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  1. isley brothers lp

    tamla motown presents the isly bros vinyl vg++ sleeve vg £10 inc uk post Born To Love You Sad Souvenirs My Love Is Your Love (Forever) Greetings ...
  2. lamont dozier - out here on my own

    lamont dozier - out here on my own - abc vinyl vg++ sleeve vg (split down spine) £10 £3 uk post Breaking Out All Over Don't Want Nobody To Come Between Us Let Me Make Love To You ...
  3. But was it 'A Big Thing' after all ?

    interesting, some versions credit gerald sims as writer and others credit maurice mcalister
  4. Does this look kosher LOL

    even his one positive feedback is a negative
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    the group in this picture are Purple Hearts a 1979 mod revival band from romford
  6. record boxes for sale

    £25 for the 200 box
  7. Ian Levine lookalike bootlegs

    gene woodbury - ever again frank beverley - if thats what you wanted
  8. Alfie Davison - Love Is a Serious Business.

    nothing questionable about the origin of this......lordshill, southampton
  9. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    somehow, i think his inbox will be empty come 9 o'clock
  10. Maxine Brown It's Torture

    i've been lugging this around for the last 30 years, until you released "i want a guarantee" on 45 last year
  11. patti williams - i'm doing the best that i can - forward vg+ £60
  12. Joe Matthews.... info please

    was it pete lowrie, appologies to pete if it wasn't
  13. The Record Player reinvented?

    or you could just get yourself one of these
  14. Cherished record casualties

    took some doing but, now plays fine with just a light click , however i dont think it will appear on manships christmas mints auction anytime soon