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    I love to get outdoors and indulge in the gentle art of rock climbing! I have acquired the dubious nickname Dangerous Dave' due to the amount of air miles I've clocked up falling off routes! I'm also into hill walking, keeping fit and of course, Soul Music!
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    Mel Britt - She'll come running back

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  1. What about 'Born a loser' by Don Ray? One of the most depressing tunes of all time.
  2. daveraby


  3. Loads of fond memories from those days, including: Gloria Jones's patting me on the head as I sat on the stage watching her sing- haven't washed my hair since! Watching Linda & The Funky Boys, transfixed by Linda's see-through top as she danced around the stage!. Come on!! - I can't have been the only lad to have noticed that - can I? Wigan pasties! Walking round the balcony an a sea of wall-to-wall chewing gum.! Discovering the 'getting off at Ince trick'' to avoid the mad dash across the track, over the station wall (usually pursued by guards). You could also get
  4. What's on your mind?

  5. Just checked out BazM's post in Events and it says Prestwich is not running on this date. Oh well, looks like I may have to find another venue this weekend. Keighley looks tempting!
  6. Now then Steve there no need for all that talk, Just leave them to me and I'll make sure they go to good homes. You know it makes sense! Dave Raby (not dead yet!)
  7. Hi Steve It's great to hear you're still keeping the faith and, collecting soul records again! I have also picked up a few great records at bargain prices, including a Lou Johnson for $9.99 - a bit more than you paid! I have many great memories of the Central and, the people I met there (yourself included). It would be good to see you at a venue some time All the best Dave Raby
  8. New / recently released tunes that I remember hearing at the Casino include: Cameo - Find my way James Wells - Baby I'm still the same man Creative Source - Don't be afraid to take my love Johnny Williams - You're something kinda mellow Clifford Curry - Body shop Esther Phillips - What a difference a day makes Andrer Maurice - You're the cream of the crop I'm there are loads more, but my memory's not what it used to be!

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