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  1. Already for another outstanding night Patto has got a good few new additions to his box and they will be making appearance for all the dancers. If you like the blackhearts stuff you will love this. Plus you have Mr Brooke Loz and myself keeping you busy. Dave
  2. 3 Before 8


    Hi all set up and ready to go. just thought I`d let you know that the bar closes 11.30 but the bar is still open downstairs as we always play over a little bit. Looking forward to our last one this year and will be back in February. KTF
  3. 3 Before 8


    Hi all we are back again. Same of the old school of the gas club sounds to fill the room underplayed and classic northern. Ktf
  4. Seemed like ages since we was last here. Looking forward to getting the gang back together again.
  5. Hi all another few records from Patto box. More of the same from the rest of the gang. Long live northern soul.
  6. What a surprise Rob Wicks gave us a visit and gave us a thumbs up to our music policy. I was thinking that the true northern scene was dead in Sheffield, Long live THE GAS CLUB.
  7. All set up and ready to go. Sounds system spot on.
  8. Cheers John hope to see you and Helen soon
  9. Got some great feedback from the last Gas Club with the travelling soulies from Leeds and Nottingham. We are trying to keep the old scene going with additions being added to their collections . We have the GAS CLUB sign to put back up at the holti. Really looking forward to another soulful night.
  10. Hi all we are back at the Holti and raring to go. Nice venue with a good size dance floor. The bar is open late with good cheap prices. Going to get some photos of the place for next time, so looking forward to it.
  11. Cheers John will do, might see you and Helen at Holti club next month.
  12. Hi all, got some sad news to say that this month Gas Club will be Treetops last set. Treetops has been a major part of the crew from the early days at malin bridge gas club sorry to see him hang his stylus and retire. We will all be sorry to see him go and like to thank him for helping the gas club create the gas club sound. So lets give him a great send off and get Davys banging with sweat and talc Best wishes to Treetops and Anita who looked after the door for all them years.
  13. He are a couple of photos of the famous dance floor. Its been a few months since we last was here, so it needs a good dusting of sweat & talc. All again to fabulous Northern sounds from top collectors and djs.

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