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  1. Ordered and looking forward to it dropping through the letterbox
  2. Just paid. 2 great tracks!
  3. jamesh

    New - Crossover & Modern Soul Mix pt2

    Thanks Dave, really enjoyed that
  4. jamesh

    Biddu Orchestra ‎– Biddu Orchestra

    Northern dancer was also played out
  5. What's with this loneliness for me but great shout @benji with Can I change my mind
  6. jamesh

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Can't argue with that one Robin
  7. jamesh

    Record insurance

    Hi Dave. Although the insurer for mine is New moon it appears the underwriter is provided by Hiscox
  8. jamesh

    Record insurance

    It's what I sent as is what would be needed to replace and is most easily available figures. Except the ones that haven't yet been sold on discogs
  9. jamesh

    Record insurance

    I use these Newmoon Insurance Services Ltd 85 High Street Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 1XP 01892 506884 0845 072 8540
  10. jamesh

    Best live performance

    Sounds of Blackness at Southport weekender mid 90s i think. Also Anita Baker as mentioned above at Hammersmith Odeon
  11. Keni Burke One Minute more...
  12. jamesh

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Not heard before either. Great tune thanks for posting
  13. jamesh

    A Big Thank You To All Listeners

    Well done Pete. Really enjoy your shows. Thanks, it must take up a lot of your time Have a great Christmas All the best James
  14. jamesh


    Snowing in central London
  15. jamesh

    RobbK. Birthday

    fijne verjaardag Have a great day. Thanks for sharing Groetjes James


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