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  1. It is not rubbish at all,it is your opinion,many knowledgeable people will argue against your statement and not all there is to it at all. The Northern Soul music has many tunes that could be labelled 'Pop', but they are part of our music and fantastic,our scene has great tunes from a broad range of Northern Soul Artists,what does your scene offer?.
  2. It is Northern Soul not just Soul,to prove the point you could question whether Judy Street - What (which i love) is Soul,it comes under the umbrella of Northern Soul and it is a Northern Classic Oldie,there are many questionable 'SOUL' records, some like them, some don't,but most folks accept that they are part of our Northern Soul Scene without being forceful in their opinions.
  3. I respect your opinion too. All of the three that you have called rubbish are played regularly at soul nights and nighters,the Soulies and DJ's that dance to them are very knowledgeable and experienced people who know their stuff. If you are going to call them rubbish on a public forum,don't be surprised at the onslaught and backlash that you will receive. We all can't be wrong can we?, or am I missing something thing !!!!! When they are played out the floor is always full,that is why they are put on the decks,dancers records!!!!!.
  4. All three are fantastic records,especially William Powell,it is a big request at nighters and at soul nights,just a brilliant tune and very very rare,why do you think it went for so much money?, always loved by the dancers,including myself.I ask for it regularly and it ALWAYS fills the floor. Just maybe we know something eh !!!!!!!
  5. Saved my Istanbul Champions League beer glass,towel and beer mats for the day we are crowned Premier League Champions. I actually got it in Istanbul when i went to the Final. When we are presented with the trophy i will have a beer in that glass !!!!!
  6. Champions !!!!!! The Reds are back on top again !!!!!! To all the doubter's Were back
  7. Hi Folks, A visit to Bosley Reservoir near Macclesfield today,calm and peaceful, plenty of wildlife around,marvellous.
  8. Always mindful of this and all Allied Victory and Loss during WW2. We are here today because of their sacrifices,the NAZI's were pure evil,they had to be defeated. Respect for all Veterans of all Allied Countries always.
  9. Hi Rob, Very Interesting,both the Air Force and Navy photo's,enjoyed them all thanks. Hope you enjoyed your B17 flight,wonderful stuff. Keep them coming mate,Ron.
  11. Fantastic image Steve,you caught that just right mate.
  12. Hi Rob, Wow !!!!!...... Just fantastic mate,some pretty impressive projects there,a very interesting career if i may say so. The B1 is one of my favourite aircraft,an incredible machine. Love the stories about the thruster cone and the James Web Telescope,i will have a look on Youtube. Cheers,Ron.
  13. Hi Rob, Many thanks for the information and your life stories,very interesting,all will be a great help for the future. Can i ask what you did on the space shuttle programme?,all very interesting, must have been very emotional for you when Challenger and the crew were lost. We did get to see one of the last shuttle launches STS-132 Atlantis in 2010 on the NASA causeway,quite and experience as you know. Can't wait to visit Hawaii in the future,reminds me alot of the Azores which i visit every year,in the process of visiting all of the nine islands,i love walking around the Calderas and feeling the peace and quiet together with the ancient history and spectacular scenery.As you say each island will provide a wealth of information and more,it may take more than one visit. Listened to the Hawaiian music video,wonderful,thank you,my Dad would have loved it,many thanks. Thanks for all your help,Ron.
  14. No more up votes for today !!!!!......

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