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  1. Please PM me with price and condition, Thanks!
  2. Top price paid for a clean copy. PM me please, Thanks!
  3. Price and condition please. Thanks!
  4. All the re-issues are mis-labelled.................!
  5. Price and condition please, no offers...........
  6. Hi, Looking for a clean copy please. Price and condition, no offers. Thanks!
  7. PM me with price and condition please. Thanks!!
  8. Hi, I have an original copy of this. I need to dig it out and check condition...............
  9. I'd like a gold Franck Muller Sunset..............
  10. This is hilarious, it seems that anybody who tries to give Martin S some constructive criticism is branded a 'troll' and are accused of posting 'nonsense' and 'rubbish'. I think you need to show a bit of humility matey and for the record, I agree with pretty much everything Tiscapital has posted. Those Technics decks are poor IMHO and you can do far better going for some similarly priced second hand quality decks that play MONO if that's what you listen to.

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