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    I have been a member on here for over ten years but have changed my computer, emails etc and cannot remember my login. Could you please send me a new login   all the best Andy

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  1. Does anyone know if this has made an appearance on any compilation cd’s or lp’s? cheers,Andy
  2. Looking for a nice clean copy Grapevine issue or demo, don't mind, whichever is cheapest Please PM me with offers all the best, Andy
  3. Looking for a nice clean copy Please PM me with offers Cheers, Andy
  4. For sale Sam Dees - Easier to say than do / Soul sister -Lolo Near mint condition, beautiful clean copy £275 + £8 P&P (Special delivery) PayPal F&F only Please PM me if interested
  5. Looking for a nice clean copy, demo or issue. Don’t mind as long as it’s cheap Please PM me with offers all the best, Andy
  6. I’ve got one for sale if you’re still looking
  7. For sale The Amazers - Without a warning / It's you for me - Thomas M- £35 Jackey Beavers - Trying to get back to you girl parts 1 & 2 - Dade M- £30 Mel Torme - Coming home baby / Right now - Atlantic M- £25 Towanda Barnes - If I'm guilty / Oh darling - Groovy M- £150 Hank Sample - So in love with you / You're being unfair to me - Jay Walking WD M- £10 Please allow £2 for 1st class postage or £7.50 for special delivery Paypal F&F only please PM me for details all the best, Andy
  8. Looking for a nice clean copy please Pm with your offers thanks, Andy
  9. Looking for a nice clean copy Please PM me with your offers all the best, Andy
  10. I would never have known about it if it wasn’t for you Paul, so I thank you for that
  11. You can pick up the LP for under£15, is this the same take as the single?
  12. Heard more versions of this great track thanks to the replies, some good some not so, but the one for me so far is the Dee Dee version (just bagged myself a copy of the lp)
  13. I know there are lots of versions of this, I have 3 myself but which version is the most preferred? I'm torn between The Electrifying Cashmeres and Jnr Walker, how about you?
  14. Copies advertised on Discogs quote Presswell Pressing Does this have any particular significance? Look forward to any info thanks in advance, Andy

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