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  • Birthday 14/04/1964

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    Stu Teece
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    Massive music fan. Been into Northern soul since my early teens. Played guitar and wrote songs in a few bands in the 80s and early 90s.
    Trained graphic designer, so all aspects of art and design.
    Lucky to have been asked to be a resident DJ at Route 61 in Sheffield.
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    Just Do The Best You Can - Duke & Leonard

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    Person 23

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  1. SoulStu

    BBC IPlayer - Reggae Fever: David Rodigan

    One of the best music documentaries I’ve ever seen, I didn’t know of David Rodigan either, but what a guy! An inspiration to us all, wonderful man.
  2. SoulStu

    The Funky Bass Book (ed. Bill Leigh)

    Nice Ricky, Rick! Mapleglo 4003?
  3. SoulStu

    Woodseats Soul Club

    So looking forward to coming out of semi retirement for this one, ha ha! A few new tunes on their way and will be here ready for next Friday. Thanks for the opportunity to play Stev. always a good night at Wiganseats.
  4. Hand It Over for me too - tune.
  5. SoulStu

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    So if you stored all your factory records together you'd knacker your valuable joy Division 12in! BTW FAC 8 is a classic! Sorry - going off topic a bit - not soul
  6. SoulStu

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    Not strictly the vinyl, but I've got this Durutti Column album (The return of the Durutti Column) in the loft in a plastic bag on its own. Cover was designed by the great Peter Saville and is made of sandpaper!.... designed to destroy the sleeve of any record it is stored with. Bloody arty farty designers. I love the album and the sleeve btw!
  7. That's right - the last lot of 'yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahs'... on both dark and light blue boots.
  8. SoulStu


    Was a fantastic night Pete, thanks for letting me share a stage with you three - much appreciated.
  9. SoulStu


    Not long now, just over a week to go before we can sample some more Wings magic. So looking forward to spinning a few early doors - many thanks for the invite Pete.
  10. SoulStu

    The Kimberley Jam All-Dayer - NOTTINGHAM

    Play box sorted, loafers polished, all ready to go. This is gonna be a great event - hope you can make it!
  11. SoulStu


    Had me a fantastic time at Wings on Saturday. Proper old school pure northern soul venue, good turnout, people up and dancing from the start. Guest Johns, Moffatt and Parker were superb, a perfect mix of classics, rarities and underplayed - brilliant. Looking forward to the next one on 14th July.
  12. SoulStu

    The Kimberley Jam All-Dayer - NOTTINGHAM

    Coming up fast. Really looking forward to spinning a few tunes. There’ll be a really good mix of quality soul music from start to finish!
  13. SoulStu


    End of an era, and a fitting tribute to this great club. Plenty in, which gave it a real buzzing atmosphere. Mopsey's return after a few months absence was brilliant, and the significance of the last Route wasn't lost on him as he played a storming uptempo set. Guest Pete Taylor brought his million dollar collection to the party and what a bunch of tunes that was!... one after the other after the other.... But the star of the show was Steve Foster, fighting the tears as he gave us 3 sets of wonderful tunes, with stories and reminiscences to go with them. This giant of the Sheffield scene will go on to play more DJ spots in the future but on the night we all said an emotional farewell to his brilliant club after ten years. We'll all remember Route 61, thanks to everyone past and present who supported and attended the club.
  14. SoulStu

    The Kimberley Jam All-Dayer - NOTTINGHAM

    Simon and Alison present:Saturday 23rd June 3pm - 11.45pmA Northern Soul and Motown all-dayer, raising money for local youth charities, part of the Kimberley Jam fundraising day.At Kettlebrook Lodge, just 10 mins off Junction 26 of the M1 (NG16 2HX).Top quality Northern Soul and Motown classics from the following DJs: Nev Shooter, Paul Lightly, Brinley Wright, Alex Gallagher, Gaz Simpson, Kyp The Faith, Simon Richard and Stu Teece Come along and dance the day away! £5 on the door, talc friendly, cheap bar


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