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  1. Mostly Legit, they do some PD too.
  2. Given the reputation you've (deservedly) built up over the years, I think punters would be happy to pay extra for something coming from Kent/Ace (and probably the same for Bear Family). I was more trying to gauge whether people overall would would be happy to pay extra for borderline products generally/from other labels. Given that Mickey Finn's the only one who replied to my question, I've still no idea.
  3. 12 replies, and only one of them actually relating to the questions I asked...
  4. As the market for CDs dwindles, there are fewer and fewer as-yet-uanthologized-on-CD Soul artists whose potential CD retrospectives would be probable big sellers. Given this fact, are you happy to pay a higher price for more niche releases, a la Ace's Limited Edition titles? If so, what do you think is a reasonable "premium" price to pay for a single CD? what about a double-CD set?
  5. *bumpity bump* Already bought a copy online and got burned with the "Near Mint" disc sounding horrendous. If I don't end up getting any assistance, everyone loses the right to moan about the track not sounding pristine on CD...
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a cleanish copy of the Inspirations' "Love Can be So Wonderful" that they could dub for use in a CD compilation? Gusto - who own the rights to the song - don't have a master tape in their vault. Already tried the "buy a near mint copy online" - badly burnt with a copy that sounds awful! Thanks in the CD sleeve and free copy in return! Nathan
  7. It would make sense, given that "Florian"'s "Think About Me" and Felice's "Good Luck/New Love" are both composed by Steve Cook and Chuck Tate (composers of Morris Chestnut's "Too Darn Soulful") ...and speaking of songwriters, BMI lists her as having composed two numbers (as "Floran Taylor"): "My Darling", written with Maxwell Davis and Jules Bihari (I'm assuming this is likely the remaining unissued Felice Taylor Kent/Modern recording?) "Honey" written with Johnny Steve and Chuck.
  8. No-one knows who owns it. I contacted John Abbey last year about licensing it (for a different project), and he said he doesn't control it and couldn't recall exactly where the track came from originally (he thought it may have been Otis himself). I also mailed a letter to the registered address for Otis's own Publishing company, but had it returned to sender.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to get in contact with the estate of Freddie Scott - Jon Tiven gave me an email for Freddie's wife, but it's not active and it would seem from an online search that she passed away in 2014. Is anyone else in touch with any of Freddie's remaining relatives? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a clean copy of the Renaults' "Just Like Mine" that they could dub for use in a CD compilaiton? Gusto - who own the rights to the song - don't have a master tape in their vault. Thanks in the CD sleeve and free copy in return! Nathan
  11. Sad to hear - thanks for the info.
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Tony Drake is still around? I sent him a DM here 6 months ago, but it remains unread.... Thanks!
  13. Hi, Would anyone have an email address for John A Jackson, (author of A House On Fire: The Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul)? Thanks!
  14. Hi, Does anyone have contact details for any of the members of Little Ann's Canadian band Fat Chance? Or details of their full names (which could help me track them down!) Thanks!
  15. I think - to answer the original question posed; soul releases on CD ARE drying up, but it's probably due to the majority of artists who are obvious candidates for a CD release (in terms of being well known enough to be a safe bet) have already been done before. That said, there's still quite a few un-comped soul artists I can think of that are worthy of a CD release - though a fair few would be difficult for labels wanting to do them due to potentially challenging licensing.

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