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  1. hi captian sorry for the delay been away also try the red lion (withersooons) just round the corner joe
  2. http://No probs 15th april ..10th june.. weekend 11th &12th aug (10 anniversary ) 14th october 16th december
  3. HI yes all the dates are on the H&G facebook page
  4. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    The first one of the year & the first guest's chris & dave from dab of soul bring it on
  5. Ella Fitzgerald these boot's

    still lookin
  6. Ella Fitzgerald these boot's

    Still Looking anyone
  7. Ella Fitzgerald these boot's

    Hi looking for a UK STATESIDE ss 569 copy of ella fitzgerald these boots were made for walk'in thank's joe
  8. Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    HI Dean dancing is allowed just not allowed on the tables (well till the beer kicks in ) see you later
  9. Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    hi cluffy be good to see you music starts at 12 & rapp,s up 8.30 iss JOE
  10. Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    WHY NOT Russ you might like it. I'm sure you will know a few there
  11. hi the next one is on the 7th august (8th anniversary) hotels near by
  12. UK issues wanted

    which spellbinders joe
  13. Do these count as demos

    I've played Detroit emeralds a few times over the years at the horse & groom
  14. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    the sun always shines on the righteous hope you had a good journey down see you soon
  15. barbara mcnair Narated

    yes that's the one

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