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  1. A night of rare and classic rhythm and blues and soul original vinyl played in a great little Edinburgh venue. £5 on the door.
  2. Anyone got: Rotations - D9 - Frantic or Blenders - Graveyard - AFO I know they're out there 'cos I sold my copies a few years ago and am still in mourning. So please help the brokenhearted! Liam
  3. I read it was warped when it was put in a photocopier...
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  4. Must ask my contact in the Carolinas, who is forever finding stuff in thrift stores, to keep an eye out for this one.
  5. Anyone got: Lloyd Nolan - I Don't Know About You; Rotations - D9; Invitations - Watch Out Little Girl; Danny Owens - Little Too Late. Condition: VG or above but will consider less if playable! Thanks.
  6. Yep, they seemed to sort out the ID question! Final prices: Little Richie - £1242 Joyce Bond - £178 Richard Temple - £373 Marion Stewart - £263 Erroll Dixon - £187 Tempests - £250 Main Change - £451 Art Wheeler and the Revels - £113 Troy Dodds - £800 Jesse Fisher - £182 Major Harris - £507 Michael & Raymond - £160 Roy Handy - £122 Sam & Kitty - £312 Mary Love - £517 Ann Heywood - £210 Still too much for Little Richie though...
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  7. Top bid removed. According to JM: 'PLEASE NOTE we have removed the leading bid as we are unable to confirm the bidders identity. e.g. Telephone # not in service. The bid reverts to the leading before (***** @jbem*.***) bid.. if this person is real, please contact John on 01664 464991 to have your bid reinstated. As you have no bidding history with us, and your phone is not in service, the integrity of this auction is paramount. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.' Oh, the intrigue!
  8. There are masses of them and not just the Northern scene, the 50s Rocking scene is awash with mugs buying these things.
  9. I seem to recall when we put on nights in church halls in the 1980s that we could get a pub landlord or licensee to set up a portable bar which they could do as they had a travelling license or suchlike.
  10. Great to hear that such performers are still out there and still making music.
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  11. Just looked at the auction on JM's and...£1714 for Little Richie with a week to go! Amazed to see the prices are still going mad on Manship's. Really, who is willing to pay this much?
  12. A typical thrifty, sensible 'Spießer Mädchen'. She had problems getting her head around my British subculture lifestyle then. Apart from records, she was mystified as to why I would choose to own a customised Lambretta rather than a car; had a more obsessive interest in clothes than her and she even told her parents that I was an alcoholic because I would drink 4 or 5 pints when we went out at the weekend. But she came to love RnB and soul music although not on vinyl. We're still good friends and she married a thrifty, sensible guy whose favourite group is the...Bay City Rollers! Oh dear...
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  13. I had a German girlfriend who actually wanted me to go to a doctor because of my irrational addiction to vinyl. No kidding! Most paid for a 45? £1000. She may have had a point...
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  14. Thing is somebody probably would buy them, but not for £1500!
  15. I saw a documentary where Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley were discussing the fact that they got half a cent per record sale and they had to sell two records to make one cent!

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