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  1. Clean labels and at least ex condition please cheers Dave
  2. Rick Scott Top man Thanks

    Nice story but I think you’re mistaken regarding “as great as soul people are not many give you owt for nowt”. Many years ago around 1970-71 at a fairly new friends flat listening to his records, one of many he played was Little Hank on London and I mentione...
  3. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Trying to get back on topic - Margie Hendrix Restless and Billy Stewart stuff - Bobby Hebb Love Love Love
  4. In my opinion the Action label is a tough one to complete so well done Dave. I also consider the UK Sue label a toughie as well but both Soul City and Deep Soul issues are or were pretty easy - I completed both in the early seventies and there are some great ...
  5. Anyone got a clean copy en Ex or better at a reasonable price? cheers Dave
  6. Has anyone got a clean ex copy for sale at a reasonable price cheers Dave
  7. think i got jerry butler-stateside, £30, will pull it out if interested, best joe

    1. dwr


      Hi Joe if it's in the condition I stated great cheers Dave

  8. Still would like this if anyone has one?
  9. The van dykes save my love for a rainy day

    Surprised at that but I do know he doesn't go on SS ever day - pm him again I'm sure he respond
  10. The van dykes save my love for a rainy day

    Flanny had one for sale on here a week or so ago
  11. And here's a few that should really depress you all!! Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier; Carolyn Sullivan - Dead; Ernie Johnson - I've Got Dreams To Remember.
  12. Louise Freeman - How Could You Run Away is a pretty cool tune - pretty cheap to pick up too if you haven't got one!!
  13. Cheap Northern Originals!!

    Hi Des pm'd you
  14. ADVICE Please. 'DJ' Set Up

    Hi Newbie sent you a pm yesterday cheers Dave

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