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  1. Just Like The Weather and A Love Reputation must be up there as sound-a-likes!!
  2. I think the Nolan Porter review above was when Patti Austin etc were on. The PA was dreadful as it was for Bobby Womack at Blackburn some years ago. Perhaps that’s down to the promoters me thinks being skinters and spoiling what could have been great experiences. Hey ho won’t be going to these organiser/s events again twice bitten and all that. Best couple of shows for me were Stevie Wonder in Manchester a couple of times a few years back - brilliant
  3. In Ex or better if you have one please pm me with a reasonable price please cheers Dave
  4. Dwr

    TMGs Required

    Still looking for these, thanks
  5. TMG507, TMG511, TMG521, TMG544, TMG569, TMG729, TMG875 and finally TMG882 Please pm me if you have any of these for sale for a reasonable price. Must be in at least Ex condition with clean labels Thanks, Dave
  6. No I wouldn’t know how to but was purely pointing out that although a good pop record in my opinion it is not a soul record. I do wish I knew how to load up a few tunes and will have to ask one of the daughters to show me how to do so. I really enjoy this thread and the contributions you and many others make to make it so interesting - many tunes I haven’t heard before - great thread
  7. Agreed but this isn’t a rare record it hit high in the charts in both the UK, USA and many other countries but as I say a good pop record as was The Letter
  8. Just a pop record but a good one - not a soul record imo
  9. Lots of folk on Soul Source are record collectors and some will own very rare 45s that you’ve gathered over the years often decades after its release. However what is the very rarest soul record in your collection that you were lucky enough to purchase on release. It might also be interesting to know why or what influenced you to purchase it.
  10. It was well known as an “ace record” when it came out in 1972 - bought the UK release on Probe in 1973
  11. Hi Donna for some reason you can't receive pm's?? Can I have Patti Austin Only all the time cheers Dave
  12. Also Jerry Butler I’ve Been Trying Stateside Cajun Hart Gotta Find A Way WB 7258 UK Barbara Your Gonna Love My Baby Tamla Motown Fair prices paid, must be clean labels and at least ex condition please cheers Dave

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