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  1. carty

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Its a very tricky buisness. I endured about eight months of bieng messed around several years ago . The prospective buyer is only ever that until the contracts are exchanged and theres no real way of not having to go through the Limbo of not bieng 100% sure of the deal up until that point . Even worse , if the prospective buyer is in a chain , your sale can depend on several people, any of which can lose their job , change their mind etc especially in this insecure workplace environment . Not trying to be too negative about this , i,m sure for the most part these transactions run fairly smoothly , good luck with it . I think its different in Scotland where i,m not sure whether its a verbal or written agreement seals the deal . I agree strongly with the above post that once people start to instruct surveyors and solicitors , that this is a declaration that they are serious and prepared to spend several hundred pounds at least in pursuit of the property , even so , its not cut and dry until the contracts are exchanged.
  2. carty

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Could have been a way of trying to get the price lower , also it would depend on the asking price , if that was £100,000 , then he is 20% short ,however if the asking price is say £500,000, then hes only 4% short and this could be seen as a reasonable discount for a property of that value and he may have thought you would consider taking the hit in order to keep the sale on track.
  3. Got mine today , no 683 . Some great memories in there , will be reading this all weekend .Small pic of myself with Dave Molloy on page 151 . Made up with that !
  4. carty


    So , just to clarify , Is the Astranaut copy or the Holiday inn copy the original version ? never seen either before.
  5. carty


    Was there a part 2 ?
  6. Hi , Just been looking on a list you posted last year , bit of a long shot , but do you still have the  Tempos , Countdown  or Joe Jama, my life  Reissues for sale ?

  7. carty

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    18th degree eh? Impressive .
  8. carty

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    " I wouldnt want to belong to any club that would accept people like me as a member ". Always seen the Freemasons as a bit of a joke outfit to be honest . or at best a buisness networking and backslapping society.
  9. carty

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    One of the Mirwood instrumentals that really did work was " Dont Pretend " Mirwood Orchestra? . There is that green label soul fox thing with another instrumental version called Pretention , but the one played at Wigan was different, more sparse,and altogether better. I dont think that it was ever available .Theres a Great You tube live Casino clip of this , very atmospheric and evocative .
  10. carty


    Not sure if it's procrastinating as such but whatever I am doing nowadays I seem to feel I should be doing something else , not sure if this is an age thing or simply a result of the infinite multiplicity of choices nowadays .
  11. carty

    RIP Aretha

    R.I.P. Aretha , The Queen of Soul .
  12. carty

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    Very annoying that , hard to prove he's not telling the truth (but your gut feeling says otherwise ,right ?)I had a similar situation a few years back and it happened a second time with the same seller a few months later , forget the exact message but the second one was exactly the same as the first ,leading me to believe this was a regular move on the part of the seller . I messaged him and said I had had the same message a few weeks earlier and he immediately blocked me . .....But what can you do except maybe don't feel that you own the record until it is physically in your possession .
  13. carty

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Did anyone attend that ALL NIGHTER at Winsford civic hall in 1979 ( the first one held there i think ?) There had been an evening punk session beforehand , then around midnight , the soul crowd was let in without the punks ,whose evening had finished , leaving the premises. things were edgy for about an hour then the main room exploded into a massive brawl, and chairs , tables, glasses and anything not nailed down being thrown across the divide . The Punks ended up in the corner of the hall and one of them managed to open the fire escape and they all got out . a great cheer whent up inside , then shortly after , several windows were simultaneously smashed from the outside in . Remember Pat Brady was D.j ing at the time and Frank Elson was in attendance also .
  14. carty

    audio advice sought..

    I would suggest to look into some vintage stuff . There's plenty of reviews out there ,you can knock together a set up for hundreds that will not be beaten in sound quality by paying thousands on the high street . I am no expert on this at all ,and be very careful not to have someone pass on their faulty equipment to you , but the value is on the vintage stuff . I picked up a pair of Celestion Ditton 44 speakers (£130)over a year ago and still can't believe how good they sound ,they are from the early seventies . Couple these or similar with a second hand but fully working technics 1210 buy a decent cartridge and stylus (concord or shure) and run through a Sansui , marantz Yamaha ,rotel or similar amp from the 80s or early 90s . The 1210s have gone up now on the second hand market , but it should be still possible to put something like this together for around £5-600.
  15. carty

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Seems like The Temptations are getting their fair share one way or other , my personal favourite piece of Temptations soulful miserability is " Since I Lost My Baby "


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