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  1. There is no evidence of soul flip records on a company check, if it is legal they are under a different name but I somehow doubt it . Nothing on the label to say licensed etc and there usually is
  2. Looks a different set up to what I was thinking but still don't think they are legit. Probably some copyright infringement with the logo too. We did discuss them a while back.
  3. Its a boot, those who were jailed I believe behind it play the cd or the box set one, anything else a boot
  4. They were accidentally picked up by another DJ I think, he found them in his bag and text Eddie to say he had them. All will be returned that is all that matters.
  5. Eddie has posted on Facebook that his records have been found.
  6. LP only except for the odd foreign (Argentinian release). The Lp should be reasonable priced still.
  7. This scene is far too trusting, it is by and large very friendly but it attracts people from all walks of life and just like the real world its share of scumbags. There is a lot of shit that happens which a lot are unaware of and ignorant too, usually because they focus solely on the social aspect. But when you Dj, promote or have any involvement that goes further than simply turning up, having a dance and going home you get exposed to it and it isn't always pleasurable. Just about every Dj opens his or her box and trust those around them to not pinch anything but as Kev says there are opportunists about and given the chance they will be in. Juts about every Dj leaves there records under a table behind the decks, if you have a few Djs there is an awful lot of money up there and promoters need to up security now.
  8. Entry costs are far too cheap as it is, go to any other club scene and you pay far more. I'd sooner pay extra for a venue that isn't a flea pit, is comfortable and safe.
  9. The Dj area, decks etc should be a no go area nowadays. I know the majority are no threat but there is and always have been one or two who will rob their granny given the chance. Sadly they will spoil it for all.
  10. Pep had a handful taken from his box recently, Kitch had one lifted. Security for Djs is often non-existent but given the cost of the records often behind the decks it should be a priority.
  11. Same one or another?
  12. PB is a west coast (US not UK) engineer/bootlegger as far as I lnow
  13. popsike are auction prices and probably the last indicator I would use. Discogs are actual sales and you can see the history so more relevant. Actual lists and the shop floor the best indicator of prices
  14. PB is on a fair few Soussan boots, George Blackwell, Eddie Daniels etc. I wonder who PB actually was?
  15. If yer on Facebook then Rare Soul Valuations is pretty good. You can always ask on here as well.
  16. This weeks show featuring The two Jimmy's, Jim "Beat Route" Cessford and Jim Randall.
  17. And still taking the credit for what he shouldn’t be
  18. How can it be a reissue if never issued in the UK? It may have been done for the scene but it is still a first UK issue.
  19. It wasn’t BBC but Granada TV. Where are the Granada archives now? I would also imagine Palmer has all the footage too and not sure why he didn’t use it on the video release.
  20. Tony Palmer owns This England I believe. He put the film out on video few years ago. There was no out takes on it though?
  21. Not sure who it is aimed at with a £140 price tag?
  22. He never owned it. Soussan sent acetates over. Les McCutcheon Bought Simon’s collection which included DILY. It was then sold to Jonathon who sold it to Kev who I believe then sold it to Tim. The copy in the clip last night looks like an emi/acetate/carver with a photocopied label.
  23. Swan Flight do a 100 count one

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