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  1. Frankie Beverly and the Butlers' "If That's What You Wanted". It starts and ends with that same clarion call and it will always be special to me.
  2. Thanks for the pointer...
  3. I am after a bonzer copy of "Come See What's Left of Me" by Bobby Hutton. Please let me know if you can help...
  4. Thanks The Tempest. I'm after the 45 though unfortunately...
  5. Hey there, I'm after a copy of The Nights' (When You Dropped Your Guard) Love Knocked You Down in at least excellent condition please.
  6. Hi everyone. I have just bought a copy of Sam Dees' "I Need You Girl" / "Lonely For You Baby" and I have been told that there is a lookalike kicking around. Could someone tell me what should be in the dead wax please? I have surfed the interweb and learned nothing...
  7. Cheers pal. There had been another copy that I'd also missed! I hadn't logged in for a whole week...!
  8. Thanks but I missed it! Regards, Big Bri
  9. I am after "Up and Over" by Jay Traynor. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks in advance. BIG BRI
  10. Big Bri

    Big Bri

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