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  1. Had a couple of pairs of these from over a decade ago , wore for work and just about everything else , as both pairs were getting really worn, i called in the Doc Martens shop and the nearest replacement cost around£120.00, and they could have been the foreign made ones . As this seemed excessive and I didnt fancy wearing them in from new , I enquired about having them re soled .... Possible , but expensive ,£ 70.00 from Timpsons to get sent away to be done . Got talking to the guy in the kiosk on Quay Street( in the dry cleaners ) He said he could re sole and heel them for £15.00 a pair ! I thought why not , give it a try on one pair ( Had my doubts about attaching a new sole and heel , (not dm) but anyway he did them , gave them a free buffing up , and ive been wearing them for about a year now without any problems ,and am very pleased with the results . took the other pair in for the same treatment , reckon I will get another five years apiece out of them .
  2. A member on here called "Donkit" regularly advertises in the miscelaneous sales section that he has stylus/cartridges for sale at reasonable prices ... maybe p.m him , see if he has any ?
  3. Do you need Cartridges as well , or just the stylus ? The cartridge should dictate the type of stylus you are after , if you need both , Concord or Shure brands would both work well.
  4. Remember those times well , it was a kind of third faction at Wigan .Tim Finch mentions it in the Northern soul book , says something like the newies crowd , the mods and us. don't remember any real hostility towards them other that the label " plastic mod" being used . My overall impression was that the place was used as a kind of backdrop to their Quadrophenia fantasy , gangs of guys huddled together in parkas , just thrilled to bits to be there, many slumped over tables by 3am ,just clogged the place up really . Of course some of this crew stuck around , I would imagine the vast majority became New Romantics casuals or whatever by 1981 . Even back then I got a sense that the real northern crowd at this point were the true descendants of the early sixties mods and these 79 guys were little more than these kids Around town today with keep the faith bags and t shirts , after all to be accepted on the scene in the seventies took a lot more than a trip to the tailors . Loved the film by the way , 40 years ago , wow .
  5. Belatedly got round to picking one of these up . Absolutely Wonderful , So Soulful ,Moody vibe . This compilation is a Masterpiece , not felt this way about hearing a CD for years . look forward to volume 2
  6. Sharon Jones. 100 days , top tune and video . Saun and Starr. Hot Shot . Sharon Jones . Tell me . Sharon Jones .Window Shopping .
  7. Junior Walker and Alton Ellis dead heat . if anyone has a decent vg+ copy of the Alton Ellis version for sale , i may be interested at the right price .
  8. Never said he could Sebastian.
  9. Playgirls Love £3.50 , currently on e bay buy it now . loved this record for 50 years .
  10. Seen this on e bay over the weekend for under a fiver , lovely record .
  11. Think maybe the Epic release was to cash in on Donnie Elberts popularity around this time, all his 45s seemed to have different labels , Jay Boy , London , Avco , Mojo etc , i know his Jay Boy 45 was from 66 , maybe if he was living over here and doing shows , this built up the interest/enthusiasm . Am i the only one on here that is not altogether happy/ comfortable with his name ? cant understand why really , am fine with Donnie Hathaway .
  12. Yes , a great record , Always been popular around the Stockport area , thanks in no small part to Brian Walker .

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