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  1. I actually think it says..... when I'm up high
  2. as always, I'm looking forward to this night, got some great DJs in, Derek Mead & MK Tony Derek who has DJed a few times for us in the past always plays great sets, this will be no different along with MK Tony who will start the night off for us record dealers are more than welcome got some more 'new' Oldies to try out see you all next Saturday Steve
  3. Fantastic night Saturday, busy dance floor all night, great crowd in, all really friendly, thank you all for making this special for us too next time round we got Derek Mead as our guest DJ so see you all in April Steve
  4. Happy new year to you too Len, be nice to see you again, Thanks for your remarks Julie, very much appreciated see you all tomorrow
  5. Got a few to play for the late Charles Frost, really nice bloke, who loved BSC, and will be missed
  6. Looking forward to going back to GF, great dance floor, looking forward to having one of the Banbury old boys doing the guest DJ spot, Dave Gilkes also looking forward to our new music policy, should go down a treat here, see you all Saturday Steve
  7. Looking forward to hear Dave's selection again, he did a fantastic set last time he was here, it will the same again im sure, got a few more new records to try out so get yourselves down to Banbury for an unmissable event also our 13th anniversary all the best Steve
  8. we got northern soul night on the 3rd September in Banbury at the trades & labour club, your be more than welcome Steve
  9. I think all those that came out on CSP were proper releases, Lynne Randell, French Fries, The Poppies etc etc
  10. Has anybody got any details of the new Chess box set that's coming out in August? Steve
  11. steve


    Not long to go now, got a great guest DJ this time round again, Mick H, should have been with us earlier but due to an unseen circumstance wasn't able to make it Like Tom says not a lot more we can sat that Tabs hasn't said about Mick, we're all looking forward to both his sets got a few more nice tracks to play, plenty of free parking just outside the club see you all on the 7th Mat Steve
  12. Big thanks to Wayne for his brilliant set, great atmosphere again at the labour club had a load of requests I think we just about played all that they wanted which kept the dance floor busy all night i think Tom meant the May do see you all in May Steve
  13. Not long to go now, got a ex local lad guesting for us this time, Wayne Sibthorpe, who runs the 'Crazy for Soul' charity events in Exeter, very much looking forward to his set got one or two new things to try out, I sure they will go down as well as any other we play, free parking just outside the door, cheap bar prices, great dance floor and a great atmosphere as usual all the best for now
  14. Looking forward to this night, our 12th Anniversary, with guest DJ Sean Chapman great atmosphere, great people, great bar prices see you all then

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