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  1. Wigan 1-0

    Very enjoyable , got tense towards the final whistle , Then " The Night " played at the end , very apt on several levels , love it !
  2. New device allows you to DJ without using a needle

    Dont like it .
  3. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Barbara R andolph , I Got a Feeling , another youth club/ early northern sound .
  4. 1st Record Played At Wigan

    Could have been , Definately a Winstanley record , maybe he went cold on it until about 79 when it got regular plays ? love the record by the way , had a copy in 1980 , whenever i see it for sale now it always seems 20 quid more than i think its worth , b...
  5. Mark E Smith RIP

    Not familiar with that to be honest , can,t say I was a fan of the Falls music, was very interesting though to see how his life played out .
  6. Mark E Smith RIP

    Very very sad , went to school with Mark ( Stand Grammar , Whitefield ) 69- 74 . He was great friends with Dave Macadden who also attended , they lived round the corner from each other , Mark stayed in the area all his life .
  7. I suppose it depends how success is to be judged , musically in my mind , motown ended then . There must be 100 motown classics made in Detroit for every one made on the West coast . As a corporation , no doubt they did fine , the number of greatest hits...
  8. Ben Sherman 2018 Northern Soul

    Whatever happened to Jaytex ?
  9. Steve Mannion

    Hello all , If anyone knows Steve could you please ask him to p.m. me on here , Thanks , Mike.
  10. Top 10 All time Motown Dancers ?

    Miracles, Whole lot of shakin goin on . M arvelettes I,ll keep on holdin on . Martha & Vandellas Youve been in love too long . Liz Lands , Midnight Johnny . Originals , Suspicion . Supremes , My world is empty without you . Four tops , I,ll ...
  11. Wigan DJ’s

    Yes, let me clarify , it was only Collin Curtis who did the guest spots ,The other two were of course regulars
  12. Wigan DJ’s

    Kev Roberts , Ian Dewhurst . Colin Curtis, 1975 guest spot(s) Mr Ms, Scat cat, Brian Rigby , Alan Cain , Steve Whittle , Didnt Andy Peebles do a guest spot at the second or third anniversary ?
  13. Guardian article about The New Reno Club dig

    Think they were both in the same building , Nile upstairs , Reno downstairs .
  14. Guardian article about The New Reno Club dig

    Yes , i found that interesting too , and the Reno used to get regular reviews in Frank Elsons column in the seventies , he used to rave about a d.j named " Persian " who only used one deck . What does seem strange though that the arts council have...
  15. Great article , visited my Daughter who was teaching in Osaka some years back , All aspects of retro American culture seemed to be worshipped , even a sizeable shopping section called Americamura, with outlets selling vinyl , toys , comics ,clothes...

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