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  1. Coming up for this one Roman,must have a catch-up. will be great to see you,Wendy and everyone. KTF,Ron.
  2. Looking forward to this and all for charity.
  3. PM'd you.
  4. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Already done Dave
    A top night again at Accrington,big thanks to Dave,Kev,Frank,Steve,Dan,Linda,Sharon and all the staff. Fantastic to DJ with Stuart and Jem also. Great to see mates and friends and a great crowd from all over the UK. Top music and dancing on a brilliant dancefloor in a fantastic character venue, with a superior quality sound system,a recipe for deserved success. Absolute perfection
  5. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Thanks Dave,appreciate the feedback mate.
  6. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Accrington Soul Club,Accrington Town Hall,the place to be on Saturday night.
  7. Hi Dave, I am interested in DJ'ing for you,can provide everything that you ask for except modern and crossover,all OVO. Best Regards, Ron.
  8. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Thanks Steve,catch up soon,hope your night goes well too mate. KTF,Ron.
  9. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Nicely put together Audio Hooligan,a taste of the tunes to come for the dancers,all building up to the night,hopefully a great crowd will attend.
  10. Oh dear,that is very sad and upsetting news indeed. Knew David very well, always talking with him and Shirley at various venues, always dressed smartly and always had time for everyone,a true gentleman in every sense. Will miss talking to you Pal,rest in peace mate. Love and Sympathy to Shirley and Family at this very sad time,Ron. XXX
  11. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Dave, A fantastic piece of kit you have in that sound system, monitoring it's performance on your phone is top notch stuff,all adds to the quality. Hats off for a job well done mate.
  12. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Very interesting Hooligan,i am always interested in the sound system and how it is designed and configured acoustically to each Venue,keep up the great work mate,it is appreciated.
  13. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    A big thank you to Dave,Kev and the team for inviting me to DJ,a great honour indeed. Looking forward to spinning some tunes for the dancers and being part of the DJ team,will be great to see everyone. Brilliant,thank you.
  14. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    One of the best venue's in the Country,it ticks all the boxes. As said above the room and dancefloor are the best around,really hard to beat. Top music from top DJ's spinning great tunes on a super sound system to a fantastic crowd. A well run club delivering a top quality night for everyone,just brilliant.

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