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    Soul, Jazz, Reggae/Ska/Rocksteady/Dub, Rock and Roll, 60s/70s Pop/Rock, Trance, Drum & Bass<br /><br />Collecting records of any of the above
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    Dells - The love we had stays on my mind
  1. It is a classic film alright. I can remember it getting a cinema release in 1970 and the trailers were shown on ITV in the commercial breaks. Unfortunately it did not reach my home town so I had to wait another 35 years to see it. Well worth it though.
  2. I have a few copies from around those dates, so for Sept 80 it would have been issues 312 & 313. For Sept 81 it would have been issues 337 & 338.
  3. My copy of Motown Chartbusters vol 3 is on clear vinyl. Anyone else got this version ?
  4. A compilation on Marble Arch in 1971 called "The Tony McCauley and John McLeod Songbook" with hits by the Foundations, Paper Dolls and others. ( still have it ) Second LP was the first Reggae Chartbusters on Trojan.
  5. Is this the one at the Royal Horticulteral Halls ? If so they didn't have one last year and looking at this years schedule they are not having one this year either.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous. She might not have anything to do with Northern Soul but she made some good albums in the late 60's/early 70's. Did a great version of Watermelon man as well.
  7. Barbara McNair - Here I am baby - Red vinyl
  8. Lena Zavaroni -" Ma he's making eyes at me" being one of the duffers on Stax
  9. Jazz / Reggae / 60's & 70's Rock / Bluegrass / Psy Trance / Drum and Bass / Orchestral / Funk / Crooners / Punk / Heavy Metal. If I like it I'll buy it.
  10. Don't shut me out also came out as a UK single. I got it for 10 pence in the early 70's when our local Co-op was closing down it's Record Department. Some of my favourite Sammy LP's apart from the Motown one are The Goin's great, Sammy Davis Now and Song and dance man which includes You can count on me.
  11. Former club DJ's Pete Waterman and Peter Stringfellow.
  12. I have a Pioneers release on UK Mercury from 1976 called Feel the Rhythm ( of you and I ) It is very much in the mode of the George McCrae/Miami sound of that time and was produced again by Eddy Grant.

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