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Co72 Revisited Ftmntc Charity


Kev John
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    07853 809513 (Tap)
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    Congleton Cricket Club
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    Congleton    CW12 4DG

About The Event

.A move away from the traditional single event Alldayer that we have hosted for over 13 years

WE are joining 'forces' with FTMNTC team to present an all new weekender themed event .

Its 50 yrs since that fabulous era circa 72....and we thought why not bring an event on board where we play the music that is of interest in 2022 ...50yrs on ...compare and contrast...some similar.... some really different

A music fest...a treat for the lugholes !!!

The Sunday sesh will be 'free' to those that attended the Saturday event on production of the CO72 wristband

Total cost if you attend both events will be £10 ....Saturday only is £10  


            Sunday only is £5 All proceeds go to the CO72 nominated charities Saturday CO72 -----1.30pm to 12.30am

                                  Sunday FTMNTC -----2.pm till 9pm                              

Congleton Cricket Club - Congleton Event Map


Congleton Venue Address:

Congleton Cricket Club
Booth Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4DG, United Kingdom

Check details before travelling

Edited by Kev John
added correct starting time for Co72 revisted alldayer

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Just had confirmation of a group of people stopping in a local guesthouse.

Maybe time for those who fancy stopping over to start looking at accommodation....

Don't forget we doing it over the weekend this time...


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A combined CO72 and FTMNTC Charity event

This will be a 2 day event held over the weekend of 22/23 of October 2022

A long running fundraising event first established in 2008 at the Ryan Hall in Tunstall...... over the years ...raising well over £30000 from its generous patrons

Continuing to be run from the fabulous Cricket Club at Congleton in leafy South Cheshire

More details to follow but make a 'placeholder' in your diaries for this new/improved format

This is an open invite.........if you feel the urge coming on !!!

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I know we got a few months to go we will be running the annual RAFFLE .....!

We are looking for raffle donations for the event

Thanks so much in advance Co72 & FTMNTC charity team


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NOW over 2 days..... DJ's confirmed so far

Martin Alsop
Chris Lalor
Don Mopsey Morris
Dean Fox
Dave Rivers
Terry 'Record Corner' Davies
Ian Cunliffe
Jez Jones
Kev John
Paul Dale
East Midland Connection
Young Henry
John Gallagher

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...spread the word lets give this event the support its earned and deserves

WE want to meet again

WE want to hear some great music again

WE want to be together again


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Just a quickie................!

Nominated charities for the weekend are.......


British Heart Foundation

UHNM Charity 

We are also running a raffle on the Saturday Co72 dayer 

If you are attending the event & a little request from the team RAFFLE PIZE DONATIONS are more than welcome 

Leave a message on here 

I:e Tickets for other events & Weekenders donatetions 


Co72revisited & FTMNTC team


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Right its just a few weeks to go ....best get the game face on !!

Firstly I just want to put into context the whole CO72 event/happening

This really isn't just ANY 'reunion' event
This isn't is a reunion/anniversary type event..

where the money goes into the bulging pockets of the promoters
(so don't be confused )


Everyone involved in this event is offering their valuable services for free....to maximise the charitable contributions

CO72 has been in existence for many years...quietly going about its business of donating to charities and having a 'whale' of a time in the process !!

The ORIGINAL and best annual 'era' event raising nearly £35,000 for charity since 2008

Your £10 entrance goes to charity guaranteed !!!!

Be safe and secure in the thought...you are making a difference !!

we wont have your pants down !!!! 🙂

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Here it is 50 yrs on from that Golden era...

those sounds, those clubs, those memories , those times of our lives !!

JOIN US...the long established Class of 72 charity bash !!!

So far raised over £33,000 and proud of it...we SHOUT IT LOUD

UNLIKE many 'pop up' reunions you may see,


ALL our DJ's, promoters and helpers do it for NO CHARGE

This truly is a charity focussed event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 'supreme' line up of DJ's with many actually 'there and doing it in '72 !!''

............................ready to play those sounds of the era...the records. the labels....and those memories !!!

Lets get together and do it.......one more time !!!


Co72 revisited FTMNTC team

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CO72 CHARITY REUNION.......Now in its 14th year

Unashamedly revisiting the sounds from the Allnighters and clubs of our teens...specialising in the music of the Torch, Cats, Twisted Wheel, Junction, Mecca, VaVa and Early Wigan

from that 'Golden' era of late 60's early 70's..... an era that was to define and cement forever ,,,what we know as Northern Soul

....a veritable feast of some of the best sounds ever laid down on vinyl.....
A great day/night out...with 'classic oldies'.....and fantastic music as well 🙂🙂 !!!!

Share and tell your chums


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A true reunion, I was three when the torch closed, but the nearby venue has cast a long shadow over my life ever since. Proud  and honoured to be asked to play some of my favourite records in my collection from the halcyon days of the legendary venue. 

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19 hours ago, Geeselad said:

A true reunion, I was three when the torch closed, but the nearby venue has cast a long shadow over my life ever since. Proud  and honoured to be asked to play some of my favourite records in my collection from the halcyon days of the legendary venue. 

Nice to have you on board Geese  gonna be a great weekend of togetherness & music,laugh's & raising a few bob for our 3 nominated charities 

Edited by Kev John
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Sorry I can't make this event. I'm sure Mr Doyle will drink enough for both of us🤣

Have a successful do.


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13 hours ago, Julianb said:

Sorry I can't make this event. I'm sure Mr Doyle will drink enough for both of us🤣

Have a successful do.


Haha    oh yes Julian am sure he will..thanks for the sentiment take care

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Don't forget as part of the annual CO72 charity event we are running a SPECIAL Sunday session for FTMNTC...where the team will be out in force playing the usual adventurous playlist

Fancy a nice Sunday afternoon/evening out ?

FREE entry with a CO72 wristband..otherwise £5 donation to charity

Do hope you can join us for our first Sunday session here at the fabulous Congleton Cricket club !!

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Quite a few wristbands have been sold already however the Cricket Club have informed me.....there is MORE capacity available due to the large bar area at the club plus outside alfresco section

THEREFORE travel with confidence...you can STILL pay on the door

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Usually am present for the start,but will not arrive until between 6 and 7,see you later.


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Part 2 of our weekender today & FTMNTC team day 

Sunday FTMNTC -----2.pm till 9pm    

Free if you attended yesterday's event

if not its £5 donation otd  

100% to charity 

 Adventurous music policy....playing 'Something a little different' alongside those 'Some New to Me Sounds'.......

rare, rarely played,, forgotten and just plain GOOD choice cuts .

Kev, Paul , Jez ,Dave, and John, playing the records

Edited by Kev John
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