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    Sandy Hadley - since I found a love (So-char)

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  1. Thanks very much mate - never heard of that one before.
  2. Hi Any of you brilliant peeps know this great instrumental track? Many thanks in anticipation...
  3. I have just worked it out myself - It's the Jades - "Hotter than fire" Great sound, I hadn't heard before. Thanks Poolman
  4. Hi I know there are some geniuses on here, and I wonder if any of you can identify the track on this Utube clip which starts at 3.18? With thanks Poolman
  5. He wasn't. It is one of the longest running secrets on the Northern scene, with only a handful of buffs knowing whther he was really Smashie or Nicey. First heard of course on Radio Fab FM. Quite literally, mate.
  6. Brilliant - Thanks, Jumpingjoan, really appreciated!! Dave
  7. Hi A couple more I like but don't know the titles of if anyone can help - many thanks! Dave
  8. Thanks mikeysoul! I don't remember hearing that one before, love it. I have a couple more I would like to know, I will post them to see if anyone can help. Thanks again Dave
  9. I would be very grateful if you can name this tune for me! Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWYObkN2xNA
  10. PoolMan


  11. Many thanks guys!! Dave
  12. Can anybody please identify this track? Many thanks Dave
  13. Thanks Tivoli and WoodButcher - would love to be at St. Ives but I can't make this one - 17th October in the diary though!
  14. Thanks for the welcome, "Rugby Soul Club" and you are a genius and a scholar for naming that tune!! Thanks so much, I don't know how that one escaped me all these years, but what a tune - Northern Soul perfection to these ears - play it at my funeral and I will be dancing in me coffin!!!! Any one know anything about the group? I have never heard of them before. That's the great thing about this music - the joy of discovering new sounds still happens after 40 years!
  15. Hi one and all I chose the moniker "Poolman" as I play pool in the Cambridge league and on the pool forum I am "Soulman" - a name I assumed would have been taken on this forum some time ago! I have been a Northern soul fan since my teenage years. First I heard of it was at school when the infamous "Footsee" came out, then heard of a Northern soul disco in my local, small pub (White Horse, Pampisford) and once I heard sounds like Sandy Hadley's "Since I found a love" I was hooked for life, as no other music compared then, or since. The DJ playing the pub that night turned out to be East Anglia's finest, the unique talent that is Tony Dellar. He also ran the brilliant Howard Mallet club in Cambridge, which became my regular weekly haunt until its closure. Still attending local cambridge soul nights, 3 kids and 8 grandkids later! I came across this site while searching for the name of a track on youtube (one of Jud's clips at the Benn Hall niter in Feb.) I was googling the words I could make out from the song, and came across a post by patto who had asked for the exact info I was after! I was impressed that Kev H came up with the answer (Melvin Davis acetate "Lucille") That was Jud's soul clip 1494. That just left me with one more to identify, from the same niter -Northern Soul Dancing by Jud - Clip 1464 - Benn Hall Niter, Rugby - 7.2.15 - YouTube.htm and I hope you guys can do the business again! Thanks in anticipation! Northern Soul Dancing by Jud - Clip 1464 - Benn Hall Niter, Rugby - 7.2.15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tmSoIYlc0s

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