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  1. Hi Len, one event thats on every month I some times go to, I won't mention where, is advertised as Norther soul and Motown (2 rooms one for each,) I normally stay in the Northern room all night but on this occasion a guest DJ came and played modern and crossover for a full hour even though the dance floor started to empty, eventually the room also started to empty but the music stayed the same for the full hour, it was only when the next DJ came on that the room started to fill up again. thank god there was the Motown room to go into or we would of gone home, point being that if it had been put on the flyers that crossover and modern would be played in the northern room we would of had a choice whether to go or find somewhere else to go. Keith KTF
  2. Just a thought as things start to unlock regarding the promotion of events, can all promoters advertise what they intend playing on the night, Northern, crossover, disco or modern this way people will not be disappointed if they go to what is advertised as Northern and an hour of crossover, or modern is played out as this seems to be happening a lot. At least people will know what to expect when planning to go to a gig, as you can probably gather Im a pure norther soul addict and hate all disco crossover and modern thats being played out at gigs advertised as Northern soul, maybe I should try and move on but unfortunately I can't, I'm beginning to hate listening to all the other stuff thats being played out as northern soul which is nothing like. Thanks, Keith
  3. soul nut


    liking this Ash, another dance track From Sam & Kitty not quite as fast as I've got something good but a belter all the same.
  4. soul nut


    First of 6 this year, not missed one since i first went 3 years ago and don't intend to miss any this year, they have been a dancers delight for up tempo tunes, three cracking resident DJs Tony, Ash and Moppsy with his 100mph and some tunes, then there's the 2 guest DJs not just anybody, top drawer DJs, and its in my home town no traveling can't wait for this one bring it on
  5. Me and Karen will be giving it another go, great dance floor you can see it bounce when there's a few giving it some lol, look forward to seeing you there Ron.
  6. soul nut


    so lucky to have this place on my door step, a true dancers venue with up tempo tunes all night, great atmosphere and very friendly crowd that always attends with people coming from miles away. great resident DJs and always a good choice of guest DJs that keep it going, cant wait for this, every 2 months is not enough.
  7. soul nut

    soul nut

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