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  1. Hi Steve, unfortunately I will not be able to make your first night due to other commitments however I will definitely be at your second night......I grew up with Ian’s brother Jerry Obeng from the age of 5 going to the same schools, collages, work etc including visits to Wigan and stuff. I am sure that we may have possibly met at some point. My nickname was ‘Herby’ for my sins lol. On your second night I will make a point of introducing myself to you and bring Jerry along too. Good luck for tonight it will be a ‘sell-out’ Graham.
  2. Fantastic news this, it really is. Another ‘dedicated’ Northern Soul night. The venue is superb for Soul with the large wooden dance floor and as venues goes comes a close second to Sale Masonic Hall. As Soulandy has mentioned there has been soul here before. Around 15 years ago in conjunction with Altrincham Festival, myself. Mark ‘Roscoe’ Robinson & Geoff Allman put a Northern Soul/Motown one-off night on and we maxed the venue out. We never firmed up any future dates because I was still running and behind the decks at Sale Oakfield Club.......Good luck to you all who are organising this event going forward I am sure you will have great well attended nights here....Just one point to mention though. When we did that one night the club had a ‘decibel’ meter that cut the power to the stage area if the music was played too loud which was a constant pain in the backside with start/stop if the music went above a certain loudness. However this may not be in place these days. Good luck and all the best. Graham Hibbert
  3. Hi,,,,,,,Please advise venue 'name' ....Thanks,,
  4. Can you pay on the door?
  5. GrahamDJOakfield

    Irlam Soul Club

    I thought that I needed to write a few words about this great soul club. This is of course if you have never visited. This was Jeanette and my first visit on Sunday 14/Jan/2018. We don’t go to that many venues these days due to the ‘same-old!!!!’ however here at ISC there was something a little different in the air. We arrived at 2pm to secure seats with Derek Gorman feeding the decks with quality stuff even at this time. Using the bar was a ‘breeze’ with the bar lady throughout the afternoon remembering our drinks round each time with a smile. The building itself is an ideal size with a curved shaped roof and reminded me somewhat of “Mr. M’s” at Wigan Casino. But you know what,,,,,what I did like and really counts was their ‘PA system’ this was premier league with 2 pairs of front end speakers plying out the soul from this rare vinyl. Come on!!!!! How many venues have you all ever been to with a ‘Tin-Pot’ underrated PA system that just can’t stand up to the venue in question. For us chaps in earlier years gone by who jocked and ran the Oakfield Club in Sale and Ellingtons In Altrincham prior to the Oakfield our sound system was paramount with nothing but a ‘Rolls Royce’ system so that the paying public always got value for money,,,,,,,,,which!! at £4 admission for 6 hours of soul is exactly what ISC are giving. A credit to Paul and George the other two resident dj’s who also contributed to a ‘across the board’ music selection. Guest dj’s Kieron and Debs both did excellent first class spots playing a good selection too. Well done everyone!! Keep it up and we will most certainly be returning. Graham ‘Herby’ Hibbert (Dj & founder of Oakfield Club, Sale)
  6. GrahamDJOakfield

    Irlam Soul Club

    Hi, What time do you open? Thanks
  7. Hi, Never been here before, does this event have it's own private function room/area or is it part of the normal pub layout? Thanks in advance. Graham.
  8. Thanks Mike, were going to try and make it. It would be great if you have any of these 4 records and maybe able to play one of them if you can fit it in. I used to spin these at the Oakfield and 'break the dance-floor' The likes of Paul Morgan, Steve Hay, Geoff Allman, Bernie etc will vouch for this. The vocals from Billy Prophet and the Silhouettes just make your hair stand-up on end and give you goose bumps. Silhouettes - Not Me Baby - Goodway Billy Prophet - What can I do - Sue Something About You - Four Tops - Gordy/TM Baby What I mean - The Drifters - Atlantic
  9. Hi Mike, I'm guessing that doors open at 8pm? Graham (Herby) Hibbert
  10. Hi Steve, It’s really nice to hear from you. Yes the history of the Oakfield Club is quite unique to say the least. This was an ‘idea’ that became reality with a successful one a month ‘underground’ club. I have to chuckle to myself sometimes because of the amount of ‘local’ people who I talk to now did not even know that the Oakfield existed, never mind a Northern Soul night here!!!! You Steve were one of the many regulars who has got a good ‘across the board’ knowledge on rare/underplayed soul. I always say to people take and throw away the ‘Northern’ and it’s just black predominantly US soul music. The Oakfield were great days without the aid of the Internet and we were still jammed every month with people visiting as far from Edinburgh and the midlands etc. It was a club where people met old friends that they had not seen for years and made new long lasting friends as you mention yourself regarding Paul and Geoff. As you know we ran the club for nothing and even say I was in debt due to the investment that myself, Greg, Malc and Les contributed to what must have been the best sound system the soul scene had ever had. We were driving 3000watts RMS per side with 2 sides of Peavey Hysis 4XT’s double 400w rms Black Widow speakers fitted, and stacked on top were Yamaha 400w rms speakers. God knows where all that kit is now. I sold a couple of hundred of my records a couple of years ago to a collector in Stockholm but still have around 1500 left. It’s nice to see that you are involved with Macmillan, a very worthy cause. Hope to catch up with you soon Steve. All the best. Graham H. soul.pdf
  11. Hi Mark, Michael. Yes those Oakfield days were very special because we started off what you could call “an idea” in Chequers night club next to Alty football ground in 1994 and prior to this Northern Soul was not heard in Sale or Altrincham since the demise of Sale’s Blue Rooms around 15 years prior. Paul Morgan who was at that time the manager of both Chequers and Check-Inn gave us our first opportunity/venue and forever grateful. Behind the decks were myself, Greg Osborne (Twisted Wheel attendee) and the late Malcom Owens (Blackpool Mecca) Malc was brought up in Blackpool. We then moved from a Thursday night in Chequers to a once a month Saturday night at the Oakfield Club in January 1996 where Les Hare owner of Kingbee records Chorlton joined us. Between us we had a fair old record collection. Les’s collection spoke for itself and still does, Malc and Gregs were awesome too. I was the poor party ;>)) myself and Malc were fortunate enough to visit the US every couple of months with our work so managed to bring back the odd nice tune from there. Around 2004 I ended up quitting the Oakfield and Northern scene altogether perusing other interests. The rest is history. You guys are doing a great job at Altrincham Masonic and have a fantastic venue. I must say the same for Ian, Neil and Ken who run an equally successful and quality once a month venue at SOS Soul Club in Sale the end of Manor Avenue. See you both Saturday and I hope it’s a packer!!! Graham H.
  12. Only been to this venue once before with these guys driving the decks and it was a good night with quality vinyl being played, good PA system too. I attended regularly when Rosco Robbinson was running the helm here and they were great nights, he pulled ‘massive’ audiences. I think I will be turning up Saturday with friends to see some old faces. It’s a pity this is not a monthly venue. Graham (Herby) Hibbert Oakfield Club, Sale. Founder and DJ.
  13. Hi Tony, I really do hope that you get this mail. I hope that the afternoon went down well and was busy. I could not make it due to 'shingles' virus on one side of my face and neck. Extremely painful and never had it before. Please pass-on my apologies to Stan and Dennis. I would liked to have met both yourself Tony and Dennis, and Stan I have not seen in years. I will definitely make your next instalment. All the best. Graham Hibbert (Oakfield Club Sale)
  14. Hi Tony and Dennis, many thanks for your help regarding the parking etc. Very much looking forward to visiting. Best regards. Graham Hibbert
  15. Hi Tony, many thanks for the quick response and advice. It did not occur to me parking on the road on meters. This is because here in Manchester we get ripped-off even on a Sunday where meters are charged up to 8pm. I will do just that and park on meter to run until 6. Very much looking forward to the afternoon/evening. Thanks and Best regards. Graham.

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