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  1. Can I request this please from my friend Ted Massey.
  2. What a line up, cannot wait for this one, going to enjoy myself at this!!
    Great night at the Co-Op, loved DJing here. Well recommended.
  3. Going to get on this for sure!!
  4. Ash Fellows


    This will be a great night cannot wait always good at Eggy, can’t wait to hear Fred’s set too.
  5. Ash Fellows

    Accrington Soul club

    Hi Linda, Its 7.30pm until 1.00am
  6. Ash Fellows


    Really looking forward to this, it’s a top night here!
  7. Ash Fellows

    Accrington Soul club

    Really looking forward to this
  8. Always a pleasure to see ya Jez, looking like a good night this one.
  9. Looking forward to this Nighter!
  10. Two great guest DJ’s on this night. Richard Cryer and Steve Grubb! A night not to miss for sure
  11. Get ready for some top tunes like this!!
  12. Looking forward to this charity night, all for a good cause
  13. We look forward to hearing that great collection Shaun

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