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  1. There is one on ebay ending in 9 hours from now
  2. Can you please advise Matrix numbers on both sides.
  3. Find enclosed example on vinyl record
  4. If a record indicates MCPS on the label is it a legal re-issue? Note The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) is an organisation that collects royalties and protects rights for music publisher, song writer and composer members, when their music is reproduced, in any format – including online, physical and synchronised. The MCPS collects and pays royalties to members when their music is: copied and used in physical products (such as records, CDs and DVDs) streamed or downloaded on services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix and Amazon synchronised into audio-visual entertainment including TV, film, video games and advertising on radio. The MPA Group owns and operates MCPS on behalf of over 30,000 music publisher, song writer and composer members.
  5. Jackie Wilson Whispers UK Coral Ex (one small mark not affecting play) One of Jackie's best rare and desirable. £225 includes postage payment by Bank Transfer
  6. That surprised me too, now you mention (Eddies my Name). However it was released in 1965.
  7. Brad got his Fathers Angels from Bradford Market. Find enclosed extracts from Blues and Soul April 13-26 No107 1973 and August 17-30 No116 1973. At these dates it was being played in Mexbrough and Coventry. In those days if you had two records with potential you would sell one to Lavine to break it ......... once broke the other copy would be worth much more as other DJ's would try and compete with the Mecca.
  8. Bok to Bach was a Blackpool Mecca record discovered by Steve Bradly who sold it to Ian Levine
  9. Original on Fly-By-Nite. Please state price and condition.
  10. Ray Gant and the Arabian Knights Don't Leave Me Baby-I Need a True Love Jay Walking M- Un-played clean labels. £22.50 +4.00 postage (£50 on Manship + Postage) Interest starting to pick up on this record to reflect the emerging scene "Jack Ashford & Lorraine Chandler production. Detroit duet producing for a Harrisburg, PA label, this haunting 3 minute is a smooth, classy mid-tempo that's ideal for early doors plays". Paypal as a gift
  11. Always a sell out!! and great night. Please order your tickets early. Northern Soul and Motown, Barrow Cricket Club, Barrow-in-Furness
  12. Please state price and condition. Thanks for looking
  13. Please state condition and price
  14. You Stood me up/Everybody Stach Ex or better please state price and condition
  15. Oscar Perry Mainstring B/W I Was Right. Peri Tone US Original M- Clean Labels. 70's from the Highland Room Blackpool Mecca days. The B side "I was right" is a great crossover record. £95 + £3.50 first class post. Payment via paypal as a gift.

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