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  1. A handy guide to deadwax info... http://www.anorakscorner.com/PressingPlantInfo.html
  2. LiamGP

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    The great Garnet Mimms.
  3. LiamGP

    Loads of UK stuff

    I have sent you a PM.
  4. LiamGP

    Loads of UK stuff

    All play fine! Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City - Top Rank - VG+ - £20 Impressions - Woman's Got Soul - HMV red/white demo - £30 SOLD Dean Parrish - Tell Her - Stateside - VG+ - £30 SOLD Velvelettes - Needle In a Haystack - Stateside - VG - £25 SOLD Miracles - Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying - Stateside (label damage) - VG+ - £30 SOLD Stevie Wonder - Hey Harmonica Man - Stateside - VG+ - £20 SOLD James Carr - Dark End of The Street - Stateside - VG+ - £20 SOLD Brenda Holloway - When I'm Gone - Tamla Motown - VG - £30 SOLD Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long/Respect - Atlantic yellow demo (N/C) - VG+ - £20 SOLD Wilson Pickett - Midnight Hour - Atlantic yellow demo (label damage) - VG - £20 SOLD Doris Troy - What'cha Gonna Do About It - Black Atlantic - VG+ - £15 RB Greaves - Take a Letter Maria - Red Atlantic tri - VG+ - £10 SOLD Robert Parker - Barefootin'/Let's Go Baby - Island - VG+ - £20 American Poets - She Blew a Good Thing - London - VG - £50 SOLD Miracles - Shop Around - London - VG - £30 Fats Domino - It Keeps Raining - London - G (plays OK) - £10 SOLD Tommy Tucker - Long Tall Shorty - PYE - VG+ - £15 Lowell Fulsom - Talking Woman - Sue - VG+ - £30 SOLD Wilbert Harrison - Let's Stick Together - Sue - VG - £20 Megatons - Shimmy Shimmy Walk - Sue - EX - £75 SOLD Harold Better - Do Anything You Wanna - Sue - VG+ - £20 Sam and Dave - Soothe Me - Blue Stax- VG+ - £40 SOLD Jackie Ross - Jerk And Twine - Chess - VG+ - £20 SOLD Billy Stewart - Every Day I Have The Blues - Chess - VG - £10 SOLD Billy Stewart - Secret Love - Chess - VG+ - £15 SOLD Sugar Pie DeSanto - Soulful Dress - Chess - VG+ - £25 SOLD Roy Head - Treat Her Right - Vocalion - VG+ - £25 SOLD Temptations - Loneliness Made Me Realise... - Tamla Motown - SOLD EPs It's The Temptations - My Baby/Since I Lost My Baby/It's Growing/The Way You Do The Things You Do - Tamla Motown - VG/VG - £20 PayPal F+F preferred. BASIC POSTAGE IN THE UK - FREE! £3.70 RECORDED £8.00 SPECIAL DELIVERY OUTSIDE UK - GET IN TOUCH Thanks!
  5. Rare - I assume - Thornton All-Nighters patch from the 1980s all-nighters held in some out of the way spot in Fife that eventually led to the legendary Glenrothes events and so on. Slightly grubby but otherwise fine. £25 to UK buyers, £30 to those abroad.
  6. LiamGP

    Get Ta Steppin' Soul and RnB night

    A night of RnB and Soul music in a great little cellar club with some fantastic music played off original 45s as it should be. Guest DJ - Brian Scott! July 7th, 11pm-3am. Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, 16a Morrison St, Edinburgh.
  7. LiamGP

    Junior Mcants - Try Me For Your New Love

    So, did you buy it?
  8. LiamGP

    Junior Mcants - Try Me For Your New Love

    You mean this I assume? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Junior-McCants-Try-Me-For-Your-New-Love-King-45-6106-Northern-Soul-PROMO-HEAR/302740969706?hash=item467cc498ea:g:2CoAAOSwDMNa~JQI It's at $6500 right now with 2 and a half days left. Record is in fairly bad shape with a crack and although the seller says it plays OK on his record player it might not be the case for yours or any place you play it out! Personally, it's not worth it but if you really, really want it then go for it although it's playability and therefore possible resale value are big question marks. Careful about customs if getting it sent to the UK also. If they see $6500 (or whatever the end price is) on the declaration you could get hit hard.
  9. LiamGP

    UK Demos Vs Issues Prices???

    Depends how successful a record was I suppose. I mean demos of the Beatles 45s are very desirable even though there were quite a few made but compare that to hundreds of thousands or even millions of the issue copies. I would always prefer a demo Stateside, Tamla-Motown, HMV or whatever as they are things of beauty to my eye.
  10. LiamGP

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    Quite common theses days what with everyone being a 'DJ' - 'Hey, can I have a go on the decks?'
  11. LiamGP

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    But he didn't go to Dartford Grammar!
  12. LiamGP

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    From my correspondence with Dave in the early 1980s, I know this is what pissed him off more than anything - the idea that Black artists were only getting their dues after their music was exposed to the wider world by bands like the Stones, Beatles, Animals, Manfred Mann etc etc. But they did have their careers expanded and extended in a lot of cases and were aware of it too - as Muddy Waters famous 'he stole my music but he gave me my name' quote makes clear. But let's be honest the Northern scene has done pretty much the same thing for a lot of Black artists too albeit on a smaller scale - given them an audience and a recognition they might not have otherwise had.
  13. LiamGP

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    That's Roger Eagle who confirmed that he did indeed do that, although he also said he got on well with the Stones personally.
  14. LiamGP

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    I've only ever read Jagger talking about people like Alexis Korner as major influences, although Godin certainly helped them get hold of the stuff that they covered evidenced by a letter to Godin from Brian Jones where Jones sends a tape reel as Godin had offered to record some Jimmy Reed tracks for them - which he would have hardly done if he was outraged by their ripping off Black artists.
  15. LiamGP

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Yes, and what are the predetermined dimensions and weights that he's supposed to be measuring? I mean are there internationally agreed units for SOUL demos?


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