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    Originally from Mansfield (Pleasley). Went to college in Chesterfield and then Wolverhampton. Have worked as a designer in Sheffield, Nottingham, Chesterfield and now back in Sheffield. Happily married for nearly 30 years.

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    Stu Teece
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    Massive music fan. Been into Northern soul since my early teens. Played guitar and wrote songs in a few bands in the 80s and early 90s.Trained graphic designer, so all aspects of art and design.Lucky to have been asked to be a resident DJ at Route 61 in Sheffield and Byron Soul Club in Nottsl.
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    Just Do The Best You Can - Duke & Leonard

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  1. Truly fantastic record. The Benn-X 45 is legit isn’t it?
  2. Totally chuffed you like that one bud, it's been in my box a good few years and I love it - never heard anyone mention it before - maybe I missed out on it first time round?....
  3. Happy birthday Robb, Your extensive knowledge, from the coal face of soul music, is of such value to us, thank you.... and you can draw pretty good too!.. ha ha!
  4. I'll just leave this here.
  5. Just a heads up. Today (31st) is the last day for free postage, so pre-order now to take advantage. Drop Stevlor a line on stevlor@hotmail.co.uk and he’ll save you a copy.
  6. Hi Bob, just drop Stevlor a line on stevlor@hotmail.co.uk and he’ll reserve you a copy. If you order today you’ll get free postage.
  7. Antellects - Love Slave I’m sure that was one of Ginger’s?
  8. Also if you listen to the ‘Get Ready’ break in Big Maybelle’s Quittin Time, again the bass player loses the plot and goes for a bit of a walk. It was such a good take though, they had to use it! I think I notice these as I play bass myself. Baby Boy will appreciate this... is he still on here?
  9. Listen to Larry Allen - Cant We Talk It Over, about two thirds of the way in. The bass player gets totally lost and the piano is feeling its way back into the song !... the band are clearly just running through the song but someone decided that the take was fine.
  10. Can’t wait for this. Some of the tunes I’ve heard at Byron over the past year have been off the scale. The absolute cream of northern soul.
  11. Tribe styrene original. Guaranteed floor filler. VG+ a few light scuff marks. Plays great throughout, the odd crackle on the quiet intro. £90 f&f plus £2.50 p&p Cheers, Stu
  12. See you all tomorrow - box sorted, will be a great night!
  13. Soulstu


    After our fantastic nights this year it's time for one more! Let's support our Sheffield venues. It's a big city with a big heart and a Northern Soul heritage to be proud of, from the King Mojo to Samanthas and beyond. No messin', this is top drawer original Northern Soul from start to finish!! Our guest is our great friend Chris Brooke from the fantastic Gas Club, a lovely guy who plays with knowledge and taste and has a collection to die for. Resident DJs - Steve "Fozzie" Foster • Don "Mopsey" Morris • Stu "Top Cat" Teece With Lisa taking care of the entrance! Secure Car Pa
  14. Play Betty Lloyd and I'll die a happy man Cathy!

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