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  1. henrun

    Betty O'Brien

    Thanks for that. Very helpful. Cheers.
  2. henrun

    Betty O'Brien

  3. henrun

    Betty O'Brien

    She'll be gone. Anyone know how I spot a boot. Thanks.
  4. henrun

    Wendy Rene enquiry

    Global shipping always states "no additional import charges" . This is because you pay it all up front, in this case $62, then you don't get the additional post office handling fee.
  5. henrun

    Wendy Rene enquiry

    Avoid eBay's global shipping. They break records as they re pack, leave valuable records on the doorstep as the are sent by the cheapest courier and screw you for import chsrges. Record seems ok though.
  6. henrun

    soul food

    Not strictly soul but my favourite is Clarke Terry and Chico O'Farrill's Spanish Rice. Sadly not enabled on YouTube.
  7. henrun

    Wounded record. Tee cut solution?

    PVA when done right can be very effective. It won't deal with scratches but will lift out crap from the grooves and doesn't leave anything behind. You end up with a negative of the record on the dried PVA. I wouldn't touch tcut. It'll clean the surface but that is not where the grooves are. All you would do is move the crap from the surface to the grooves which can't help anything. Works a treat on the GP though!
  8. henrun

    Gwen Davis

    PM sent. Thanks.
  9. henrun

    Gwen Davis

    Hi, looking for a useable original copy of Gwen Davis My Man Dont Think I know. No need for a minter. Cheers Danny.
  10. henrun

    Cookie Jackson - Do You Still Love Me - Progress

    Are they both the same quality pressing and mastering wise? Great record but wish my (orange) copy played with a bit more oomph.
  11. henrun

    Cookie Jackson - Do You Still Love Me - Progress

    I maybe wrong though. Was hoping someone else would confirm.
  12. henrun

    Cookie Jackson - Do You Still Love Me - Progress

    I was of the impression they are both originals but for some reason the gold one seems to be more desirable.
  13. henrun

    Motown Box Set Marvin Gaye

    I have enjoyed this third box set the most. With the odd exception (not unusual). Can't really compare it to the chess ones as they are, in the main well known tunes that have already had a release and quite a few are pretty easy to obtain. They are great selections but I decided it was not worth it for the handful of tunes I didn't already have. All of the Motown tunes are getting their debut on 7"(I think). I'm sure there will be a fourth one soon.
  14. henrun

    Motown 7s Box Volume three

    Amazon had it on pre order back in June or July at that price.
  15. henrun

    Motown 7s Box Volume three

    Mine ok as well. First one I played out of the box. JJ Barnes went down a storm at Friday's Crawdaddy.


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