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  1. BILLY ECKSTINE: I Wonder Why (Nobody Loves Me) (US Motown) CONDITION: EX+ (faint 1" mark which does not affect play, would otherwise be MINT-). £100 plus registered P&P P&P: UK - £2.70. EUROPE - £8.80. REST OF WORLD: £10.20 Payment by PayPal only, please. PM me if interested - first come, first served. Thanks! Gene
  2. Just found out that Barbara Kay also recorded for Woolworth's Embassy label under the name of Kay Barry. According to Jonathan King, she was "in her 40s" when she recorded Johnny Reggae as one of the Piglets. Wonder if she's still alive? However, according to the clipping which Steve posted above, dating from 1963 and listing Barbara at 22 years old, this would mean she was actually 30 at the time of recording Johnny Reggae. Confused? Yes, indeed. Not been able to find out anything about Sharon Winters yet, nor Mike Morton himself.
  3. I wouldn't waste your time on him, Surf. You can't reason with stupid!
  4. I don't think so, know-it-all! And I'm willing to bet a week's wages that you can't even prove it. As a token gesture, and to help dry those tears, I'll send you a bottle of wine - pressed from 100% sour grapes! Sore loser!
  5. Apparently so, Randy (the sleeve notes lists the female vocalists as Barbara Kay and Sharon Winters).
  6. A UK release for "Tin Tin" on Polydor in 1971. I guess both sides were budget cover versions which were probably big hits in Italy at the time.
  7. Got a problem with it? PM me then. Sarcasm, trolling and childish envy will get you nowhere - it only serves to make you look even more of a jealous twat than you already are.
  8. Chris, I'd be more than happy to post the Mike Morton soundclip, but I'm unable to do so for some reason at the moment (probs with uploading it once burnt to CD). The other Blue Sharks single you've posted here is interesting. "Chicago" was originally by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, so I wonder if this (and whatever its B-side is) are a couple more Mike Morton budget covers? Do you know what the flip-side to Chicago is, Chris?
  9. Erm........no, not quite. It was suggested then that it was the Mike Morton Congregation by someone else who had the LP, but no one believed him, despite him saying that he'd played them side by side and knew it was. Of course, every know-it-all and their aunt came up with completely different theories contradicting this. I own the LP and have played both versions alongside each other, and therefore my post should finally confirm this as true It was also coupled with the idiotic phoney folklore that Italian copies on "Grand Prix" (sic - it's actually Gran Prix) exist with a chequered
  10. Mick Holdsworth is completely incorrect in what he says here, and I challenge him to prove to me otherwise. He is also factually incorrect in saying that the tracks are faded together. To be more precise, each track is separated with about 3 seconds of "canned" applause, to make it sound like the whole session was recorded live.
  11. Thanks Sunny! It is indeed one and the same label. They changed their logo to the red label 'angel' design in 1970.
  12. I was junkshopping yesterday afternoon Chris, and I came across a few of these Mike Morton Plexium LPs in the same box. I found this one, and also the LP with its B-side, "The Banner Man" on it. Putting two and two together, and hoping I'd done the maths right, I bought Volume 3 (the one you see here in the pic), got it home and played it against the Blue Sharks version, and lo and behold - the very same version! A bit of digging also helped me to find the 2008 thread from here, where this version was mentioned, but I don't think any concrete evidence had been provided at the time.

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