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  1. I presume the rights now belong to Universal who own Motown?
  2. There is no mention in his biography of any talk for a deal, he did purchase the rights and masters though. Luther said the two Lps sold a combined total of 14 copies. You should be able to pick the Lps up for a reasonable price.
  3. Mine go in a normal mailer with card inserts and then inside jiffy bag, as per postal requirements. Not taking any chances for the sake of 15/20p. Jiffy also offers better protection especially with styrene.
  4. until

    Its been a magnificent effort from Simon and everyone concerned to give everyone a top quality virtual all-nighter EVERY week for free. Some fantastic sounds over this time. Take a bow Simon, top job extremely well done.
  5. That is good but there are plenty of accounts where sellers have had nothing but disappointment from the post office. I've never had one go wrong fortunately and fingers crossed it'll stay that way.
  6. I'm glad they paid you out but I am just stating their own requirements and I know plenty who haven't been paid out, one last year got £5 for an £750 sale that went wrong. All mine go in a jiffy rather than card mailer, often with both.
  7. The post office will do everything they can to avoid paying compensation. Their own rules regarding packaging state must be shipped in padded packaging, i.e. a Jiffy bag. Standard card mailer and card inserts they won't pay out for. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the buyer receives his purchase in the condition described. The seller is the one who makes the claim.
  8. I will download and listen just to satisfy my curious nature but I don’t feel the need to criticise (unless the OP asked for opinions on the record), if I can help I will, if not I will ignore and move on to the next topic. If we criticised everything mentioned for not being soul or soulful then there would be a lot of criticism on here.
  9. But neither would many records played on the Northern SOUL scene with which this site is heavily intertwined. I have no problems with opinions that is what a forum is all about, it was the snide comments creeping into the site and the digs at certain aspects and people. This site has never been nicey touchy feely and there is no need to tread on egg shells, never done that myself, always said what I think but I do try to be constructive.... The guy asked for help, why he couldn’t be offered that along with constructive criticism I’m not sure, he didn’t need pointing in any direction etc. But as Mike says no problem as far as he is concerned so lets agree to move on. I’ll listen to the track when I get home later.
  10. He didn’t ask for thoughts, before he got any help he got ridicule, whatever, crack on
  11. Is there any wonder with the replies in this topic and a couple more this last week or so that people no longer get involved on Soul source?
  12. Just do a search on google for LP Mailers and it will throw up plenty of results. Lil as mentioned, defendapack, sounds whole sale and others, also plenty on ebay
  13. I’m all for letting others live their lives, but how many live their lives does affect my life, especially in a social setting. That is the same for us all.
  14. The ones above have no demo markings and plenty of other white label issues. As said the cost is less with very little artwork or colour.
  15. There is a white label one, no demo markings etc that someone suggested could be the one RS did?
  16. It was booted by Raynoma as you rightly say whilst it was hitting the streets initially.
  17. Teddy Greene on Capitol if memory serves
  18. They are still sat there unsold so not really market price. I bet all three are UK sellers.
  19. Don't sleep on this, the first release completely sold out and is now sought after by those who missed out, this one will be no different.
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Two new previously unissued tracks from the same sessions that brought you the previous release “You Changed Me” and “What’s That Sound” in 2018. “I Really Love You' an excellent modern soul dancer backed with the more funky “Get The Funk Off MyBack". View full article
  21. For Sale: Impulse “I Really Love You/Get The Funk Off My Back” Kandi Two new previously unissued tracks from the same sessions that brought you the previous release “You Changed Me” and “What’s That Sound” in 2018. Firstly “I Really Love You" is an excellent modern soul dancer already being championed by Dj’s in the know, while “Get The Funk Off My Back” is a more funk influenced outing that would be at home in either a funk or modern soul set. Copies available at £12.00 each plus £3.25 postage (1st recorded, UK) overseas at cost. Again only a limited number of copies available therefore sorry only one copy per person To reserve PM @Louise or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk The Groups History: Impulse were (and are still in the main) a group of Milwaukee, Wisconsin musicians who during the 1970’s worked as the backing and touring band for another Milwaukee group The Quadraphonics , who during 1974, recorded a solitary 45 single “Betcha If You Check It Out/Prove My Love To You” for the Carl Davis/E. Rodney Jones owned Innovation II Record label. The Quadraphonics 45 would also land a subsequent national distribution on the major Warner Brothers label. The original members of Impulse were Michael Reese (Rhodes Piano and background vocals), Cedrick Rupert (Lead and Rhythm guitar), Jeffrey Williamson (Drums and background vocals) and Robin Gregory (Bass and background vocals).The band would later be joined by John Gee as their lead singer and fellow songwriter. John Gee had begun performing secular music in the late 60’s with another Milwaukee oufit, The Chefs, as their original lead singer from 1967 through to his departure in 1972. His replacement was Michael Moncrete who featured as the group’s lead on their desirable 1974 funk outing “Mr Machine” released on their own Pro-Gress Label. John Gee’s solo artist credits can be found on the 1980 release “Not Enough Love Makin’/You Are That Man (Why Don’t You Be That Man” on the Oakland C.A Pashlo label (Although recorded in Milwaukee). Followed by the 1985 modern soul dance floor favourite “So Good To Me/Just Get On” recorded under the artist name of Jon Pierre Gee on his own Kandi Inc, record label, as a 45/12” single and cd album project. Later projects included the 1995 Jon Pierre Gee & Touch album (featuring legendary rock drummer Anysley Dunbar (renowned for his work wth John Mayall, Frank Zappa, Whitesnake and Journey). Jon returned again in 2005, with the Ah’vant Soul cd album project,which featuring some of the former members of Impulse and Jon’s business and personal partner, Kat Webb. Jon also at one point sang with original drummer Billy “Stixs” Nicks version of the Jr. Walker’s All- Star Band. Returning to 1976 the musicians of Impulse migrated to Oakland California where they hooked up with a fellow Brewtown producer and recording artist, one Harvey Scales. Scales himself in 1976, through his earlier local hit “Glamour Girl” (recorded for the local Sauk City, Cuca Label) and a string of recordings for Lenny Lacour’s Magic Touch label. Of which “Get Down” had bought him both National and International attention after being picked up Atlantic Records was at the height of his powers. Further enhance by the success of Johnnie Taylors Columbia Records platinum hit “Disco Lady” a song Scales co-wrote. Under the auspice of Scales, Impulse recorded the self titled debut album project at Wally Heider’s Studio in San Francisco. The album was initially a proposed release for the Casablanca label which never materialised, a further offer from Jerry “The Ice Man” Butler to release the album on his newly formed Chicago label, Fountain Records also failed to materialise, leaving the album unreleased, It is from the surviving master tapes of these sessions that the above two tracks “I Really Love You/Get The Funk Off My Back” have been taken for the release of Impulse’s second 45 outing. Throughout all the above mentioned projects Jon has used and enjoyed performing with the original members of Impulse, as both musicians and co songwriters. They still from time to time perform together today (2020). With the exception of drummer Jeffrey Williamson who passed away during 2015, his replacement being Coley Jackson. Lead and Rhythm guitarist Cedrick Rupert who in the very late 70’s left the group to follow his heart and married a girl from Lake Charles, Louisiana, his home with the exception of a brief period of residing in Florida, until his recent passing in 2020. His replacements in Impulse included Joe Chatman and later Rudy Jacobs the original lead guitarist with Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds. Words By David Welding. With Acknowledgements to Jon Pierre Gee.
  22. The flip side was getting some turntable action prior to lockdown pushing the demand up even more.
  23. yer looking at 400 nowadays, a WDJ recently sold for 500
  24. until

    Here you go Fingers mate 1. Lily Fields - Changes 2. Jeanette Jones - Cut Loose 3. Dynamic Siblings - I Bear Witness 4. Limitations - I’m Lonely 5. Otis Clay - Thank You Love 6. Sharpers - Go On & Laugh 7. Otis Clay - Nothing To Look Forward Too 8. Gilford & Scruggs - Don’t Let Me Lose It 9. Tony Hestor - Keep A Hold On Me 10. Carolyn Crawford - Ready Or Not 11. Pageants - I Wanna Know 12. Don Varner - When It’s Over 13. Little Willie John - (I Need) Someone 14. Otis Clay - Show Me What You Say 15. JJ Barnes - Lucille 16. Sharpees - Take Me To Your Leader 17. Uptakes - That’s The Sound Of My Heart 18. Toussaint McCall - I’ll Laugh Till I Cry 19. Jimmy Delphs - Our Last Goodbye 20. Stylists - I Need Your Loving’s’ 21. Ringleaders - Baby What HAs Happened 22. Anglos - Broke Down Piece Of Man 23. Otis Clay - I Got Problems 24. Perfections - Just Can’t Leave You 25. Spencer Wiggins - Let’sTalk It Over 26. Marvellos - I Need You 27. Joe Burrell - There Was A Time

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