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  1. carty

    RIP Aretha

    R.I.P. Aretha , The Queen of Soul .
  2. carty

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    Very annoying that , hard to prove he's not telling the truth (but your gut feeling says otherwise ,right ?)I had a similar situation a few years back and it happened a second time with the same seller a few months later , forget the exact message but the second one was exactly the same as the first ,leading me to believe this was a regular move on the part of the seller . I messaged him and said I had had the same message a few weeks earlier and he immediately blocked me . .....But what can you do except maybe don't feel that you own the record until it is physically in your possession .
  3. carty

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Did anyone attend that ALL NIGHTER at Winsford civic hall in 1979 ( the first one held there i think ?) There had been an evening punk session beforehand , then around midnight , the soul crowd was let in without the punks ,whose evening had finished , leaving the premises. things were edgy for about an hour then the main room exploded into a massive brawl, and chairs , tables, glasses and anything not nailed down being thrown across the divide . The Punks ended up in the corner of the hall and one of them managed to open the fire escape and they all got out . a great cheer whent up inside , then shortly after , several windows were simultaneously smashed from the outside in . Remember Pat Brady was D.j ing at the time and Frank Elson was in attendance also .
  4. carty

    audio advice sought..

    I would suggest to look into some vintage stuff . There's plenty of reviews out there ,you can knock together a set up for hundreds that will not be beaten in sound quality by paying thousands on the high street . I am no expert on this at all ,and be very careful not to have someone pass on their faulty equipment to you , but the value is on the vintage stuff . I picked up a pair of Celestion Ditton 44 speakers (£130)over a year ago and still can't believe how good they sound ,they are from the early seventies . Couple these or similar with a second hand but fully working technics 1210 buy a decent cartridge and stylus (concord or shure) and run through a Sansui , marantz Yamaha ,rotel or similar amp from the 80s or early 90s . The 1210s have gone up now on the second hand market , but it should be still possible to put something like this together for around £5-600.
  5. carty

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Seems like The Temptations are getting their fair share one way or other , my personal favourite piece of Temptations soulful miserability is " Since I Lost My Baby "
  6. carty

    Proud to be a Manc again)

    Weird , but funny !
  7. carty

    Proud to be a Manc again)

    Yes , Apparently most of them supported United . Magic ! Old Trafford will rise to the occasion as it always does and give them a welcome and a day they will never forget . very heartwarming story .
  8. The Detroit symphony Instumental version was massive at Wigan in 1975 , think it was emidisc copies only at that point , i have a white label copy with a stamp saying ( ithink ) re spin records and the title , with Barbara Mcneir on the other side , from maybe ten years back. Would imagine these are around still for around £15.00 - £ 20.00 ish .
  9. Yes ,it has to be Edwin for me , (were there any Ric Tic white demos of it ?). Doni Burdick s is also great .The rumbling intro heavy orchestration and backing singers combine with the vocal to put this in my all time top 5 .
  10. carty

    Admirations (Aspirations)

    Absolutely wonderful record ,often wondered about the rarity though , it was regular Wigan spin in 1980 for the middle of the night Djs , Gary Rushbrooke always played it ,I saw several copies at that time for sale for £25.00 , Three pressings would seem to confirm there must be quite a few out there (unless they were very small runs ) A s it is such a fantastic record , I mean who wouldn't want one ? ...probably demand has caused more of the price inflation than outright rarity (or at least a mix of the two ).
  11. carty

    Hi-Fi tech heads question

    Yes , nice tidy job that .
  12. carty

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    Those shirts are terrible ! The type of thing a student would wear to let you know he's a dick .Why don't they dig out the original pattern books and use those designs and styles . ?
  13. carty

    this is america

    Well maybe there is something in that , I certainly heard similar from my in laws years ago . Was there not something in the early and mid sixties though, especially within Black Urban America at the time , that shines through in the music ? you know times were still quite hard , but getting better for many , hopes of a brighter future , and a general exhuberance in the air ( magically captured in the 45s ) that seemed to change abruptly around the late sixties , after the Detroit riots , the Assassination of Martin Luther King , etc the whole vibe seemed to change , the vibe got darker , by the early seventies , that happy naivety of a few years before was gone , and never really returned . They had that radio 1 xtra on in the gym the other day , the lyrics of some of the songs speak of a sub human existence that i found quite disturbing to be honest . God knows what they will be singing about in a decade or two . I enjoyed the Blaxsploitation stuff in the early seventies , but not too much after that .
  14. carty

    this is america

    Confirms for me that the high point in Black American music was around 50 years ago , and its been down hill ever since .
  15. carty

    Songs For The NHS...

    I don't need no doctor. Ray Charles . I got the fever . Creation .broken heart attack . The sweet .


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