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  1. Hi Carl, Will be great to see you too bro,catch-up my mate.
  2. Looking forward to a catch up with Cheryl and yourself Moz,always great to see you both. Ready for some cracking tunes and looking forward to your set mate.
  3. Yeh,been a while Hugh,i'm okay thanks mate. hope Yvonne and yourself are good too and life is treating you well. All the best,Ron.
  4. All the very best for your 23rd Anniversary Carl,wish you and everyone a wonderful night. Hope all is well Bro and life is treating you well. Cracking DJ line up,the dancers should be more than pleased with the tunes blasting out of the KWH speakers,Hugh is a top bloke and always delivers. KTF,Ron.
  5. Always great to see you both Keith,spot on mate,looking like another top night. See you soon,Ron.
  6. Yeh,been a while Steve,will be great to see you both too,not long now. Catch you soon mate.
  7. Looking forward to another great night at the Cinnamon Club.
  8. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    All noted Dave,thanks. You are all doing a great job running this club and venue,a credit to everyone involved,it really is A1 and you deserve success. Right behind you mate with full support.
  9. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Okay Dave,that is a shame,was looking forward to that one.
  10. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Can't make this one Dave and Kev,but,will be in attendance for December's night. Unfortunately,work getting in the way!!. One of the best venue's in the Country,with a fantastic sound system to complement the grandeur. Great DJ line up to bring in the dancers for sure. All the best,see you in December. KTF,Ron.
  11. Hi Carl, Hope all is well Bro. Sorry i can't make it over mate,work getting in the way again!!!!!!. Should be a cracker with the DJ line up. KTF,Ron.
  12. Hi Moz, All okay thanks,hope all well with you, best of luck,Steve should bring the Soulies through the door. Take care both of you, KTF,Ron.
  13. Countdown to a top night with mates and friends.
  14. Mustang

    Accrington Soul Club

    Up for this one Dave/Kev,bring it on. Absolutely love this place. KTF,Ron.
  15. A treat for the Northern Line with Steve on the decks, hope it all goes well mate,will see you both next week at your new venue. Say hello to Moz and the gang. KTF,Ron.

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