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    Don't know much about NS but I'm learning fast having a great time and meeting lots of new people.I'm Lisa that sits on the door at Route 61

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  1. Reed71


    Absolutely fab!! Can't believe we're back amazing atmosphere roll on 14 June!
  2. Reed71


  3. Reed71

    Route61 Soul Club

    One to remember dear Ian Gee who sadly passed away recently
  4. Reed71

    Route61 Soul Club

    Really looking forward to seeing everyone seems like ages. As well as celebrate my dads birthday AGAIN lol - as long as it's not as messy as the last celebration. See you all tomoz xx
  5. Reed71

    Route61 Soul Club

    Russ that's a fab write up for a really great night, I thank you sincerely as it made my dad (Steve Foster) feel really good that he's got something right for all to enjoy. I always look forward to seeing the regular crowd and the new people make it an even better night. Keep coming along and bring your friends it's a great clean venue (toilets I mean, as some are to be desired) and great dj's. Although some might say I am a little biased as one is my dad I may not dance much but I love to watch the ones that do, you are all very talented and I wish I had your energy and stamina to join in lol, although I do a little sometimes. I'll not know what to do with myself in October, roll on the next one in November. See you all soon Lisa xxxx
  6. Reed71


    Whoop Whoop come along its a fab night

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