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  1. wiggyflat

    ENCHANTMENTS, manship auction

    A regular £350 set sale record.
  2. wiggyflat

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Massive at Dingwalls in the eighties
  3. wiggyflat



    What deejays are on?? oldies/newies/modern ??
  4. VG plus and above please.PM Me
  5. Larry Davis- The Magic Is Gone.....vg plus or above please
  6. wiggyflat

    Isle of Wight scooter rally 2018


  7. wiggyflat

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    I asked him for it lol
  8. I pulled out a mint orange issue in a shop in San Fran in 1999....i would be interested to know why it was reissued in the U.S.A. Was it a local hit?
  9. wiggyflat

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    Play it tonight Arthur lol
  10. wiggyflat

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    I actually asked for it when Arthur Fenn played the last 100 Club...he obliged.A great record.,
  11. vg and above please.PM Me your price.
  12. wiggyflat


    Originals of I Miss My Baby and Too Much Of A Good Thing.VG and above please
  13. wiggyflat

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Did a mix of a load of it....love it but i don't like it at soul nights if that makes sense. I am really into the heavier stuff....descargas/mambos etc
  14. wiggyflat

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    I have been collecting jazz on 45s recently. Here is a mix of current faves.
  15. wiggyflat

    If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    Dave N Pete you are getting mixed up. The St Louis Union advert is from 64/65 and was describing the northern band scene ie a scene revolving around live bands covering soul music. The Harlem Johns use of the term was later in 69 and described the type of music they were playing and it was the type of music we now know as Northern soul.....That Driving Beat/You Are The One I Love (Adams Apples) etc ...all of their tracks are cover versions and fast and brassy. They were managed by the L.E Agency in Wigan


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