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  1. Mustang

    WANTED Prestatyn 2 wristbands

    Hi Lee, I am looking for one wristband only,can you PM me with your details please mate. Thanks,Ron.
  2. Mustang


    Top night at Eggy,excellent music played to the floor,a quality night enjoyed by a great crowd of new and regular soulies. Nice to hear some underplayed oldies. Great to see mates and friends as always. Fantastic !!!!!.......
  3. Mustang


    Looking forward to a top night with Ash,Fred and Richard on the decks, sure to be a great crowd on the floor. Bring it on !!!!!........
  4. Mustang


    Last night I watched a documentary called Holocaust:Night Will Fall,it was about the liberation of the Nazi Death and Concentration camps by the British,American,Russian and supporting Allied Forces. It showed the hell that was happening committed by the evil Nazi regime in clear detail and unseen footage was also used,it was pure evil and atrocities were happening every day by SS Officers,guards and others who they supervised. I have visited Auschwitz and toured camps one and two recently,i will be returning to see camp three in the future.The sites are basically untouched and are viewed as they were when the poor victims entered this grim place,apart from the Gas Chambers and Crematoria in Birkenau,the Nazis destroyed them near the Liberation.However,the smaller Gas Chamber and Crematoria is still in place in site one and is untouched,it is very clear and sobering what happened. I also visited Plaszow concentration camp remains and memorial to pay my respects to the fallen as I did in Auschwitz,again very sobering. The non-believers and deniers should be made to watch the documentary and taken to Auschwitz to view everything in detail,they should be educated comprehensively so that there is no doubt at all. I mention Auschwitz because the site is unchanged and provides a detailed education experience. Most of the Auschwitz 7000 SS Officers and guards escaped justice and went back to normal lives,they should be hunted down no matter how old they are to face the full justice for the victims. The same goes for all Nazis who committed the same crimes. There will always be Nazi supporters and deniers,they should be dealt with by the full law of their Country,the Human Race must be strong and stamp out the Nazi evil always.
  5. Mustang


    PM'd you
  6. Mustang

    SAN Francisco

    Hi Phil, There is a great record shop that i visited called Rooky Ricardo's Records in Lower Haight Street, plan your visit carefully to spend a good amount of time in the shop.Also,probably more importantly,your journey may transit through or near the Tenderloin district,do your homework as it can get very interesting at times,just be careful mate. Hope you have a great time,all the best,Ron.
  7. Mustang


    Hi Carl, Hope all is well mate. Can't make this one,due to working,hope you all have a great night. Sending you some money in the post for the little fellow,hope you raise a nice amount. All the best,KTF,Ron.
  8. Mustang

    What's the chance of this !!!!!

    Hi Folks, I would like to share this record accident with you. Last week I was sorting through some of my records and I heard a very distinctive click when moving them,i thought "oh-no" as you do.I checked the record in question, it was Mitch Ryder-Breakout on New Voice,the crack had actually split the record beyond repair and the result can be seen in the photo. I took a photo of the damage and showed it to a mate in work,i did not realise until he pointed it out that the split was actually just after the word Break, i commented that it was unbelievable,what was the probabability of that happening,you could not put money on that one could you,incredible!!!!!. As the saying goes you just never know in this world,thankfully it wasn't one of my expensive records. Luck has been good to me though,got a Demo replacement,so more than happy. Happy New Year
  9. Mustang

    Bargains :)

    Hi Jordan, PM'd you.
  10. Mustang


    PM'd you Donna
  11. Mustang


    Eggborough Soul Club,a top venue run by a fantastic couple,Julie and Richard. It has it all,from start to finish.
  12. Mustang


    Good luck with your set Ste,Monaco dancers in for a treat. Wish I could of been there to support you mate,unfortunately working Saturday night,hopefully will see everyone soon,hope you all have a great night.
  13. Mustang


    Many thanks to Julie and Richard to allow me to spin the Eggborough decks again, side by side with Hugh and Richard,two brilliant DJ's. Looking forward to this night with mates,friends and everyone,especially as it's the Christmas event. Got some great new records for the ever faithful dancers and crowd, i play a mix of classics,rare,underplayed and forgotten tunes,some that are different, hopefully to please all. Eggborough Soul Club,one of the best. Live for the music........... See you there folks, KTF,Ron.
  14. Mustang

    Padiham Soul Club

    It will be great to see you both as always Bro, see you Saturday mate,KTF Ron.
  15. Mustang


    Looking forward to that Richard,always enjoy our conversations mate,got some new additions to tell you about. The roadworks have been improving over the year,now we enter our autumn and winter seasons,which are always challenging over the M62 up top........,especially around Saddleworth moor,which gets very interesting in winter !!!!!..........


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