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  1. greasychipbutty

    harold soul club bradford no more

    This came up on Facebook earlier in the week and I was sorry to hear this Lawrence and Jools. The Harold Soul Club was on our list of venues to visit later this year but unfortunately that won’t be able to happen now. Are you having a ‘last ever’ night or is that it done now? Having met with you over many years in Jersey I can honestly say you are two of the nicest blokes in the business. Lawrence you personally introduced me to the RL Burnside track and sold me my first £50 record (Gerry Gainey You Don’t Love Me) which I later sold for £100 so I owe you a pint or two in Jersey mate! Good luck in the future and whatever happens see you in Jersey. Jim
  2. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul & Motown Event

    Great that Sue is on the bill this month Kev. Hope to hear some cracking R&B!
  3. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul and Motown event

    What a weekend in store. A wedding today, and then World Cup footie at 1pm tomorrow followed by 5 hours of top notch Northern Soul. Fitzsoul Sunday's at the Fez are always a great event and well attended. See you Sunday Fitzsoulies!
  4. greasychipbutty

    Festival Northern Soul and Motown Night (here for 26 years

    Don't worry about the Google street view. The main thing is all roads lead to the Festival. The atmosphere inside is great. Friendly folks and superb sounds. And tomorrow we will be celebrating Paul's birthday. See you Saturday Fitzsoulies!
  5. greasychipbutty


    Our first visit to Prestwich and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Well worth the 220 mile round trip. Although we went there mainly to celebrate Pat's special birthday, we really enjoyed the venue and music. Great sets from Bernard and Des and some bloke from Yorkshire (ha ha only kidding Yocky). Good to see our local legend Chris behind the decks and I thought that some of the best stuff was played by the guy who played the ska and R&B while most people were eating (sorry I didn't catch your name, but we did have a chat afterwards about reggae). Great to see Alan and all of the Manchester based Jersey Weekender soulies again. We will definitely come back very soon. Would love to do a guest spot in the future Alan. All the best Jim & Gail.
  6. greasychipbutty

    Festival Northern Soul and Motown Night (here for 26 years

    Countdown to the weekend. Will be great to get back behind the decks on Saturday night at the Fez. Got some recent additions to my box that I can't wait to spin. Great Tunes and Friendly Folks. It's the Fitzsoul Festival Family. Come along you won't be disappointed. See you Saturday Fitzsoulies.
  7. greasychipbutty

    1600 PEOPLE 3 ROOMS 12 DJs ONE VENUE (King Power Stadium)

    Countdown to a great Fitzsoul Weekender. Opening two hours in the Motown Room for me. I'd better bring my big box! See you Saturday at The KP and Sunday at The Fez, Fitzsoulies.
  8. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul & Motown Event

    This time next week! Will be good to catch up with Yocky & Mandy. Not seen them since Jersey. Looking forward to the Fitzsoul Bank Holiday Weekender!
  9. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul & Motown Event

    What a Bank Holiday weekend in store for Fitzsoulies! Saturday at the King Power and Sunday’s Got Soul at the Fez on Sunday. Bring it on.
  10. greasychipbutty

    Festival Inn, Nothern Soul And Motown Night.

    We are on grandparent duty and will sadly miss the Fez for once this Saturday night. But we know it will be a great night, as it always is with a Fitzsoul event. Have a good night guys see you at Sundays Got Soul on the 27th.
  11. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Norther Soul And Motown event

    Don’t need asking twice mate. I’m available. Got a couple of new (oldies) to spin! KTF
  12. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Norther Soul And Motown event

    Can't wait to get back to the Fez after missing last Saturday. Sunday's are always special at the Fez.
  13. greasychipbutty

    Northern Soul and Motown Night (Festival Inn)

    Always a great night at The Fez but sadly I will miss this one due to a Stag Weekend in Newcastle - but the girls will be looking after the podium on their own. Keep a eye on them please Kev LOL
  14. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul & Motown Event

    Another cracking afternoon at the Fez. The attendance just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Thank you for your continued support of Fitzsoul. Excellent sets from Fitzy, Sam Moore (especially Bettye Swan), Pete Taylor (especially Shorty Long) and Rob Smith. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments about my set and the busy dance floor - it means a lot.
  15. greasychipbutty

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul & Motown Event

    Love Fitzsoul Sunday's Got Soul at The Fez! Cracking DJs. Superb across the board sounds, Northern Soul, R&B, Crossover and even a bit of Motown. Something for everyone. Friendly faces and appreciative soul fans.


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