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  1. Dave Callard


    Hi Mark, hope it takes off because it would be nice to have a venue on the doorstep. See you later.
  2. Dave Callard

    Polish Eagle Nottingham

  3. Dave Callard

    Polish Eagle Nottingham

  4. Thanks for your comments Tony glad you enjoyed Cotgrave as we say we run the venue but the venue belongs to you and everyone that gives our venue a go ktftrev 

  5. It was a brilliant night last night . I must single out Alex and Kyp for their sets ....brilliant . Like Ray says Mickey J plays great Motown records. Roll on to the next one and a big thank you to Trev and the team for putting on a great soul event.
  6. Dave Callard

    Polish Nottingham

    I am sure somebody will be playing this.
  7. What a great night at the Fed. The best night ever there. All the dj's played great sets and the floor was packed from start to finish. Hope they all return for next month.
  8. First visit for me also. Really enjoyed all the music but thought Yocky's set was outstanding.
  9. Cheers John.
  10. I have got a ticket for this event but can you pay on the door on the day. Asking on behalf of a mate.
  11. First time for me yesterday and I got there about 3:30 and thought exactly the same after battling rain and high winds to get there. I must echo above post and was glad I did stay as it did fill up very suddenly and I saw a few people not seen for a while. All in all a good Sunday afternoon/evening.
  12. Great night at The Fed....Probably the best yet. Great sets by all the dj's and yes varied music on the night.
  13. Dave Callard

    Polish Nottingham

    This too
  14. Dave Callard

    Polish Nottingham

    Hi Gaz can you play this one please.

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