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  1. Fred Benson

    Tranells, Betty Fikes, Jokers.....

    If anyone decides to sell please let me know. Thanks
  2. Fred Benson

    Pervis Lee - 'Himself'

    Anyone selling the PERVIS LEE album - 'Himself', please let me know. Thanks
  3. BLUEBEATERS - Catch That Teardrop Record Kicks Ex £60 JOE HINTON - Got You On My Mind Back Beat Ex £50 EDIE WALKER - Good Guys Rising Sons Vg+ £30 DOBIE GRAY - See You At The "Go-Go" Charger Ex £25 TEE FLETCHER - Thank You Baby Josie promo Ex £75 TRAVIS WAMMACK - Scratchy UK Atlantic Ex £50 FANTASTIC JOHNNY C - Some Kind Of Wonderful Phil LA of Soul Vg+ £35 RED BEANS AND RICE - That Driving Beat Chiswick Ex £50 MEN FROM MACON - Salvation ( inst) Charay (2nd) Ex £20 Postage is £3 signed for ( up to £50) and £8 special (over £50) unless you take the risk. Payment via PayPal as F/F or add fees, or bank transfer. Lots more up for sale soon, PM with any special wants. Please PM to reserve / more info / etc THANKS
  4. Fred Benson

    20 originals from my collection

    Updated with ****SOLD**** items
  5. Fred Benson

    20 originals from my collection

    The De Vons - Someone to Treat Me King Ex £75 Edwin Starr - Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S) UK Polydor Vg+ £35 Esquires - And Get Away Bunky Ex £20 Del Satins - Baby You're The Fire Villa Ex £80 (never officially released - so maybe classed as a boot - but the only way you can get this vocal version of Double Cookin')Barbara Lynn - Take Your Love and Run Atlantic Vg+ £25 Bob Brady - Everybody's Going To The Love In Chariot Ex £15Barbara Lewis - I Remember The Feeling Atlantic Ex £35 ******SOLD***** Bettye Swann - The Man That Said No Money Ex £70 Chandlers - Your Love Keeps Drawing Me.... Bleu Rose 2nd Ex £80 Capitols - Don't Say Maybe Baby Karen Ex £90 Christine Cooper - S.O.S. Heart In Distress Parkway Ex £15 Emile Griffith - Going Going Gone Tangerine Ex £70 Dynamics - Misery BigTop Ex £25Amanda Love - You Keep Calling Me By Her Name Chess Ex £50******SOLD**** Little Sonny - Wade In The Water Enterprise Vg £45 Lee Andrews - Never The Less Crimson (multi col) Vg++ £75 LaVerne Baker - I'm The One To Do It Brunswick Ex £110 Ronnie Walker - You're The One Philips (2nd) Vg+ £45Gene Chandler - I Can Take Care Of Myself Constellation Ex £60 ****SOLD****Patti Austin - Someone's Gonna Cry Coral Vg- £60 *****SOLD***** Will consider near offers... post £2 up to £20, £3 up to £50, £8 special over £50, unless you take the insurance risk. Payment via paypal as F/F or add 4% PLEASE PM TO RESERVE / MORE INFO. Scans on request... thanks
  6. A bit of a long shot, but I keep searchin'... looking for the following on the attached 'want' list: WANTS LIST 27 sept 18.pdf
  7. THE DELETTS - WHAT'S THE USE / LOOK AT ME BLUE ROCK promo £200 See scans for label condition, some writing and a big RED X on What's the Use side Hard to find, two brilliant tracks. Record is worn, with lots of light marks and scratches, but plays really well. Can email a video sound file of both sides, can't include here as too large. Please PM if interested and email address if you want a sound file. Thanks
  8. Fred Benson


    FOR SALE OR TRADE: HENRY C & THE IVY LEAGUERS - COUNTRY GIRL ACTION In EX condition, slight label damage near centre hole ( see scan) otherwise clean labels. £2750 or trade for any of : Tranells, Empires, Jokers, Jesse James, Classics etc... with cash adjustment PLEASE PM TO DISCUSS THANKS
  9. Still looking for the following: ASCOTS - ANYTIME MIR-A-DON EMPIRES - YOU'RE ON TOP GIRL CANDI JOKERS - SOUL SOUND SKO-FIELD SUGAR BOY WILLIAMS - LITTLE GIRL HERALD SERVICEMEN - I NEED A HELPING HAND + a few others! Realistic prices paid, or have a few to trade. Please PM to discuss... thanks
  10. Fred Benson


    I have a HENRY C - COUNTRY GIRL to trade, may consider sale to fund. Would grade as EX, slight label damage ( see scans) My wants include: Tranells, Jokers, Empires, Capitals, Classics. Cash either way. Please PM if you have a trade. Thanks
  11. Fred Benson


    For Trade only (+/- cash): *************************************** HENRY C - COUNTRY GIRL ACTION *************************************** Wants... Jokers, Empires, Tranells, Betty Fikes, Capitals, Ike & Tina, May consider sale to fund. Please PM for discussion, thanks
  13. Fred Benson


    Still looking for: THE ASCOTS - ANYTIME on Mir-A-Don Please PM with price and condition if you have one for sale Thanks
  14. Fred Benson

    Banny Price

    Looking for a decent copy of: Banny Price - You Love Me Pretty Baby Jewel 749 Please PM with price and condition if you have one for sale... Thanks
  15. Half a dozen still on my wants list: LEE GARRETT - I Can't Break The Habit Harthon TRANELLS - Blessed With A Love Flo Jo JUDY CLAY - You Busted My Mind Scepter SORTED THANKS SUGAR BOY WILLIAMS - Little Girl Herald JOKERS - Soul Sound Sko Field BETTY FIKES - Prove It To Me Southbound Missed some of them recently so a good idea on my max price. Please PM and state price and condition if you are selling....MANY THANKS


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