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  1. I attended a lot of the Upnorth weekenders from around 87 onwards.I was a regular at The Wag Club in London after moving down from Middlesborough at the fag end of 86.Simon Mansell used to get me the pass and accomodation for the weekender.I got the best of both worlds from the soul room and the jazz room and remember Richards northern soul sessions which was really the start of the oldies revival as there were only about 40 or people in there.Colin Curtis did Mecca revivals on the afternoons too but I cant remember those being packed.There were quite a few from the northern scene who went to those weekenders and I still have letters between me and Terry Seline about record swapping. I was supplying him seventies and modern and I was getting the sixties stuff off him.Ian Clark was the main man for current northern though at those weekenders.I Thought You Were Mine/Nurons and Pyramid along with Jan Jones etc.Still got a lot of programmes and flyers
  2. Rick Scott spot on.....I was promoting nights in Southend with James Hill under Northern Noise banner.We were booking djs with real records but he has gone off on his own and booked dj mates playing bootlegs using Northern Noise ....it is funny I have appeared on tv about bootlegging and he is running bootleg dj promotions!.
  3. Trumpet riff from Backyard Construction for The Style Council
  4. I wonder if it is Frankie Crocker on Turbo
  5. no.....that looks as though you would only get fifties records
  6. Still after a vg plus and above orig copy. PM Me
  7. This was a massive mod record around 1985...loads of copies about.I have a spare somewhere and i Know a few collections where it is Tucked away.
  8. Original in vg plus cond please.Pm me

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