was reminded that I raised a similar question 3 years ago when a whole bunch of mint records on Rojac/Ovide/Zodiac/Peacock/Sure-Shot turned up. All in that same Texas area as Duke records and was advised at the time that the 'rumour' was that there were records in storage, not that I have seen them :-)
  5. Oldfeet

    Buddy Ace reissue?

    Why would I be offended! I'm a collector too :-) I'd really love to know where this one was pressed and when it was pressed. As I said above it came from a reputable dealer so hopefully there might be some information that tells us something. I've already spoken to several others and none of us where aware of this being pressed twice. One interesting comment was that if it's a boot/re-issue it may have been pressed up for a different scene than the soul scene, maybe the doo-wop collectors.
  6. Oldfeet

    Buddy Ace reissue?

    I was the seller :-( I'm trying to find out myself, as yet I haven't heard back from the dealer in the US who I bought it from as an 'original'. But I get the feeling that this might be a 'Don Robey' illicit money maker, he seems to have had that sort of reputation of just printing up 'extras'.
  7. Oldfeet

    Rare Records Vault sales on Ebay

    Don't forget to check the auctions ending today
  8. The Rare Records Vault Over 50 records on Ebay 'auction', ending Sunday evening 29th January, to view and listen to in the Ebay Shop (click the link above). Including the following :- Etta James - Seven Day Fool I.A.P. Co - Check Yourself Wales Wallace - Forever And A Day Willy Wiley - Just Be Glad Maxine Brown - Yesterday's Kisses Walter Jenkins - Back In My Life All with pictures and sound files.
  9. Oldfeet

    Dubious Ebay Seller

    Appears that I'm not the only record buyer to deal with this issue from this dealer. I've been informed that he also tried the $66 postage charge for just posting one record! Anyone else ;-)
  10. Oldfeet

    Dubious Ebay Seller

    A short note about a rogue Ebay seller in the USA '1966ponyred'.Purchased 6 inexpensive records from his Ebay auctions for $87, so under $15 a record. He states that over 4 records his postage is $23.50, which is not cheap but it's his pricing so fair enough. He also has a note saying he will charge $66.75 when required.Gullible me assumed that this $66 would be for high value shipping and not my lowly $87 purchase. So I was surprised to see he had added the maximum amount.But not nearly as surprised when he messaged me to say I could pay the cheaper price if I payed outside of Ebay to his personal Paypal account ... as friends&family, which would leave me no come back if things went wrong. Which is all against every Ebay seller policy. So it was either pay the very expensive shipping or pay outside of the Ebay protection. For me I didn't like the options, so I'm cancelling the purchase.My message is unless you want to pay $66.75 for postage from the USA to the UK be aware of the dubious practices of the Ebay seller '1966ponyred'. I have contacted Ebay support and will be going through their procedures which hopefully will allow me to leave the negative feedback on this sellers account. Not because of the hike in postage to $66, which made me choke, but because he wanted me to pay outside of Ebay procedures.
  11. The Rare Records Vault Over 50 records on Ebay 'auction', ending Sunday evening 20th December, and another 50 or more to view and listen to in the Ebay Shop (click the link above). Including the following :- Willie Tee - Walking Up A One Way Street Lola Sands - To Whom It May Concern Otis Brown - Somebody Help Me Jimmy Holiday & Clydie King - Ready, Willing And Able Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo Silky Hargraves - Hurt By Love All with pictures and sound files.
  12. The Rare Records Vault Nearly 50 records on 'auction', ending Sunday 13th December, and another 50 or more to view and listen to in the Ebay Shop (click the link above). Including the following :- Pinkertones - It's Not The Way You Walk Gloria Parker - The Best Thing For You Baby Vala-Quons - Window Shopping On Girl's Avenue Chances - A Better Day Is Coming Geraldine Curry - You're So Wonderful Art Freeman - Slippin' Around With You
  13. The Rare Records Vault A few good titles up for 'auction', ending Sunday 1st November, more on 'buy it now' in the Ebay Shop (click the link above). Including: Danny Monday - Baby Without You Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long Channel 3 - The Sweetest Thing Ruby Winters - Better Bessie Jones - No More Tears Godoy Colbert - Baby I Like It
  14. The boot 'rumour' was just something mentioned to me a very long time ago, I certainly never heard it anywhere else nor ever found the slightest proof that there were boots. i know the record was a hit in Chicago in 65 I didn't think it was a national hit though. Maybe the success in Chicago had Satellite quickly pressing more demos to see if they could build on its 'hit' potential around the USA resulting in three different demo labels.
  15. Thank you , that's cleared up a few questions :-) But here's another question lol Are all the 'Dj Copy' releases printed the same way? I've seen the all white label Vontastics 'DJ Copy' with the wording 'DJ Copy' printed on both the LEFT and the RIGHT sides of the record , I'll try and attach a photo. I think I might end up buying one of all of the different versions just to check , well if I had any money I might ;-) Cheers, Rand


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