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  1. If you get the thumbs up Dave and decide on numbers/tickets,can you put me down for one please,i will pay you up front if required mate. Fingers crossed Best Regards,Ron.
  2. There is an alternative,this is what i would do : 1. Place a temporary piece of masking tape over the crack on the playing surface. 2. Place the playing surface facedown on to a flat surface. 3. Having obtained a strong adhesive tape suitable for styrene and vinyl approx 25mm wide,cut a piece that covers the whole crack all round. 4. Carefully apply the tape,smooth it out for a permanent finish. 5. Remove the masking tape from the playing surface. 6. Test the playing surface on the deck. You should be able to use the record with careful handli
  3. It is not rubbish at all,it is your opinion,many knowledgeable people will argue against your statement and not all there is to it at all. The Northern Soul music has many tunes that could be labelled 'Pop', but they are part of our music and fantastic,our scene has great tunes from a broad range of Northern Soul Artists,what does your scene offer?.
  4. It is Northern Soul not just Soul,to prove the point you could question whether Judy Street - What (which i love) is Soul,it comes under the umbrella of Northern Soul and it is a Northern Classic Oldie,there are many questionable 'SOUL' records, some like them, some don't,but most folks accept that they are part of our Northern Soul Scene without being forceful in their opinions.
  5. I respect your opinion too. All of the three that you have called rubbish are played regularly at soul nights and nighters,the Soulies and DJ's that dance to them are very knowledgeable and experienced people who know their stuff. If you are going to call them rubbish on a public forum,don't be surprised at the onslaught and backlash that you will receive. We all can't be wrong can we?, or am I missing something thing !!!!! When they are played out the floor is always full,that is why they are put on the decks,dancers records!!!!!.
  6. All three are fantastic records,especially William Powell,it is a big request at nighters and at soul nights,just a brilliant tune and very very rare,why do you think it went for so much money?, always loved by the dancers,including myself.I ask for it regularly and it ALWAYS fills the floor. Just maybe we know something eh !!!!!!!
  9. Looks to me like a part of a Palm Tree or Palm Plant that has been in the sea water for some time ,"washed" and worn by the salty water which would have a cleaning effect over time. The bottom part of the piece shows stranded sections which you see as the fibrous part of the stem/trunk. I have attached an image of a palm which shows the fibrous sections.
  10. I know Jud very well from being at the various venues were he was filming and others were he was not, consider him to be a good friend,we have had lots of great chats over the years,lost touch and wondered what had happened to him. Thanks Ted for the update,sad and shocked that he has been through so much bad luck,no way does he deserve any of it,my heart goes out to him and hope that everything is better in the future. Jud is a top bloke,the type you would want as a mate,genuine through and through and salt of the earth, hope i bump into him soon somewhere as i m
  11. Hi Carl, Will be great to see you too bro,catch-up my mate.
  12. Looking forward to a catch up with Cheryl and yourself Moz,always great to see you both. Ready for some cracking tunes and looking forward to your set mate.

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