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  1. Hi, just to revisit the many pocketed Soulie, may be it's a status thing to show how well heeled they are in the Soul Society, a bit like the rankings in the forces. Have a great time in Southport and let us know what the new venue is like. KTF SJ
  2. Hi Spook, didn't know you were such a Fashinista. I hope my Tartan trouse did not offend at least they were not multi-pocketed. KTF. SouluoS.
  3. Hi all, glad rags were at the ready and was really looking forward to the Xmas party, but the general weather conditions have somewhat deteriorated and travelling has not been advised. Have a great night and we shall see you all in the New Year. Festive Greetings. KTF. SouluoS.
  4. Hi,

    venue sounds great, what's the capacity and are the dance floors large?



    1. The Soul Crew

      The Soul Crew

      Hi capacity 100 full all dance lloor.seating round edge.ok Dave G.K.T.F.

  5. Hi, where is the club in Denton? KTF. SouluoS.
  6. SouluoS

    Sole in Poynton

    Hi Alan, please can you post start and finish times for this venue. KTF. SouluoS.
  7. Hi, please can you post the Dj times for this venue and has it got a good sized dance floor? KTF, Souluos.
  8. SouluoS

    The Embassy Alldayer

    Hi, have you got the Dj line up times yet, please. K.T.F. Souluos.
  9. Sorry I'm going to miss this one, great line up, the place should be jumping. Hope to see you all next month. KTF. SouluoS.
  10. Hi, please can you clarify the location of this NYE venue? is it on Great Portland Street or is it on Park Crescent as the map pin shows? KTF SouluoS.
  11. Hi, is there a good dance floor? KTF. SouluoS
  12. Hi,

     :( out of action this weekend due to family wedding.

    Hope to get to one of your venues soon.



    1. Alan Haughton

      Alan Haughton

      Thanks have a good time and see you soon . KTF b

  13. SouluoS

    Soul At The Gas Club

    Hi, great to see this venue back on the map. Sorry cannot make this one, but hope to see you in October. Have a great night. KTF Souluos.
  14. Hi Alan,

    is there any soul this coming last Friday of the month at Poynton?



    1. Alan Haughton

      Alan Haughton

      No sorry to say they have doubled booked the room for the next two months.  Not happy about it  . 

  15. Hi,

    thinking about taking a trip over the Pennines to visit your venue this Saturday.

    Has the club got a good sized dance floor.



    1. Wigglydave


      ooops...sorry for the late reply...I hope you had a great weekend Soulos...the dancefloor is quits big ,it fills the room,which has a 120 capacity.... all the best

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