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  1. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Detroit Jr. did THIS version, so may have recorded the more electric one at a later date or is it someone else?
  2. J Manship Auction Results 11/10/2017

    Not forgetting the Little Joe Hinton - my prediction on that £1500. However, for the silliest price - as it's an all time classic (and they seem to fetch the most money right now) - Eddie Holman 'I Surrender' WD - I'll say £500.
  3. J Manship Auction Results 11/10/2017

    Me - if I were him this morning...
  4. J Manship Auction Results 11/10/2017

    Sam Dees is simply not rare enough to justify the price.
  5. It could be much, much, much worse! https://www.discogs.com/Various-Casino-Classics-Chapter-One/release/2925015
  6. I like a lot of 70s stuff but it is very slick and lacks the earthy appeal of the early Stax/Muscle Shoals/Goldwax/New Orleans sound that really gives me the 'feeling'. Just listened to Irma Thomas 'Wish Someone Would Care' again and - yup - I'll take th...
  7. J Manship Auction Results 13/09/2017

    Wasn't the Bernie Williams the subject of some equally over-heated bidding war between Manship and Ian Dewhirst in the 70s (I seem to remember reading)?
  8. Frank Wilson on old list

    I actually remember a guy at school showing me this list (or one very like it) and us discussing what the hell was so important about this 'Frank Wilson'! About 1979/80 I imagine...
  9. Buddy Ace reissue?

    OK, as I say it is identical to the Monarch press other than the numbering, so clearly from another plant.
  10. Buddy Ace reissue?

    You'll be pleased to know he's going to keep it! I am of the opinion that it is a re-press (produced for a variety of possible reasons) but whether made in the early 60s or later I doubt we'll ever know.
  11. Buddy Ace reissue?

    Wow, hope you're not offended with me trying to get to the bottom of this. As far as I can see, the records are practically identical except for the missing Monarch number and the serial numbers are a bit different and your one has a small '82' next to the nu...
  12. Buddy Ace reissue?

    A mate bought a copy of Buddy Ace's 'This Little Love of Mine' recently and asked to compare it to my copy. Both look almost identical to each other except mine has a Monarch number and his doesn't. Does this make it a reissue or did Duke records use other pr...
  13. Get Ta Steppin' R&B and Soul

    Please note - this event is now 11pm-5am.
  14. Anyone got the following? Elbie Parker: Please Keep Away From Me (Veep) Lorraine Chandler: I Can't Hold On (RCA) Rotations: Put a Dime on D9 (Frantic) I've had them all at one time of another and want to get them back in the box. Than...
  15. Get Ta Steppin' R&B and Soul

    Rare and Classic R&B and Soul music in a great little basement club in central Edinburgh.