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  1. carty

    this is america

    Well maybe there is something in that , I certainly heard similar from my in laws years ago . Was there not something in the early and mid sixties though, especially within Black Urban America at the time , that shines through in the music ? you know times were still quite hard , but getting better for many , hopes of a brighter future , and a general exhuberance in the air ( magically captured in the 45s ) that seeme..
  2. carty

    this is america

    Confirms for me that the high point in Black American music was around 50 years ago , and its been down hill ever since .
  3. carty

    Songs For The NHS...

    I don't need no doctor. Ray Charles . I got the fever . Creation .broken heart attack . The sweet .
  4. carty

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    I love the guy , Health Fanatic , Hire car , Burnley , more recently theres a youtube clip entitled " the dangers of using computers " Absolutely Hilarious . ( sorry , will have to learn how to put clips up one day ) Spent an afternoon with him many years ago . The jokes , friendliness and funny turn of phrase are completely natural ,and pretty much none stop. A lovely, lovely man , The Greatest Living Salfordian ? I..
  5. Ernest Mosely for me . The Female chorus absolutely kills it . Surprised the Sheppards goes for a few bob nowardays , used to be a throwaway disc , Tony Just in Manchesters underground market couldnt give em away for 40p in the seventies , he had loads of them .
  6. carty

    Does anyone want old record catalogues?

    p.med you .
  7. Yes exactly , Didnt realise Tony Cummings was commenting on such matters before he wrote for Black Music . Could never really understand his take on things don,t think there were many Northerners that were angry and annoyed about what was going on down South ,don,t think i gave the South a thought to be honest , throughout the Seventies, E xcept when the vitriolic articles were printed , The only thing that makes sense is tha..
  8. very interesting article , thanks for posting
  9. carty

    Technics Direct Drive Decks

    That would be the limited edition they made a year or so back , they also have one currently for sale at £1099 .( down from rrp £ 1299) Still expensive , but very desirable , I picked up a 1991 made 1210 mk 2 back in 2009 , for £200 , and its been perfect ever since , the second hand market has many of theses at any given time , i would expect to pay £ 4-500 now for one in decent nick , if you do take the second hand..
  10. carty

    Wigan Top 20 June 1975

    I Remember those charts well , looking at it today , it definately seems that it is more of an advert for many discs that were available for sale at that time (or were about to become available) .
  11. carty

    ebay Q re 'buy it now' v 'make best offer'

    Unless it is an absolute priced up wrong bargain ,go in about 33-40 % under buy it now , and edge up slowly , if it's too cheap ,buy it now is the best option as others will also recognise this and buy. My best buy it now ? The Orlons. Envy(in your eyes ) Cameo £2.50 ( free postage ) a couple of years back .
  12. carty

    BBC. Patronising

    Nothing dreary about Jordan Peterson , exactly the opposite , this is why he has rattled so many lefties .
  13. carty

    BBC. Patronising

    Stormcock /Firecrest , just checked out your profile , are you the same person? , much of the info is similar on both profiles .
  14. carty

    BBC. Patronising

    Pity the inclusiveness never seems to stretch as far as the Able bodied , Heterosexual , White working class Male .
  15. carty

    BBC. Patronising

    Did you see it ? If not , briefly what happened was you had the C4 Interviewer( Cathy New man ) coming into the interview with someone completely out of her league in respect of intelligence, and determined to put some kind of label on him ( sexist , racist , homophobic etc.. ) and thus rule him out as a person worthy of bieng heard , in order to " win " the interview . She continually tried to reframe the narrative with ..

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