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  1. Pickford IMO slowed the play down far too much at times, stood there after yet another back pass with his foot on the ball.....I juts wanted to pick the ball up and smash it in his face He will get caught out soon trying to be clever. Some of our passing back has been a joke, sometimes when we have been on the edge of their area it has gone all the way back, stupid. If it does go back to him it should then be recycled as quickly as possible, all he does is give the opposition time to get organised in our half.
  2. Bought half a dozen at least biggies, Joseph Webster, Hamilton Movement, Anderson Brothers, Dynamics, I-Connection, Tony Troutman, LJ Harris.....
  3. If Southgate ditches his safety first and foremost policy and let’s the handbrake off a bit, shows some trust in his players and play them how they play at club level then we have a chance. Most play a high press, not with England, the Premier League is notoriously quick, not with England. Pickford had the ball as much as any other player last night, that has to change. We’d go from their box to our box in the blink of an eye rather than cross the ball, no wonder Kane has to go looking for it. play to the players strengths and let the opposition worry about us for a change
  4. Hamilton Movement, Anderson Bros, Dynamics (Lonely Man) as well
  5. Was that the copy from the label stock that surfaced a while back?
  6. (She's Called...) Very early 80s spin for Gary Rushbrooke covered up as The Chandlers
  7. Well played Scotland. We were too cautious by far. Full backs who bomb on for their clubs not allowed to be too adventurous. Foden should be on the left but moved over to make room for Sterling. We don't need two holding midfielders, I'd have dropped one for a more adventurous attack minded one. Kane has to stop thinking he is a number ten and stick to being a number nine. He is often caught between the two and subsequently out of the game. He is also getting in the way of the midfield. Maybe the occasion got to them, all too often the team expected to win in these kind of game
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Jesse James and Soul Junction are back with another unissued offering to follow up the hugely successful "Clinton Park" View full article
  9. Press Release: Jesse James “If A Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)/I Don’t Want A Divided Love” SJ544 Release Date: Monday July 12th 2021 Jesse James returns with the follow up to his hugely acclaimed previous release “(The Girl In) Clinton Park” SJ543. Once again, it’s another previously unissued recording found and taken from the same 1971 Searra Sound Studio session tape as “Clinton Park”. The title of this latest offering is “If a Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)” which is a splendid cover version of a song previously recorded by Dallas, Texas r
  10. I've bought a few VG and VG+ from him and his grading is always better....as said NM, Ex at least for a brit
  11. Excellent performance from the whole team.
  12. Its a rare record for sure, rarely seen for sale. Few in collections which we might see surface now given the price. Not saying it is anything to do with him Steve, like you say he is trustworthy.
  13. Has to be some dodgy bidding going on
  14. Solid team performance, did what we had to do. Sterling, Phillips and Mings brilliant.
  15. To be fair though Trippier has played left back many times and he has also had a good season of sorts winning La Liga.
  16. Italy were impressive although to be fair Turkey didn't give them much of a game. Italy's tempo and pressing caused Turkey many problems though, made them run about bit and they looked knackered by half time. Wales, poor for an hour or so, no urgency, no press, no shape. Lack of target man who could hold it up and bring others into game. Big players missing. Good for last 20 minutes but not enough really.
  17. That’s all it is worth IMO, it is far from rare You have to question the wisdom behind those who pay the sort of money they are when a quick shout out on here or facebook would save them £100s
  18. Jimmy Frazier, Sweet Things, barmy prices. Only JM can get 200 odd quid for the platters, I thought it was a tough sell for about £80
  19. This weeks show, 3rd June 2021 More 3,2,1 selections from listeners
  20. Brad Hales sold an acetate a few years ago with an alt take on it. Did one go through one of the auctions houses recently too? Just remembered think it was JM who auctioned the orange vinyl copy.
  21. Happy belated birthday Martyn
  22. This weeks Sound of Soul ™ 27th May

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