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  1. There is some interesting info on Myto Music on this site, I have a query on the Groovesville connection. If Don Davis brought various Groovesville music to Golden World/Wingate why were why were the following records released on Groovesville assigned to Myto Music. JJ Barnes Our Love is in the Pocket Melvin Davis I must Love You Steve Mancha I Don't Want to Loose you Why would they not be released on Golden World or Ric Tic? Assuming Gordy purchased the rights to Myto music, Jobete would be the owner of these releases or where there any exceptions when Myto Music was sold from Wingate to Gordy? Appreciate if anyone can help clear my confusion.
  2. Many thanks for the replies, I'm humbled by your knowledge
  3. Can anyone help? I don't seem to be able to find out any info on Minacle records, It must be a Motown related label the rights belong to Jobete. Anyone got any information would be grateful.
  4. Backed with Turn on Your Lovelight M-. Hard in this condition £85 + £3.00 postage paypal as a gift
  5. Garland Green - Don't Let Love Walk Out on Us RCA EX+ £50 Gail Wynters -You Don't Have to Be in Love Hickory Demo M- £50 Carl Carlton Competition -Ain't Nothing Back Beat EX+ £25 Barbara Lewis -I Still Remember The Feeling Atlantic M- £45 The Exceptionals -Unlucky Girl GRT M- £40 Emotions -I Can't Stand No More Heartaches Brainstorm M- (un-played) £10 Joe Simon -When - Sound Stage 7 M- (un-played) £12 Add £1.50 P&P Payment by paypal as a gift
  6. Please state condition and price Thanks
  7. 2 Tickets for Whitby Soul weekender Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July 2020. I purchased these but unfortunately, cannot make it. Price £70 including postage 1st class signed for anywhere in the UK. (these would cost £80 + Booking fee of £8 !!!!). This event is always a sell out an ideal Christmas present. Payment by Paypal as a gift
  8. Pete/Mike/Bob Many thanks for the replies / historical info. Paul
  9. Can anyone reacall this event on Easter Sunday 1967? I don't recall ever knowing about a Twisted Wheel in Blackpool with a "possible" affiliattion to Manchester. (Based on emblem Corronation st) Appreciate if anyone can share any history behind this? Thanks
  10. Rob one on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/292973571681 Great tune, give us a bit of notice if you buy this one, will have to get fit.
  11. Thanks for the comments all Julian that co-incidence was a cracking moment in time and a brilliant story. The interview with Kev Roberts and Edwin Starr on that CD you sent me was very interesting I must have played it 20 times. Edwin came across as a great guy. I loved the story of Chuck Jackson wanting to buy the rights Agent 00 Soul. Remember that one ringing around the Mecca. Anyway, Julian you have something in common with Solomon King having been to Barrow-in-Furness (another magical moment in time?), Looking forward to seeing you in August for a catch up. All the best
  12. I came across this picture of a visit to Barrow-in-Furness by Solomon King (it is the right person?). It blew me away, first of all I never took him for being white and that fact that he ever would come to Barrow-in-Furness. It turns out he was fundraising for the local Youth Club this was just over 50 years ago (sept 1968). Can anyone validate that this was the Solomon King that sung "This Beautiful Day" Thanks
  13. The record was first played by Colin Curtis at the MECCA. My brother who was working over in North America at the time and brought it back and it was sold to him at Mecca alldayer. The alldayer wasn't in the highland room it was downstairs.
  14. Thanks to all for the responses and tips much appreciated. Chalky/Seano what's your take on the handles? are the strong enough for the weight of the box and records when full?

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