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  1. northernnigel60

    Coppenhall Soul 🎢🎧🎀

    PLEASE NOTE !!!! Any one travelling from the potteries direction, please be aware that Sydney Rd is closed, so an alterative route will have to taken. Nige.
  2. northernnigel60

    Coppenhall Soul 🎢🎧🎀

    Its got the makins of a crackin night !!! See ya there - Nige
  3. northernnigel60


    Yes you can Graham Hope to see you there - Nige.
  4. northernnigel60

    Coppenhall Soul 🎢🎧🎀

    Looking forward to another great night down Coppenhall with one of the "Crosville's" favourite resident DJs - non-other than Mr Johnny Briggs. Also a massive thanks to last months guest DJ John Vaughan who played a blinder of a set (he'll definately be back in the new year). Hopeing to see you there Nige
  5. northernnigel60


    Looking forward to this one, after the response from the last one, this can only be a fantastic night.
  6. northernnigel60

    Coppenhall Soul 🎢🎧🎀

    Great night at Coppenhall last night, Up slightly on last months attendance with a fantastic set played by guest DJ - John Vaughan (playing classic oldies from the days of Wigan / Wheel and other forefront venues. Also, very well done to the other DJs, great music played right from start through to the end. See ya next month- Nige.
  7. northernnigel60

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Fantastic record, got a demo of it myself - never gets played now. Such a shame, records like these need reactivating. Great memories of a by-gone time. Long may it carry on!!!!! KOKO
  8. northernnigel60

    Up The Junction Crewe

    Thanks for your comment Dek, its just one idea among many, we would also like Torch / Wheel and Wigan nights, I will try my best to get DJs that did or have played at these iconic clubs, but please keep your eye on "Coppenhall Soul Nights" in the coming year for dates and events, hope to see you there - Soulfully yours Nige.
  9. northernnigel60


    A great afternoon to a packed house again !!! See ya next month. Nige.
  10. northernnigel60

    Up The Junction Crewe

    Having just taken over the promotion of Coppenhall Club Soul Nights down here in Crewe, i'm hopeing to have an " Up The Junction reunion night" some time in the early new year, as well as theme nights from other " bygone" clubs up and down the country.These ground breaking clubs deserve to be remembered for their contribution to the present day soul scene. Please keep your eyes on S/S for further details. Nige.
  11. northernnigel60

    Up The Junction Crewe

    Can i just let you know, the wall opposite the old junction with UP THE JUNCTION painted across it , was the gable-end of a house, which has now been pulled down, i got my son to take a photo of it about a fortnight before demolition started. Just another piece of soul history !!!!!!!!!!! Nige.
  12. northernnigel60

    4 Seasons Soul Club

    Crackin evening down at this great little soul club, Credit to all concerned on the night. See you in November - Nige & Tina
  13. northernnigel60


    Theres not a lot more i can say about last nights Morg that has'nt already been said, Brilliant night put together by all concerned, well done - see you at the next one November 17th. Nige.
  14. northernnigel60

    Coppenhall Soul Dj's Andrew Norburn and Lenny Mellor

    Defo m8 !!!!!
  15. northernnigel60

    Soul At The Services

    Many thanks to Rod for the return invite, we're once again looking forward to gracing the decks at The Services. Hopefully see you there Soulful regards Nige & Tina


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