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    My main interest is music - playing guitar - listening to and collecting records - going to all-nighters and soul clubs and travelling.
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    Terry Callier - Look At Me Now

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  1. This event was promoted by Mick Maguire, Billy Whizz’s younger brother and I think a guy called Skip who was a popular local DJ and who tragically passed away a couple of years later. My main recollection of the night was foolishly passing up a copy of Darrell Banks Is Here LP ( £2.00 ) for a bootleg copy of Our Love / Open The Door To Your Heart. What a div! I was only 15 though. Seem to remember The Flasher being played a few times. A couple of months later my mates and I became regulars at St Ives.
  2. Hi Rob Yep all good here. I didn’t know about the podcast on Mixcloud. Listening to it now. As you say mostly rockin’ RnB stuff but good nevertheless. I’ve shared a link on Andy Hackett’s FB wall as he posted a tribute. I think they knew each other. All the best Mike
  3. A very creative DJ who was able to swap over to the record producer’s chair and come up with something classy. I heard him DJ when he closed last year’s Red Rooster Festival and it was a brilliant mix of Soul, Northern and Rockabilly and many points in between. RIP.
  4. Good listen. Thanks for sharing Rob.
  5. A few faves Marvin Gaye - Little Darling Four Tops - Reach Out , Standing In The Shadows Of Love, Bernadette, 7 Rooms Of Gloom, Shake Me Wake Me Supremes - Come See About Me, Reflections, You Keep Me Hanging On Isley Bros - I Guess I’ll Always Love You
  6. When I listened earlier to the Joni Wilson cut and heard the repeated lyric “All Your Goodies Are Gone”, I thought to myself that I’d seen that title before but wasn’t sure where. If it’s the flip of Don’t Be Sore At Me it makes it a double sider. Will check out the later Parliament version.
  7. According to a comment on You Tube in relation to the Joni Wilson track, The Parliaments version is better known as All Your Goodies Are Gone. Apologies if you knew that already Ady.
  8. Another great Ivy Jo Hunter & Mickey Stevenson tune. Two others of theirs I love are:- Tell Me Its Just A Rumour and Got To Have You Back.
  9. From 1980. Decent modern soul tune which peaked at 28 in the UK charts 28.6.80.
  10. Recent charity shop find - flip to Seven Lonely Nights 45.

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