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    Michael Byles
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    My main interest is music - playing guitar - listening to and collecting records - going to all-nighters and soul clubs and travelling.
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    Terry Callier - Look At Me Now

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  1. autumnstoned

    Discogs seller dispute - advice sought

    Thanks for your replies. Will mull it over the weekend and take it forward next week. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive tune and I’m kicking myself for not noticing the pressing fault till recently. The fact remains that I’ve been sold a bit of a dud notwithstanding the delay, which I accept is my fault.
  2. autumnstoned

    Discogs seller dispute - advice sought

    I bought a record off a Discogs seller in May. Payment was via PayPal. One side of the 45 is pressed off centre ( not mentioned in listing - record described as being VG+ ) with a very noticeable deficit in sound quality, although I have to confess only noticing it recently after a friend pointed it out - doh! I contacted the seller and we were unable to agree a suitable price adjustment and he stated that I should return the 45 ( to Europe ). I asked him to confirm he would pay the return postage but he’s now not replying to correspondence. What’s the best way to proceed ? I believe I have 180 days to take out a case with PayPal - 90 days to leave negative feedback on Discogs in addition to filing a " seller not responding" case with them. Suggestions gratefully received as I’ve not had this problem before. Sorry if in wrong forum - Mods please move if so.
  3. autumnstoned

    Jamaican Soul

    Came across this recently in some records my eldest brother was selling.
  4. autumnstoned

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Sounds like fun - many wouldn't bother.
  5. autumnstoned

    Instrumentals of 1974

    Can't really help but there are good versions by Billy Davis and The Magnificent Men. Maybe someone had access to an acetate of just the instrumental track of either of these. Both versions give the Funk Brothers a run for their money. Well maybe just the Mag Men.
  6. autumnstoned

    Tony Turner - 6 x 6 - the truth !!!

    What has Mike? The vocal sung over 6X6 playing in the background and recorded onto a C60 sometime in the 70's, or Willie Hutch - Train Keep On Moving? I'm struggling to comprehend what the OP is on about but i'd like to hear this 6X6 vocal despite the poor quality and muffled recording.
  7. autumnstoned

    Tony Turner - 6 x 6 - the truth !!!

    Got a link to the Youtube clip ?
  8. autumnstoned


    Haven't posted in a longtime and have to confess to not having this tune in my collection - yet. I came across it on a sales list on here recently but foolishly let it slip through my fingers! Haven't we all done that and regretted it? Only £15.00 too. It's a slightly flawed tune, I think, in some respects as the progression at 1.31 is a bit jarring, but it all gets back on board for a flourishing finish with a nice reverby mix as the tune fades out. There is another version by Chuck which I think he must have recorded later but it's not as good. In summary a really cool, indie sounding piece of Detroit soul.
  9. autumnstoned

    Pictures of Us

    Me at the 100 Club May last year and one "off duty"
  10. autumnstoned

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Agreed. I'm having to re evaluate them. I knew about Gotta Pay Your Dues in the mid 70's but wrongly assumed that's all there was of interest to me.
  11. autumnstoned

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    The Drifters - If You Don't Come Back - I found this in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago for 50p on UK London Atlantic and was surprised when i got it home how good it is. Good example of early soul. I wonder if it got played in the early days when there fewer tunes available for the DJ's to spin.
  12. autumnstoned

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Has The Olympics -Secret Agents been mentioned? Came out on British Fontana so imagine it got played. Doesn't sound dated like some oldies.
  13. autumnstoned

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    Larry Williams - You Ask For One Good Reason / I Am The One Either side does the job.


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