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  1. carty

    The Rise And Fall Of HMV

    Derek Howes record bar at the top of the stairs came immediately to mind before I started reading the comments ,. Couple of purchases from there mid seventies , Marjorie Black ,"One more hurt ", Sue orig 0.85p . Edwin Starr " You're my Mellow "Ric tic orig ,£ 3.00 . Not really bothered if Hmv closes to be honest , not bought anything in there for decades . In the words of the only HMV UK demo I possess "Its alright ". What is mildly concerning is I thought "Fopp" was also owned by HMV . I do call in there now and then , plenty of bargain books ,only last week the Detriot 67 was on sale for £3.00 or two for £5.00 (paperback ) Would be a pity if this place folds as well , I did hear it was mainly a overstock outlet for HMV.
  2. Leaning more and more to this kind of sound , previews ( the ones i dont already know) sound fantastic . Will be my first C.D. purchase for a couple of years .
  3. carty

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Re Ortofon Concorde cartriges , I Have one of these and have no issue with the playback , however , and this is mainly from a personal taste point of view , I think a 1210 deck looks better with an original Technics headshell . There is that Hybrid Ortofon cart which fits the Technics headshell , this i suppose is an alternative , but again for me , comes across as neither one thing or the other . Technics Headshell and Shure Cartridge and stylus .. very satisfying .
  4. carty

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Technics 1210 mk2 deck , shure 44-7 cartridge ,. Celestion ditton 44 speakers , Technics receiver .As a system is only as good as its weakest link , my next upgrade will be changing the receiver for a decent amp , probably a vintage late 70s early 80s Sansui . Personally , I have found the vintage hi fi gear far superior to anything that may be had in the same price range new . The Celestion Ditton 44 speakers I have are absolutely magic and were made in 1972 . ,the problem many people may have is convincing the wife / partner or whatever to give them house room as they are bulky and very heavy .
  5. In the seventies I kind of equated people who didnt buy pressings as those who had less passion , Who could resist some of the sounds as they were re pressed ? actually owning a copy of that record you had loved for months sometimes years , the main focus of life bieng to travel miles to hear it and many others, At that point , there were no down loads , c.d.s etc and if you wanted a copy , that was pretty much the only way .They were irresistable ! That has changed today , but still some people still prefer to have a copy on vinyl than on C.D. Also , if we take away those who have NEVER owned a pressing , never played one , never sold one , never lent out an original to be copied , there wouldnt be too many people left , If we then apply the same criteria to the people around in the 70s heyday , I cant think of any . ( they were around no doubt) Several of the main dealers currently have sections for " repros" "represses" or the like and theres not usually much distinction here whether or not they have been legally repressed or not ( in fairness some do state" legit reissue " or similar ) . Ok , Hang me now !
  6. A man of integrity is needed here to sort out this situation , someone beyond reproach , respected by all . Didnt Simon Soussan resurface recently ?
  7. Fair enough , yes , maybe the discs should have been sold off and the proceeds sent over there , complicated business though , many artists now passed on , relatively small amount of cash to be distributed , what about producers etc .. But in principle that would be the ideal community payback . Maybe the transgressors should be made to sit across the table from their victims , and explain their motivations for acting in such a manner , I am Sure Saxie Russell and co would appreciate the " healing " opportunity
  8. I think it's a bit harsh to be honest , I mean it doesn't affect the price of the originals nowadays , there's a market for this stuff , ( I buy the one and I am sure many others on here do too ) Some pensioners making a few bob , they got caught , so maybe confiscate the discs , but jail ? As crimes go , this is not really much to write home about ( only my opinion of course ) probably about as serious as tobacco smuggling , both seems to provide a service (albeit illicit ). One side effect of this may be that the illicit discs currently in circulation may rise in value .
  9. carty

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Its a very tricky buisness. I endured about eight months of bieng messed around several years ago . The prospective buyer is only ever that until the contracts are exchanged and theres no real way of not having to go through the Limbo of not bieng 100% sure of the deal up until that point . Even worse , if the prospective buyer is in a chain , your sale can depend on several people, any of which can lose their job , change their mind etc especially in this insecure workplace environment . Not trying to be too negative about this , i,m sure for the most part these transactions run fairly smoothly , good luck with it . I think its different in Scotland where i,m not sure whether its a verbal or written agreement seals the deal . I agree strongly with the above post that once people start to instruct surveyors and solicitors , that this is a declaration that they are serious and prepared to spend several hundred pounds at least in pursuit of the property , even so , its not cut and dry until the contracts are exchanged.
  10. carty

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Could have been a way of trying to get the price lower , also it would depend on the asking price , if that was £100,000 , then he is 20% short ,however if the asking price is say £500,000, then hes only 4% short and this could be seen as a reasonable discount for a property of that value and he may have thought you would consider taking the hit in order to keep the sale on track.
  11. Got mine today , no 683 . Some great memories in there , will be reading this all weekend .Small pic of myself with Dave Molloy on page 151 . Made up with that !
  12. carty


    So , just to clarify , Is the Astranaut copy or the Holiday inn copy the original version ? never seen either before.
  13. carty


    Was there a part 2 ?
  14. Hi , Just been looking on a list you posted last year , bit of a long shot , but do you still have the  Tempos , Countdown  or Joe Jama, my life  Reissues for sale ?

  15. carty

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    18th degree eh? Impressive .


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