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  1. northernnigel60


    Can't wait, this has got the makins of one hell of a night. See ya there Nige & Tina.
  2. northernnigel60


    Again its an honor and pleasure to be asked to DJ at this event for such a worthy cause, every penny going to this local charity. See you on the night - Nige & Tina
  3. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    Just a quick up date on monies handed over to St Lukes, In addition to the £5000 already presented, the collection bucket which was taken around the room by Lenny Mellor has been counted and another £130 has been added to the total, bringing our over all total to date - to £24,900. Many thanks to all who supported us on the day- See you next year- Nige & Tina
  4. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    What can i say WOW, Another fantastic day all in aid of a Very worthy cause. Packed rooms and great music played by ALL the DJs concerned, People travelled from far and wide again,it was great to see old faces coming back to us and having the opportunity to make new friends, there is no such thing as strangers at this annual venue, just people you haven't yet met. Now for the good bit, Myself & Jonny Briggs this friday coming will be handing this years cheque of £5000 over to St Lukes Hospice. bringing our total handed to date £24,770 Thanks to everyone involved with this years event and we hope to see you all next year for our 6th anniversary, same time (easter sunday) same place (The Crosville Club, Crewe) for what promises to be another cracking day. So til next time tata for now Nige & Tina
  5. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    Well todays the day !!! A warm welcome awaits you down here at Crewe, the equipments set up, tables an chairs laid out, raffle prizes loaded,baps bein made as we speak and we're itchin to go. Its gonna be a belter, See ya there. Nige & Tina
  6. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    DJs for room 3 ( chillout room) Kev John Steve Maybury Dave Cartlidge Johnny Pollett Shaurn Doherty Andy Norburn Lenny Mellor Kev Ellis Clive Read Soul Sid Bram Breeze Curly Carl Gerrard James Pete Cogley Dennis Reade Times to be arranged by Mr Clive Read, who again this year is kindly running the room for us. Last year we had some VERY good feedback from this room,so its well worth a visit. Hope to see you all on the day----- Soulfully yours Nige & Tina
  7. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    DJs & Times for room 2. 2.00 - 3.00 Dennis Reade & Keith Greenwood. (Coppenhall Soul) 3.00 - 3.45 John Pollet (Crewe Soul Scene) 3.45 - 4.45 Lenny Mellor (Crewe Soul Scene) 4.45 - 5.30 Shaurn Doherty (Crewe Soul Scene) 5.30 - 6.15 Chris Ellis (Ska) (Moulton Verdin Club) 6.15 - 7.15 Rob Yates (Newtons Got Soul) 7.15 - 8.15 John Cooper & Young Bert (Cobridge Coronation Club) 8.15 - 9.00 T- B-A 9.00 - 10.00 Little George & Pete Ponty (4 Seasons Soul Club) 10.00 - Finish
  8. northernnigel60

    The Coronation club Stoke

    Well, what a fantastic night last night all in a very good cause,Well done to all concerned with music played to suit all tastes.Glad to have been part of the DJ team, it was an honour & pleasure Long may this annual event continue !!!!!!!! ATB Nige.
  9. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    Record dealers & traders are most welcome at this venue, all we ask is - phone to reserve a table in (room 2), pay your entry money £5.00 then sell away !!! Ring Nige on 07599 220548 or 01270 215840. Nige
  10. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    The track listing has been sent to "Mo" who is putting together our 5th anniversary CD which will contain 20 crackin tracks to get you movin and groovin, they will again be priced at £3.00 each, giving people value for money. We are only having 30 made up this year, so get yours early to avoid disappointment. Nige & Tina
  11. northernnigel60



    Got to say i envy you lot in one respect, goin to prestatyn, but i don't think my old bones would stand another weekend in Coldiz. Bloody hell when its cold its bitter !!! You guys give my love to the dance floor and have a great time !! ATB Nige
  12. northernnigel60


    I'd just like to say a big thanks to the lads from Newtons got soul for the invite to guest for them last night. A crackin soul club with a very friendly crowd who made myself and the long sufferin most welcome. I hope everyone enjoyed what i played, and look forward to my next visit behind the decks. So until then - Tata from us Nige & Tina
  13. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    Times and DJs for room 1. (Times and DJs for rooms 2 & 3 to follow shortly) 1.00 - 1.45 Johnny Valentine 1.45 - 2.30 Jonny Briggs 2.30 - 3.15 Chris Ellis 3.15 - 4.00 Pete Cogley 4.00 - 4.45 Steve Connolly 4.45 - 5.30 Carl Piper 5.30 - 6.15 Alan Twyford 6.15 - 7.00 Roger Conneely 7.00 - 7.45 Moz Arnold 7.45 - 8.00 --------AUCTION *** 8.00 - 9.00 Keith Minshull 9.00 - 9.45 Rod Looker 9.45 - 10.30 Mick Coburn 10.30 - 11.30 Baz Ratcliffe / Ray Andrews 11.30 Finish
  14. northernnigel60

    St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

    Food will be available on the day at this event in the form of baps with various fillings, ALL procedes from the sale from these goes straight into the kitty, and added to monies taken on the day . Nige.
  15. northernnigel60


    Looking forward to getting back behind the decks on my annual visit to this crackin little soul club, Hotel booked and records will be packed.!!!! See ya there Nige & Tina

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