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    soul .golf.
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    godess of love .fantastic four.

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  1. fuzzj


    looking for a hey girl don'tbother me on ABCparamount white promo in mint minus condition pm if you have it thanks ..
  2. fuzzj

    the cheers

    mighty mighty lover penny 109.pm if you have one for sale...
  3. fuzzj

    Di Ann Carlton

    he says call me , gold gems records pm if you have it for sale .
  4. fuzzj

    the cheers

    mighty mighty lover on penny 109. mint minus preferred inbox me if you have one with price n condition..ta
  5. fuzzj

    Rosetta Johnson mine was real

    i have a mint minus copy
  6. stone mint copy of the rare music feel the soul, on chooonz inc 12inch, 75 inc pnp pm if interested
  7. fuzzj

    herman davis

    Gotta be loved for sale, the rare green label silver text issue mint minus 75ono pm if interested
  8. fuzzj

    gladys knight

    beautiful copy of , stop and get a hold of myself .on maxx for sale 100ono inc pnp . pm if interested....
  9. fuzzj

    barbara banks

    aint that worth a dime on smash pm if you have one for sale mint minus preferably
  10. fuzzj

    imperial wonders

    just a dream ..mint minus for sale 75 inc pnp pm if interested
  11. fuzzj


    oh lord wish i could sleep tonight deluxe records mint minus pm if you have a copy
  12. fuzzj

    clara hardy

    I Dream of you for sale 300 mint minus..pm if interested
  13. fuzzj

    multiple choice

    wanted on gemini i wouldn't be crying pm if you have one
  14. fuzzj

    patrick alley

    mint copy of this beauty ,groove feeling on persist usa,bargain £110 inc pnp pm if interested
  15. fuzzj

    jerry butler

    looking for a copy of what ever you want 45 on stateside or ? mint minus pm if you got it


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