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  1. Here you go Fingers mate

    1.    Lily Fields - Changes
    2.    Jeanette Jones - Cut Loose
    3.    Dynamic Siblings - I Bear Witness
    4.    Limitations - I’m Lonely
    5.    Otis Clay - Thank You Love
    6.    Sharpers - Go On & Laugh
    7.    Otis Clay - Nothing To Look Forward Too
    8.    Gilford & Scruggs - Don’t Let Me Lose It
    9.    Tony Hestor - Keep A Hold On Me
    10.    Carolyn Crawford - Ready Or Not
    11.    Pageants - I Wanna Know
    12.    Don Varner - When It’s Over
    13.    Little Willie John - (I Need) Someone
    14.    Otis Clay - Show Me What You Say
    15.    JJ Barnes - Lucille
    16.    Sharpees - Take Me To Your Leader
    17.    Uptakes - That’s The Sound Of My Heart
    18.    Toussaint McCall - I’ll Laugh Till I Cry
    19.    Jimmy Delphs - Our Last Goodbye
    20.    Stylists - I Need Your Loving’s’
    21.    Ringleaders - Baby What HAs Happened
    22.    Anglos - Broke Down Piece Of Man
    23.    Otis Clay - I Got Problems
    24.    Perfections - Just Can’t Leave You
    25.    Spencer Wiggins - Let’sTalk It Over
    26.    Marvellos - I Need You
    27.    Joe Burrell - There Was A Time

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Len said:

    I'm a bit 'rushed' (Doing Moderating bits 'n' pieces)  I just texted Simon saying I thought his set was great thus far......."It's not me Len, it's Chalky"......."Oh, ha ha, I thought it was good!:D

    Len :thumbsup:


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  3. My set if you missed it or fancy another listen

    Bobby Thurston - The Very Last Drop

    Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You

    Khemistry - I Surrender 

    Chapter 8 - It’s My Turn

    Peabo Bryson - Crazy Love

    Lifestyle – Trying To Make It Up To You

    Tony Owens - When You’re Wrong (You Got To Pay The Price)

    Marcia Hines - Gotta Let Go

    Gladys Knight & The Pips - Make Yours A Happy Home

    The Flakes - No One (Can Love You Like I Do)

    Bobby Womack - Something For My Head

    Atlantic Starr – Circles

    Sam Dees - Come Back Strong

    Keni Burke - Let Somebody Love You

    Frankie Saunders – Take Another Look

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  4. 56 minutes ago, Ficklefingers said:

    The other thing that being an actual participant of the broadcast makes you realise.. is just HOW MUCH WORK actually goes in to producing these shows.. you DON’T know.. you REALLY don’t !! And both Simon and Pete deserve such HUGE praise, and our eternal thanks, for the MASSIVE effort they both selflessly make, each week, solely for the benefit and enjoyment of others.. OUR HEROES.. THANK YOU !!

    Next week sees the fruition of the All Request All Dayer, followed as usual from 8pm with another ‘Bury Virtual ‘Niter’.. Can’t wait !!

    Have to agree, Simon and Pete deserve knighthoods, its a tremendous amount of work alongside family and real work as well.  Huge amount of thanks to both.

    52 minutes ago, Ficklefingers said:

    Bury Virtual ‘Niter – Fingers' Selections:

    Milton Bennett                    I’m Ready                                     Diggin’ Deep

    Kelly Brothers                     Crying Days Are Over                   Sims

    Jamo Thomas                      I Spy                                            Polydor

    Darrell Banks                       Somebody Somewhere               Revilot

    Edwin Starr                          Backstreet                                    Ric Tic

    Patrinell Staten                    A Little Love Affair                       Sepia

    Pacesetters                          I’m Gonna Make It                       Minit

    Brothers of Love                  My Heart’s In Trouble                  Intrepid

    Precisions                            Baby You’re Mine                         Drew

    Anita Robbins                      I Can’t Stand A Little Bit More     Grapevine 2000    

    Jackie Wilson                       Everything’s Gonna Be Fine         Brunswick LP

    Les McCann                         Sad Little Girl                               Limelight LP

    (Smoke                                Give Me Your Heart                     Cannonball)

    Gladys Knight                       He’s My Kind Of Fellow               T. Motown LP

    Nicole Willis                         If This Ain’t Love                           Timmion

    Ricky Allen                            Its A Mess I Tell You                     Bright Star

    Arthur Prysock                      I must Be Doing Something Right Verve

    Denise Germaine                  He’s A Strange One                       ABC Paramount     

    Snake Pit Ensemble              You Hit Me                                    (unissued)

    Soundmakers                        No Answer                                    Legere

    Eugene Thomas                    I’m Through With You                   Sweet Beet

    Snoopy Dean                       Your Love Won’t Let Me Leave       Deep City

    Funk Brother Players            My Dear Heart                                (unissued)

    Tempests                              Someday                                        Phillips LP

    Broadway Express                What Love Can Do                          I&D

    J J Barnes                              Sweet Sherry                                  Groovesville

    Charlie Rich                          Don’t Tear Me Down                      Kent Select

    great set pal

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  5. 1 hour ago, Becket said:

    Great show yet again last night everyone thank you.
    Hope you'll be inviting back the two "new" names.
    Looking forward to Chalky's 7t's & 8t's next week - last one was just awesome for me (and I hope others).

    Cheers..................    Tom.

    I personally think the one is a better hour of 70s and 80s 😉 next

  6. 31 minutes ago, Eddiefoster said:

    Hey Chalky - yes mate that's the plan I'm going to get everything into Mixcloud from the start after we get the all-dayer done next week.....

    PS - you're on at the nighter so get me your set over :thumbup:

    you should have next weeks set mate, check dropbox, just got to send the playlist all 70s and 80s again

  7. My set on mixcloud...


    36 minutes ago, Becket said:

    Another great event, so well done to everyone involved.
    Hearing so much I didn't know and different versions.
    That Williams & Watson LP track - so diffo to the 45 (think that might just be Larry tho ?)  So upbeat !!

    Looking forward to the next one,           Tom.



    The 45 take is what you would expect to find on the Lp and the LP on the 45, so much better.

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  8. If anyone is interested her is what I played.  There is a mix of everyone listening and my set tried to reflect that, some Wigan oldies to some more recent stuff.

    Bury on-liner 

    1.              Total Eclipse - 6 O’clock

    2.              Outsiders - Lonely Man - Capitol LP

    3.              Trade Martin - I Wouldn’t Do Anything - Buddah LP

    4.              Brainstorm - Loving You Really Was My Game

    5.              Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals - Running Away From Love - Abet LP

    6.              Billy Webster & Club Rockers - Good People

    7.              Williams & Watson - I’d Rather Fight Than Switch Okeh Lp (different take to 45)

    8.              Righteous Brothers - It’s Up To You

    9.              Gladys Knight - No One Could Love You More

    10.           Bobby Womack - What Is This - Liberty (German LP)

    11.           Gladys Knight & The Pips - Stop & Get A Hold Of Myself

    12.           Ben E King - Can’t Break The News To Myself - Atlantic UK LP

    13.           Garnett Mimms - As Long As I Have You

    14.           Mickey Murray - East of Nowhere

    15.           Hesitations - Soul Superman

    16.           Dusty Springfield - Here She Comes

    17.           Mary Saxton - Losing Control

    18.           Tempest - Someday

    19.           Arthur Prysock - I Were A Boy - Cover Up

    20.           Chuck Jackson - Ain’t No Sun Since You’ve been Gone

    21.           New Sound - Don’t Take Your Love

    22.           Charlie Rich - Don’t Tear Me Down


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  9. 1 hour ago, Ficklefingers said:

    I'll always be the first to admit that - for decades, I couldn't grasp the concept that quality soul music could be found anywhere past 1969.. with very rare exception !! Not until Y2K did my stubbourn  streak begin to realise that, actually, i'd been missing out on years of tunes I would go on to embrace with welcome arms !! Many finding their way on to the never-ending list of wants, with some STILL on the list lol.. 

    Even to this day, I confess to still struggling with an entire set of non 60's soul sounds, but that said.. I am thankful that these days I am at least able to listen without my bias clouding my appreciation of quality soul music - whether to my personal liking or not..

    Having just listened to Chalky's offerings from last night he delivered just that - an hour of quality soul music !! Being frank.. most were not to my personal taste, but that's not to say they weren't all of the level of quality of soul music the Bury Virtual 'Niters seem to produce

    I did recognise three of the delights on offer, but new to me - and the stand out track in my book.. was the sublimely superb Soul Stirrers 'Trying To Be Your Friend' !! Wow !! with this Jewel label 45 adding yet another entry to that aforementioned wants list lol..

    Nice One Chalky.. I enjoyed the education - just don't enjoy the fact you will likely cost me even more money I already don't have !! 😄

    Thanks mate.

    I tried not to be too adventurous whilst trying not to be too safe, didn't wish to send everyone to bed.  Some current plays and a few more obscure things but most well seasoned.   Nice to see it well received though by many.  had some good positive comments.

    Will look into doing another if Simon wants one.

  10. 26 minutes ago, Widnes63 said:

    Totally agree Len, another great night at Bury, but I don't agree with the "not for me" thing, you are right that they don't seem to mind but I know that others do, imagine going up to the decks and telling the dj that you didn't like a certain tune that they had chosen for their spot , you would be told where to go!

    I think that the banter is great but I don't think that negativity is needed, the lads put a lot of time and effort into this and they should be praised.



    Used to happen to me often, last Bury for Chris & Marcelle what you playing that for (Johnny Moore on Chi City).  I said too her fcuk off downstairs if you want some old same, don't think she liked that 🤣

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  11. 50 minutes ago, Ficklefingers said:

    Another good night Simon.. and increased numbers is it ?? Only wish I could manage to keep me little peep holes open for longer - manged to fall asleep somewhere around midnight, then woke again at 2.30 ish where Winsford Souls battery was running out, until around 4am

    Perhaps if I don't turn up so early next week, I might last longer lol

    Apologies (again lol) to those DJ's whos sets I missed, but enjoyed i'd say about 90% of what I heard - and that being down to personal preference, 'cos most others were obviously enjoying the other 10% judging by the comments being posted at the time

    The warm-up hour was very much appreciated.. especially since I'd been standing outside waiting to get in to the venue since 5pm !! Ben Hope was on fire and must have a very friendly bank manager lol, Baz kept it going with more excellent spins before Ian C took the reins and treated us to a set that only Ian could provide.. eclectic and full of the desired quality. Tony Clarke was next offering another plethora of soulful ditties, mixing it up well - before I fell asleep at the end of his set !! I don't know who was on when I came back to life at 2.30 but the tunes they played for the next half hour were fantastic, and mixed together really well I thought

    Gutted not to have lasted long enough to catch Chalky's set, but will listen on catch-up when posted on mixcloud

    So.. 'See' you all again next week.. same place - but time a bit later (I blame my meds..) in the hope I can catch more of the fantastic DJ sets that Bury Virtual 'Niter is offering us each week.. Keep up the excellent work chaps, and thank you again for taking the time and effort to put this on.. Brilliant !!

    I thought I might clear the floor a bit and send a few to sleep with some 70s 🤣Soon as I know the sequence what I played I will do a mix of the set as well. (I'd been up since 4am with work, that and the beer sent me to sleep 😂)

    Great night though and superb to see so many listeners.  The crack on line top notch as well. 

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