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  1. Link is missing. I think this is it:- https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-motown-songs-1139063/ Arguably they got No1 right but as you say many omissions. However, was pleasantly surprised to see Willie Hutch - I Choose You at 49? A good inclusion.
  2. Thanks for replies. Nice to identify it and know that such wildlife is in the area.
  3. Unfortunately not great photos, but spotted what I believe is a sparrow hawk yesterday on Putney Common at about 3.30pm. I was surprised last week to see a large seal swimming in the Thames between Putney Bridge and Craven Cottage ( too far away to get a decent picture on my camera phone unfortunately) and last summer I saw a kingfisher nearby hunting on Beverley Brook which joins the Thames in Putney.
  4. club cards for the attic hounslow and pontiac club putney the attic didnt have much ambiance and was small .the pontiac was better but the owner didnt pay This is in reply to Sceneman - sorry screwed up the quote facility! Interesting as I now live on Upper Richmond Road. Zeta House is a landmark building in Putney close to the overground and East Putney tube so a great location for a music venue. There’s more info about the club here :- https://garagehangover.com/pontiac-club-zeeta-house-putney-london/
  5. During my government authorised exercise this morning in Putney.
  6. Here’s a few images of acetates and 45’s I took when I tracked down my late uncle’s band mate, Gary Freeman, from the early 60’s. When I visited him I took my Mac book and a portable disc player to record a 45 they made in 1965, a credible cover of James Brown’s - I’ll Go Crazy, as I’d lost the copy I had on a cassette tape. I was surprised when he produced the other 45’s.
  7. The link to JM’s auction site which appeared on my Facebook feed today shows the auction for that 45 finishes on 20/1/21 but when you search his website it’s not there. Odd.
  8. That’s good of him to send a kind response. When I was volunteering at Age UK I used Discogs and EBay as guides to selling prices. I was tempted to buy the Arnold Layne 45 myself as I like the early Floyd stuff. When the drummer from Belle & Sebastian saw the label scan which I had displayed in the shop window and came in to buy the 45, I happened to be working on the till at the time and it was a real pleasure to handle the sale as he was really chuffed to have found it at a fair price.
  9. This is the copy I came across sorting and pricing the vinyl as a volunteer at Age UK in Norwich about 5 years ago. The drummer from Belle & Sebastian bought it. They were performing at a venue nearby later that day. At the time I think issues of See Emily Play and Arnold Layne were selling for about £40.00 on eBay.
  10. For Sale - Superb 1969 RCA Various Artists LP in Ex condition - Includes “Willie Kendrick - Change Your Ways “ , “The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind “ , “ The Insiders - I’d Be Better Off Without You “ plus many more. Sleeve has some wear to the cover where the outline of the disc is visible as shown in photo but otherwise is in very good condition. Postage £3.50 2nd class signed for to UK. Bank transfer / PayPal family & friends or add 4% PM if interested. Thanks for looking.
  11. The Wallace Brothers album fetched a decent figure. A copy turned up in the charity shop where I used to volunteer - I might have undervalued it!
  12. Good - pro sounding production - Hope it does well.
  13. Some pictures taken on walks and cycle rides near the Thames mostly at Putney where I live.
  14. Really nice live performance from this talented songwriter who is a 6ts attendee and son of DJ Adrian Corbin.
  15. Agree good tune. Joe Soap posted it earlier on 11/10/20 and got several likes.

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