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  1. The two standout tracks on the new album - Face Your Fear - are Till the End (real deal new Northern Soul stomper IMHO) and Heavens on the Other Side. The whole album is good and picked it up in HMV on vinyl for £20 ish.
  2. Hi, thanks for you kind words. The track you are asking about is Danny Harrison Girl Girl Girl on Coral.
  3. As I mentioned before, I'm digitising my collection. And as I go publishing the odd mix on mixcloud. Here's the latest mix of mainly 60's and 70's, some recently purchased and some I've had for decades. Includes, Eric Lomax, Shirley Karol, Disciples of Soul, Charles Dixon, Lil Gray and and and.... Enjoy.
  4. Hi, Can anyone sell me a copy of Long Boots please? VG++ minimum and clean labels. Thanks Mark
  5. Back in the late 80's Mick Godfrey ran a few Modern Soul Allnighters in Bedford. I was lucky enough to be invited to do a set at one of them. And even luckier that my old friend and travelling companion from back in the day, Mark Oliver, came with me, recorded it and kept the recording for 30 years!!!! Two sides of a C60 tape from 87. I've also started putting a couple of other mixes up there as I digitise my collection, at least that's what I tell the wife why I'm listening to my records every night :-)
  6. So just got home from working away for a few days, everyone in bed early so dragged a pile of records out. Played Victoria Williams & J B Ledbetter Show Some Sign as I remebered playing that eons ago. Then flipped it over and found We're So Satisfied is bloody brilliant, and if I'd just been click playing would never have done that. I'm a happy boy :-)
  7. EmJayGee

    100 Club Allnighter

    Cheers Dave, off to the Posts then :-)
  8. EmJayGee

    100 Club Allnighter

    Confused, 6Ts website says 11-6 still but here it says 12-6. can someone please confirm the start time please? Setting off in 2 hours!!
  9. Picked up the Capitols We Got a Thing on ATCO in a record shop in Greenwich last week, for £11. Pulled it out because they had a cover of Open The Door To Your Heart, among others, actually really good versions of Hold on I'm Coming and Knock On Wood which pleased me when I played it back at home. Then on the end of side two I found this beauty, and it's never been off the turntable since: The LP is spot on from start to finish, happiest purchase this year so far :-)
  10. Dean, If legit and the first time on vinyl then play them out, dropped into one of your sets they would fit in a treat. I would love to hear a couple of the legitimately issued M-Pac Onederful things played out. As we used to say way back when if it's good enough ti play then play it. Cheers Mark.
    Was working in London this week so decided to drop in on the 100 Club Christmas bash. As it happens a young lady who works with me has been a bit curious about the Northern scene and I've been doing a couple of Cd's that she plays when getting together with her mates. Leading her down the hallowed stairs to the legendary venue reminded me of what it was that so captivated me 35 years ago when I first climbed the stairs to the Stars and Stripes Club in Yate. More of that later. We got there around 9:15 and the room was quiet, Mick Smith was resolutely turning out the party favourites, by the time Adey joined in the fun with his first session of Christmas related tunes the room was starting to fill. Then Irsh Greg exploded the atmosphere and the floor stayed packed the whole night, right up until the lights came on at 2. Normally I grumble about hearing the same oldies all the time, but tonight in the eye of my young companion I saw the wonder of the scene reborn. She knew none of the tunes, apart from the odd one or two that were on the Cd's I had done. She danced to songs that she didn't know, but just embraced the atmosphere, clapping along with everyone else to Lend a Hand. And tonight I just enjoyed everything. Something for everyone, some things I hadn't heard before (or couldn't remember knowing :-) ) some things I never thought I would hear at a Soul doo ever again but the night just worked. Just a final comment on the Technology of the youth, in my day I carried a small notepad to jot down the tunes I knew I needed to remember after the event and once the fog had cleared from my addled brain. She just installed Spotify and it found every tune she wanted, even putting up an image of the 7" along side the title and artist. which was quickly added to a playlist for later. Amazing. So to summarise my ramblings, the night was a mix of old and new, great fun, great atmosphere and has started a new soulie on her journey. Everything you could want from a night out.
  11. Hi Youngsoulie81. 1. Why portable? I have a Riga Turntable which is great, pretty basic in terms of design but all the investment goes into the tone arm which is the most important piece. 2. Buy with confidence from many sellers on here. Listen to snippets of the records and buy what you like to listen to, not for its rarity. There's so much good quality stuff to start a collection with without busting the bank.
  12. I have a plain white label of it, was that the "demo" for the Hayley release?

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