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  1. Jan ex Dungeon

    Jersey Northern Soul and Motown Weekender - St Helier


  2. Jan ex Dungeon

    Macmillan Night

    I,m going with friends down from Southport. Dave and Rosa Bacon
  3. Jan ex Dungeon

    1600 People 3 Rooms 12 Djs 1 Venue (The Biggest Soul Night )

    i'm coming to see you with Susan. i'll have a guiness with you
  4. Jan ex Dungeon

    Jersey Northern Soul and Motown Weekender


    can i have the front seat on plane please fitzy.got a glider license.. Guiness on the bar when i walk in will be very nice lol
  5. Jan ex Dungeon

    Jan ex Dungeon

  6. Jan ex Dungeon

    Festival Inn Northern Night Guest dj Sam Moore

    jan the man will be coming with susan the boss, and cath and richard..tell jim got the photos from jersey, bit late
  7. Jan ex Dungeon

    Jersey Northern Soul and Motown Weekender Feb 2015


    thanks kev and chriss for looking after me susan for our 8th year.must be good to keeping coming back. jan the man from nottingham
  8. [/quote hello john.still on the out.been very busy with work over Xmas also babysitting grandaughter.seen stu last monday he sends his regards.he'sbusy downloading his 3000 odd vinyl onto his p.c kenny sharp went on a walkabout twenty odd year ago.even his family don;t know where he went.just disappeared???? i think swifty pasted on]
  9. it was mick parker it was mick parker who owned the dungeon and gwen ran the ad lib.she is married to moisey.they both run the pine store at the cattle market.last time i was down there Big anne another dungeon regular works for them she knocked about with the late mick norton....is this the mick hill that went to the brit and had a mini cooper. s.
  10. mad jacko died a couple of years ago. jonny brasebury moved to Walsall.last time I saw him he was sorting out his retirement from the railway.selling up and moving to Turkey for good.that was eighteen months ago.Been trying to find Gail and Monica for years.last info I had was from Goldie from Liverpool.he told me that gail had married a d j from the Twisted Wheel and living in yorkshire.no info on monica
  11. hello john (Batman)talking to Mondo yesterday sends his best regards.I see Mondo,Jimmy Faye.Briget.seen stu today and spoke about you and.your namesake Batman from Derby and we had john bateman from nottingham.We meet up at soul do's in and around Nottingham and Long Eaton once a month or when I can get a weekend off.Went to Scarborough last month it was O k bit disappointed having to drink guiness out of a plastic cup.the organisers must think we are teenagers that cannot drink out of glasses. Mondo said do you remember leaving a object in a till drawer??????? take care
  12. Yes that me.I still knock about with Stu.Talk to him two or three times a week.Still best mates for the last firty four years.still see fitzy at the Festival he's a old dungeon boy.The best times are the ones that you still remember.Keep on Keeping on....
  13. can you ex dungeon soulies remember Pete Stringfellow d.jing there. he had a man mountain called Barry Price as his minder.Very large rocker about six foot thirteen.I was very friendly with him specially at bank holiday weekends at Skeggy.Also can you remember Diddy Alan dancing on the wooden barrel in front of the d.j.console.Saw the faces before Rod Stewart joined....Procel Harlum and had a drink of whisky with Jimmy Cliff in the cloakroom / changing room.
  14. the wine bar you mention was called Uriah Heeps in tndhe late sixties just down from the Cross Keys pub on the corner and round the corner at the bottom used to be the Fountain pub
  15. sorry it's not the click that's mentioned.this click used to be with the mini boys in nottingham and go to the dungeon club.in the mid sixties..the mini boys still met up for a drink in Nottingham last thurday of the month.17 at the last one.Good to see mates living this long


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