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  1. Just to remind everyone it’s pay on the door and best to get there early. Going to be a cracker this!
  2. Tunes like this will be played for sure!
  3. Be good to see you there guys, hope your feeling better now. See you on the 20th
  4. Ash Fellows


    What a top night it was indeed. With two other nighters on the same night you always worry what numbers will be like. It was admittedly a quiet start but only due to an earlier start time. The numbers grew and grew and by 9pm the place had a great atmosphere and the dance floor was buzzing. All the DJ’s played great sets and the crowd just didn’t get off the floor. All in all this was a great night indeed and if you havent been before then dont miss the next one. Well done to Pep Pereira and all the hard work that paid off, thoroughly enjoyed the night.
  5. Cant wait Jordan, looking forward to your set bud
  6. These two guest DJ’s from the North East will not disappoint , different age gaps and both bringing quality and experience to the table.
  7. Lots of feedback for this, gonna be a top night
  8. Ash Fellows


    Bought a few new tunes especially for this awesome Nighter, going to be great
  9. Thank you Alison, we do try our best X
  10. Looking Good
  11. Ash Fellows


    Cannot wait for this, look at that venue now!
  12. Songs like this will be played for sure
  13. until

    This is going to be wicked
  14. Hi everyone! This will be another top night at this very successful Soul Club. Two great guest DJ's on offer. Terry Westhead and Paul Cater. Both with different styles and lovely tunes, one not to miss!
  15. Just gonna be awesome this, getting the decks serviced tomorrow, new needles and cartridges too, whoop whoop!!

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