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  1. At least a dozen on there would not make my top 1000 . , All subjective of course , but for me , So, so much missing and even with only 100 to choose , so much filler .
  2. Was it not just a joke , a skit on all the other "club " badges ?
  3. Ms playlist changed when the Twins started Dj ing in there , They seemed to go for Rare originals , many of which had recently stopped being played downstairs as the had been pressed , whereas before ,with Kenny Spence , Mike Rollo etc ,it was more about the kind of stuff on Banners playlist . Mike Rollo would always start with "Wade in the water" . lots of 50p records would shake the place to its foundations , one that always had that effect was The Bandwagon ," Breaking down the walls of heartache ". Loved the place , Another level .
  4. Edric Connor Manchester United Calypso (78)
  5. Hi All , Does anyone have a VG++ or better copy of this on either Coxsone or Studio one they would be interested in moving on ? Please pm me , Thanks , Mike.
  6. Overwrought nonsense , Give me Marvin and Tammi all day long .
  7. John Manship has a recent youtube video entitled " Selectadisc 1970s Northern Soul Time Capsule PT- 2 " In which he goes through a box of 45s he has bought . At 22.10 on the clip , he pulls out a 1973 Jerry Williams and says that this was a re recording . i know the out of the past release is slightly shorter , the first part of the instrumental break having been cut out of this copy , but i am still not sure that the 1973 calla re issue is a re recording . Sure I also had a Blue and White one sided Calla Demo at one point .
  8. B e careful if you are tempted to buy the latest Technics 1210 offering (MK7) for around£800.00 new . These are not the same build quality as the originals , and very much lighter , check out the reviews , for my money , I,m thinking for around£400-£ 500.00, you should be able to pick up a decent second hand one . Again , wouldn,t advise you to buy sight unseen , you need to check the lights , condition and the general feel . If you deffo want a new deck , I like the look and feel of the Pioneer Professional PlX1000.
  9. R.I.P Betty , Wigan Live , April 75 .Never to be forgotten .
  10. Looking for a decent copy of the reissue of this from a few years back , Thanks .
  11. "Ain't no sunshine "/ "Harlem " One of the best double siders EVER . "Harlem " for me is the Number one Blaxploitation/ Northern track . Played "Grandmas hands " live at Carnegie hall ( maxi single )very loud for some reason just two days ago . R.I.P . Bill .

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