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  1. WILLIAM BELL-sorted

    17 copies on discogs
  2. isley brothers lp

    tamla motown presents the isly bros vinyl vg++ sleeve vg £10 inc uk post Born To Love You Sad Souvenirs My Love Is Your Love (Forever) Greetings ...
  3. lamont dozier - out here on my own

    lamont dozier - out here on my own - abc vinyl vg++ sleeve vg (split down spine) £10 £3 uk post Breaking Out All Over Don't Want Nobody To Come Between Us Let Me Make Love To You ...
  4. But was it 'A Big Thing' after all ?

    interesting, some versions credit gerald sims as writer and others credit maurice mcalister
  5. Does this look kosher LOL

    even his one positive feedback is a negative
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

    the group in this picture are Purple Hearts a 1979 mod revival band from romford
  7. record boxes for sale

    £25 for the 200 box
  8. Ian Levine lookalike bootlegs

    gene woodbury - ever again frank beverley - if thats what you wanted
  9. Alfie Davison - Love Is a Serious Business.

    nothing questionable about the origin of this......lordshill, southampton
  10. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    somehow, i think his inbox will be empty come 9 o'clock
  11. Maxine Brown It's Torture

    i've been lugging this around for the last 30 years, until you released "i want a guarantee" on 45 last year
  12. patti williams - i'm doing the best that i can - forward vg+ £60
  13. Joe Matthews.... info please

    was it pete lowrie, appologies to pete if it wasn't
  14. The Record Player reinvented?

    or you could just get yourself one of these