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    Michael Byles
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    My main interest is music - playing guitar - listening to and collecting records - going to all-nighters and soul clubs and travelling.
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    Terry Callier - Look At Me Now

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  1. autumnstoned

    The blurred line...

    Or this but sounds good on this tune.
  2. autumnstoned

    record shops in London

    Not much help to you as their shop is only open Thurs - Sun, but Vinyl Boutique (owned by Boz Boorer - Morrisey’s guitarist ) is worth checking out. He makes regular trips to USA mainly for rockabilly 45’s but he’s got several crates of used soul and rocksteady 45’s in store. The shop is in the basement of Sounds That Swing on Parkway in Camden ( open weekdays till 6pm) which has some soul, northern etc inc many of the new reissue 45’s you’ll find in the Soho shops. Best place for secondhand soul vinyl in London is Spitalfields Market which is held 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Sorry again not much help to you. http://vinylboutique.co.uk/about-us/
  3. autumnstoned

    The blurred line...

    Loads of great modern amongst this list (spins attributed to Dave Thorley at Stafford) from Soul Underground website. Some could be described as disco sounding but all soulful to my ears and wouldn't mind hearing any of them getting a spin today. Manhattans - Crazy - CBS/ColumbiaJewel - Paradise - Jewel (Late Yate/Early Stafford)Bobby Womack - Trying To Get Over You - Beverley GlenRichard "Popcorn" Wylie - How did I Lose You - ABCBobby Womack - So Many Sides Of You - Beverley GlennJessie Henderson - I Did It Again - Land Of Hits/LassoJohnnie Taylor - What About My Love - Beverley GlenEarl White Jnr - Very Special Girl - CygnetMel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)Rochelle Rabouin - This Is My Year - CygnetSir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension (came from Mick Godfrey)James & Truitt - What's Wrong With It - JucaMemphians - South Memphis - Bluff City (late Yate/Early Stafford)Whispering Shadows - Stop The World - Mr D's21st Century - Your Smallest Wish - BeeGeeWali Ali - (Oh i) Need Your Lovin' - JobeteTSU Tornadoes - What Good Am I - AtlanticGuitar Ray - You're Gonna Wreck My Life - Shagg (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do - Warner Brothers (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)Soul Brothers Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye (Mel Britt c/u) http://www.soulunderground.co.uk/page21/page9/
  4. autumnstoned

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    I was playing some tunes yesterday and stuck this on. Had forgotten how good it is.
  5. autumnstoned

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Featured in Blackkklansman film - surprised I'd not heard it before. Nice uplifting track.
  6. autumnstoned

    Cheap Crossover Stuff

    I like the Marriott’s version of Tell It Like It Is Des. Not surprised it sold quite quick.
  7. What’s With This Loneliness is fantastic but I recently came across Beautiful Woman flip to I’ve Got The Need which is a really nice modern soul tune.
  8. autumnstoned

    Discogs seller dispute - advice sought

    Got this sorted in the end. Seller refunded 50% of sale price and postage. This was after I threatened to give bad feedback and take out a case through PayPal. Seems fair as one side of the 45 is perfect.
  9. autumnstoned

    Discogs seller dispute - advice sought

    That’s poor. I thought there was some protection for buyers via PayPal but maybe not from what you say.
  10. autumnstoned

    Discogs seller dispute - advice sought

    Thanks for your replies. Will mull it over the weekend and take it forward next week. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive tune and I’m kicking myself for not noticing the pressing fault till recently. The fact remains that I’ve been sold a bit of a dud notwithstanding the delay, which I accept is my fault.
  11. autumnstoned

    Discogs seller dispute - advice sought

    I bought a record off a Discogs seller in May. Payment was via PayPal. One side of the 45 is pressed off centre ( not mentioned in listing - record described as being VG+ ) with a very noticeable deficit in sound quality, although I have to confess only noticing it recently after a friend pointed it out - doh! I contacted the seller and we were unable to agree a suitable price adjustment and he stated that I should return the 45 ( to Europe ). I asked him to confirm he would pay the return postage but he’s now not replying to correspondence. What’s the best way to proceed ? I believe I have 180 days to take out a case with PayPal - 90 days to leave negative feedback on Discogs in addition to filing a " seller not responding" case with them. Suggestions gratefully received as I’ve not had this problem before. Sorry if in wrong forum - Mods please move if so.
  12. autumnstoned

    Jamaican Soul

    Came across this recently in some records my eldest brother was selling.
  13. autumnstoned

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Sounds like fun - many wouldn't bother.


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