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  1. Ending today folks Last look
  2. Just over two days to go folks, please take a look.
  3. Hi All, Just listed a Mint example of The Volcanos - Storm Warning. Take a look,click the link below.
  4. Hi All, Just listed,a fine example of The Tymes - Here She Comes Take a look,click on the link below.
  5. Totally agree Mick, how do you do it?,can't see the link required, obviously it will be staring me in the face somewhere!!!. Sometimes i wish i was 20 or 30 years younger!!! SORTED,worked it out.
  6. 10 day listing folks Rare DJ Demo for sale, Have a look,click on the link below.
  7. Hi All, Just listed,a 1976 Original DJ Demo, Dooley Silverspoon - Game Players, A fine example available to bid on now. Click on the link below. Good luck to all bidders.
  8. Hi All, Kell Osborne - Small Things Looking for an Original Demo on NEW BAG An enquiry at this stage,looking to buy in a couple of weeks or so!!! Please PM with price and condition Thanks
    Top night at Eggborough,great to see mates,friends and everyone. Thanks to Julie and Richard as always. Finally, wishing Pat a very Happy Birthday on Thursday. KTF,Ron.
  9. Will do Alan,got some new stuff for the dancers to enjoy, all the best mate,catch you both soon.
  10. Thanks Ste,hope you and Denise are having a good time too,see you both soon.
  11. Thanks Ste,will do mate,hope your both enjoying yourselves, catch you soon.
  12. Can't wait Richard
  13. Certainly have Rich,looking forward to it mate,hope your all good.
  14. Coming over for this one,see you all there.